I have to tell you all this story because it’s gold. So the guy who has been helping me at my new job wanted to see a picture of my boyfriend so naturally I showed him and it was a picture of him on his motorcycle with shades on. Not a very good pic but anyway, he was like he looks like Sheldon. And I looked at him and said “Sheldon Cooper?” and he was like yes. The inner fangirl in me was dying but I kept cool and was like well heres another picture, I showed him another one. Well by bf is tall like Sheldon/Jim but has brown hair and brown eyes so I’m not sure how he came up with that lol But anyway he was like that’s what Im gonna start calling him and stuff. We also got on the topic of Jim and him being gay (don’t ask) so finally I relieved my tumblr and all it’s glorious nerdness and this guy couldn’t believe that my blog is dedicated to shamy and BBT. so….that’s how my night has been. And yes, I showed him my blog on my phone lol


“Jim Parsons’ eloquence and elegance as an actor came across. It’s such a beautiful moment. If you watch him processing the conversation with Amy that’s happening… then that moment of deflation, and then he really kind of like… he opens up a whole other world when it looks like one has just closed. And you know, that’s Jim Parsons, that’s his genius.” Mayim Bialik.