David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk reflect on making, quite simply, one of the greatest films of our lifetime, courtesy of Jeff Goldsmith. Oh, and by the way, subscribing to his Backstory magazine is the smartest choice that you could make.

Jim Uhls is not your average screenwriter. For one thing, his nickname is Professor Peculiar. For another, as this exclusive off-kilter discussion of his craft demonstrates, Uhls is eager to break the first rule of Fight Club – he talks about Fight Club. A lot. That seminal film, directed by David Fincher, pushed every boundary possible for a studio movie, and Uhls’ darkly funny script, adapted from the Chuck Palahniuk novel, is a wickedly subversive example of how to successfully adapt an unadaptable  book. Step inside the mind of the man who figured out how to do it, as Professor Peculiar explains how to use a newspaper story approach to build a brilliant pitch, why you should interview your characters, how to know when to stick a fork  in your screenplay, and the macabre particulars of how and why he had to murder his brother’s cat.

Dear every screenwriter, read this: Jim Uhls’ screenplay for Fight Club. Based on a novel by Chuck Palahniuk [pdf]. (NOTE: For educational purposes only). The DVD/Blu-ray of the film is available at Amazon and other online retailers.

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Proof of Concept/pitch for The Leviathan, created by Ruairi Robinson.
follow him on twitter! twitter.com/RuairiRobinson
Website him on ruairirobinson.com
Developed with the assistance of Bord Scannáin na hÉireann/ the Irish Film Board
And Jim Uhls who wrote the script for FIGHT CLUB
Creature design by Jordu Schell.

More sci fi here.

20th Century Fox has picked up the sci-fi script The Leviathan, with Simon Kinberg on board as producer and Neill Blomkamp as executive producer, based on an idea by Ruairi Robinson who is attached to direct with Jim Uhls penning the script.

The project is set in the 22nd century, when mankind has colonized many worlds and traveling faster than the speed of light has been made possible by the harvesting of exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen.

Check out a concept video for it here.