My mom visited a Sherlock Cafe -- Jealousy ensues

Okay so– my mom (who is a pretty big BBC Sherlock fan even though she tries to stay low-key about it) is in China right now for work purposes and she happened upon a BBC Sherlock cafe and I just??

What –


Holy shit?? She sent me so many photos of the place and I am in LITERAL agony

LOTS more under the cut because ho boy….there is a lot. 

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-me: oh geez, why do i wait years for three episodes of a TV show that only hurt my feelings and mental health?                              -BBC Sherlock:

Person: They’re a fictional character, it’s not like you can ever date them anyway 


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  • Me: *sees a villain character*
  • Me: Wow what a genuinely bad person, a literal murderer, undoubtly morally questionable, a true A-grade evildoer
  • Also Me: This is my small, misunderstood, sweet child. The tiniest. The lovliest. The purest little sinnamon roll.