Wth with all these predictions?

Amy is pregnant. Shamy’s gonna break up. ;_; no, no, no. These predictions are freaking me out! If Amy is pregnant, that will be too soon, right? If Shamy will break up, we will have the whole period of hiatus hanging on to this cliffhanger and cry. Noooo~ (But we will have a lot of fanfics from this, which is okay I guess?? Idk) 

Please my shipper’s heart. What I wanna see in the last ep is just a make out scene. It’s a dramatic step. Please, please writers. ;_; 

I can't handle the predictions for the season finale of TBBT. So much Shamy feels. I want Shamy. I need Shamy. If I'm going to have a relationship, I want it to be like Shamy's. Even though it will look peculiar to others.

I just need some big and GOOD Shamy moment for the finale. And that “cket” thing with Bill Prady’s post, I suuure hope it’s “pocket,” not “ticket.”

Ugh. This is so frustrating. And Mayim’s still not posting. -.- 💔💔💔