Age Of The Fall [Then and Now]

A lot has changed since 2009. Clearly, Necro Butcher didn’t become Luke Harper and both Zach Gowen and Allison Wonderland aren’t in the WWE. But, Tyler Black, Jimmy Jacobs, and Joey Matthews have come a long way, and Luke Harper (who isn’t in the first shot, but was in Age Of The Fall) has become quite a name, himself. As one tweeter said, “Well.. that’s the greatest photo ever.”


“He was too happy to be a wrestler.”  Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs discuss why El Generico was disliked by some members of the Ring of Honor locker room.  Kevin gets really angry during this section of the interview (he calls the group of people who didn’t like Generico “repugnant hypocrites” at one point) while Jimmy casts the camera long-suffering looks: This is why we can’t talk with Kevin about Generico.

(I’m so glad Sami Zayn–who seems to have a lot in common with Generico interpersonally–seems to be in a workplace with people who apparently find his quirks endearing instead of annoying).