The amazing @duckydrawsart drew my Rennah Shepard and James Vega from my Shega fanfic Lights in the Sky. I’m so in love with this piece! It captures just how in love they are! You can read my fic below if you’re interested (it’s now finished!)

FFnet: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10428872/1/Lights-in-the-Sky

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1756215/chapters/3753919

Fornax Fantasy

Mass Effect Relationship Prompts, Day 4: In The Heat of Battle

A/N - For today I decided to write an argument between Jane and James. Only it didn’t turn out to be much of an argument. There is a little bit of battle, and a whole lot of heat! ^_^ This takes place directly after my fic ‘Say Something’. (Art by chaoticcomposition)

“I want to see it,” Jane demanded as James closed the door to his apartment behind them. “You said you had the Fornax issue with me in it? You have to show me.”

“It’s, uh … .” James glanced around his messy lounge room and trailed off distractedly; his place was a pigsty.

If he’d known how the last twenty hour hours would play out, he would have cleaned up a little bit. Instead his place looked like a twister had been through; dirty dishes were still stacked up in the kitchen, his exercise gear had been left on the floor, and a pile of clothes were lying where he’d tossed them after trying on outfit after outfit before going to meet with Jane.

Thankfully she didn’t notice any of it, and she moved around his apartment with curiosity, heading straight for his mantle and examining his photos. She touched each one, examining his family photos, the holos of the crew, and the photo he’d placed up there of the two of them. He felt awkward as she picked it up, smiled, and ran a finger around the edge of the frame.

“Well?” She turned around, a small smile playing around the edges of her lips. “You’re not getting out of it, Jimmy. I showed you mine, now you have to show me yours.”

Her wording brought a smile to his lips, and James found himself crossing the floor before he knew what his feet were doing. His arms slid around Jane’s waist and he pulled her close. “Are you sure that’s all you want to see?”

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