SliferSlacker : Jimrat is the exact opposite of Junkrat as he disarms traps instead of placing them. Who needs a rip-tire when you have Shirley? 

I thought Asuka looked best in Mercy’s outfit. Mercy is my main and I can’t believe the first time I drew her outfit was for a GX crossover. I’m sorry Mercy I love you forever! <33 (I also love Jim and Asuka so much!) 

FightTheFight : hEUGH MINE ARE SO LAZY IM SORRY MY GX SPARK HAS DIED DOWN A LITTLE I need to get back into drawing them again also what is free time

it’s slifer slacker’s fault for the johansombra analogy she’s absolutely savage << I’m not that savage!!! SS

We are so sorry this blog is a little quite right now! Fight the Fight is working on their own comic which you should totally check out: https://chimerical-comic.tumblr.com/ and SliferSlacker is extremely busy with work as their latest game is due out very soon and the poor programmer needs her sleep.

We have many ideas for this au so will probably doodle more in our down time! :D