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you + dilfosaur's future au give me life, can you draw some of the other future au charas in your style please if it's not too much? thank you, you're awesome!

Fight the Fight: Here’s some of my own imaginations on some of the future AU boys and also o’brien bc I LOVE HIM AND HE IS MY SON ALWAYS PLS DRAW MORE AUSTIN EVERYONE

And also crowler bc old man crowler would be just as fab as always

I just need a moment to recover from Fight the Fight’s O’Brien…. <3
Slifer Slacker: I like to imagine on their digs after a long day of work Jim and Kenzan fall asleep on Karen! 

I can totally get behind an asexual and aromantic Asuka! Hot for Prof.

@dilfosaur bless you and your au! It has filled our creative meter to the max and we honestly can’t thank you enough! 

I’m honestly still screaming into my pillow that you drew a continuation of the supportive rivalships! :’)

Jim is like, the unsung hero of GX. because let’s face it, season 3 would have ended very differently(and by that I mean, everyone dead, Judai consumed by darkness forever, all the dimensions doomed) had he not been there.

He’s the whole reason they were able to save the worlds.

Also, practically the definition of unproblematic fav and cinnamon roll.