30 Day Challenge - Day 3

A Book You Love:

My favourite book is, and always will be, Chris Ware’s graphic Novel Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth.

This book is not an easy read. Both visually and content wise. It takes effort to get used to Chris Ware’s constantly changing format (and his illustration is just…beyond). It is tragic, heartbreaking and very melodramatic. Yet it is impossible to put down. I read it for the first time in two days about seven years ago and I can’t even count how many times I’ve read it since then. 

It simultaneously tells the story of the protagonist Jimmy, a loveable yet incredibly insecure man, who meets his father for the first time, and the story of his grandfather’s childhood during the Chicago World’s Fair (not a run on sentence at all). 

Everyone needs to read this book. It changes your perception of life and the human experience.

And we can all see a bit of ourselves in Jimmy.

Tightly packed and dense with small details that go on to reveal emotional enormities Jimmy Corrigan is a comic book that requires a slow, attentive and careful reader. Loved by critics all over the world (the first (and so far only) comic to win the Guradian’s First Book Award) it follows the young Jimmy Corrigan as he makes his way in a big scary world beset on all sides by setbacks and defeat. Told with a unique style that sometimes ends up resembling intricate mechanical diagrams with various stages of life as the moving parts this is a comic book that is unafraid to take it’s time and roll out it’s pleasures and insights quietly. A monotonous undertaking for both it’s author and for those brave enough to scale it’s dizzying heights - it’s a comic that I guarantee will linger long inside your brain once it’s over (if you manage to finish it).