Lately, there is so mush Yoonmin and V-Hope and it makes me angry and frustrated, becAUSE IT’S FUCKING SHIPPABLE BUT I DON’T WANT TO SHIP IT BECAUSE I SHIP JI-HOPE CAN YOU HEAR ME?





so I came into conclusion the world’s a sad and pitful place, because

you know

my ship is kinda

DEAD (for now)

The ULTIMATE HYYH Theory & Analysis (INU, Prologue, RUN, EPILOGUE) - PART 1


This is my plot theory/analysis for BTS’ HYYH MV series. I’ll be going through the MVs one by one, making points when they become relevant. I’ll be discussing butterflies, card houses, photographs, as well as extra bits here and there that I think are important/hold some meaning.

Let me just say, that I did no extra research into any of the stuff I’m going to bring up; this is literally all from me watching the MVs and putting things together piece by piece. I’ve tried my best to only go off on what is presented to me, and let my mind fill in as least gaps as possible (because if you want to see something hard enough, you will).

I’ve also screencapped loads of moments to add ‘evidence’ to my claims. Enjoy!


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NamJin: Jin and Namjoon are rival air conditioning repairmen and Jin’s motto is “if you’re hot, call this hottie” and Namjoon’s motto is “I’m probably just going to break it worse.”


Jimin/Hoseok idk what they’re called: Saved by the Bell!AU where handsome guy Hoseok and cheerleader Jimin need to come up with a super cool and innovative theme for prom and wear clothing with vivid patterns and leg warmers. 


Vseok: Taehyung discovers that his lucky charm is a tiny chihuahua dog he found in the park. He takes it on a job interview and winds up not only hired, but as the boss. He wins the lottery. Hoseok approaches him and says, “Hey man that’s my dog” so Taehyung gives the dog back. In the weeks following Hoseok has to keep constant vigilance on his dog because Taehyung keeps trying to “borrow” it while wearing various disguises ranging from mailman to Simon Cowell circa season 7 of American Idol.  


Yoonmin AKA YARNMIN: Jimin is constructing the world’s largest ball of yarn and Yoongi is president of the knitting club and a cat enthusiast. Everyday Jimin inspects his massive yarn ball and wonders why it isn’t getting any larger until he discovers that Yoongi has been systematically stealing the yarn to knit blankets and give to his cats.


Yoonseok: Hoseok is an interpretive dancer and Yoongi has magic powers but they take a lot of effort to use so he just doesn’t and one day Hoseok performs an interpretive dance titled, “Indolent Magician” and invites Yoongi to go see it. Well Yoongi goes to the wrong theater so he’s like shit and actually uses his powers to teleport to the right theater, particularly right in the middle of the stage during Hoseok’s performance. They get raving reviews and are heralded as the best damn interpretive dancers this world has ever seen.

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