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McKirk: I accentually called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came au :)

  • It’s two in the fucking morning when Leonards phone rings. With a grunt, he reaches out to check it. Briefly, he hesitates to pick up, but because it could be the hospital, he knows he doesn’t have much of a choice. “Hello?” he asks, voice rough and tired. “Yes, hello,” a voice rings back to him, lots of people audible in the background, and some very shitty music, too. “Can I get a taxi?” He asks, and Leonard grunts. “Wrong number.” “Oh, sorry.” the man says, then hangs up. Leonard puts his phone down and turns around, but before he can even properly close his eyes again, his phone rings again. “Can I get a taxi?” the same voice asks him, and Leonard sighs. “Still a wrong number,” he replies. When the phone rings a third time, Leonard doesn’t want to pick up. He tries to ignore it, but when it stubbornly keeps on ringing, Leonard reaches out and picks up the phone. “Can I get-” “Yes,” Leonard says, “where are you?” “Club Red,” the voice says. “That’s a terrible club,” Leonard replies, and the man laughs. “Yes, it is.” “Where do you need to go?” Leonard asks, and he quickly repeats the address. “Name?” “Jim.” “Okay, Jim, your taxi is on its way,” Leonard says, and he hears a relieved sigh on the other side of the line. “Thank you,” Jim says, and then he hangs up. Leonard thinks about just going back to sleep there and then, but just the thought by itself is nagging at him. So he opens his phone again, and dials the taxi company to arrange a pick up for Jim.
  • And really. he shouldn’t have done that, because now his phone keeps ringing. “Hey, this is Jim. Can I get a taxi from The Rainbow?” / “I’m at Hellfire.” / “I’m in The Roadhouse Cafe.” / “I’m in Walmart-” “Walmart?” Leonard counters Jim, “what are you doing in a Walmart at 1 in the morning?” “Groceries, obviously,” Jim replies. “You don’t sound drunk this time,” Leonard says, and Jim snorts. “I’m not.” “Then why are you always calling this number?” “This is the taxi line, isn’t it?” “No,” Leonard says, and Jim is silent for a few seconds. “But I’ve been arranging a taxi on this number for weeks.” “Yeah,” Leonard says, “I’ve been calling the company for you because your drunk ass kept calling me.” “Oh, shit. Really?” "Yes, really,“ Leonard replies. “Well, fuck. I’ve been calling you at 3AM for a taxi,” Jim says. “Yeah, I’m aware,” Leonard says. “Okay, I’ll remove your number and replace it with the taxi company, okay? I promise it won’t happen again.” “That’d be appreciated,” Leonard says. “Okay,” Jim says again, “are you still going to get me that taxi, though?” “Only this time,” Leonard says. 
  • It’s Friday and Leonard has his night off. He considers going out for a drink, but Spock doesn’t really drink and Sulu has a family night, and so Leonard settles at home instead. He takes a hot bath instead, sinking down in the tub while checking up on Facebook - a thing he does roughly once a month or so, and mostly because his ex-wife allows his daughter to be on there despite being way too young to have an account. But he doesn’t get to relax very long, because his phone starts ringing, and Leonard slowly picks up. “Hello?” “Hey, can I get a taxi?” “Jesus Christ, Jim, are you serious?” Leonard asks, groaning and running a hand through his hair. “What?” “You were going to remove this number!” Leonard says, and he can just hear Jim think. Slowly, like he’s drunk again. “Fuck,” Jim says, “sorry.” Leonard sighs, sinking a little further down in the warm tub. “Where are you?” “I’m at Plan B.” “You are all over town, huh?” Leonard asks, and Jim snorts. “You know all these places?” “I’ve been young, too,” Leonard says. Jim laughs at that. “You don’t sound so old. Are you in water?” “You can hear that?” Leonard asks. Jim chuckles. “I could hear water, yeah. And your voice sounds a bit echoing, like you’re in a bathroom.” “Well, you’re not wrong,” Leonard says. “I’ll get you your taxi. Don’t call me again, though.“ 
  • It’s Thanksgiving and all local taxis are on a strike because of employment rights. And Leonard knows. He just knows his phone is gonna go off. He expects Jim to celebrate it with his family, but at the same time, he also expects him to call. And he’s right. His phone rings at just 6PM, and when Leonard picks up, Jim doesn’t even sound drunk. “Hey-” “Jim,” Leonard interrupts, “there’s no taxis driving tonight.” “What? No, I need a taxi,” Jim says. “Did you not read the news?” Leonard asks, and he hears Jim scoff. “No, what am I, 80?” Jim mocks, and Leonard rolls his eyes. “Well, if you had, you would have known there’s no drivers tonight. Try uber?” Leonard suggests, and Jim groans loudly. “No, it’s fine. I will just walk home, I guess. I don’t have anywhere to go, anyway,” he says. Leonard frowns, glancing at Joanna playing with Demora. Sulu and Ben are preparing their dinner. Spock and Uhura are just quietly talking together. “How do you not have anywhere to go? It’s Thanksgiving,” Leonard says. “Mom’s off on business and a lot of my favorite clubs are closed,” Jim says, “so I’m just gonna walk home and watch the match.” Leonard listens, then sighs. “Where are you?” “Dunkin Donuts,” Jim says. “Okay, text me your address,” Leonard says, “I’ll give you a ride.”
  • He’s never actually seen Jim, but he knows who it is the moment he drives by. Blond hair, leather jacket, somehow casually handsome despite having powdered sugar on his mouth from eating one of those donuts. Jim gets in his car, and he checks Leonard out curiously. “You’re a lot more handsome than I thought,” Jim says, so bluntly Leonard doesn’t even know how to respond other than: “thanks?” and Jim laughs. “I mean, your voice always sounded appealing, but kind of tired.” “You always call me after midnight, what did you expect?” Leonard counters. “Also, why did you never remove my number?” “You kept arranging taxis for me,” Jim says, “you should be a receptionist.” “Customer service isn’t my thing,” Leonard admits, “my customers are usually under anesthetic.” Jim listens with interest, but he frowns when Leonard misses the exit. “Where are you going? My house is that way.” “You’re not going to your house,” Leonard says, and Jim shifts a little uncomfortably. “What?” “It’s Thanksgiving, c’mon. I’ve been speaking to you for a few months now. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s place, and we’ll watch the game there.” “Oh, no. I couldn’t,” Jim says, “that’s too much?” “No it isn’t,” Leonard says, and he settles their conversation with that.
  • Turns out, Jim knows Spock. They’re actually friends. So that whole ‘oh no this is too much’ thing is pretty much dropped immediately when Jim steps inside. He hugs Spock and Leonard watches the two of them interact. Spock isn’t one for physical contact, and it seems Jim is purposely hugging him, touching his arm and ruffling his hair a little. They must clearly be on great terms, because Spock is only mildly annoyed.
  • Joanna and Demora are almost instantly smitten by those blue eyes and bright smile, and Leonard isn’t really any better. Jim sits between the two girls, somehow having an intelligible conversation with them about Pokemon. Jim’s charming to Ben and Sulu. He helps setting up the table, and he sits next to Leonard while they eat. And initially Leonard thinks he’s imagining it, but Jim’s leg is definitely brushing against his own. Later, he’s definitely sure that it’s not his imagination when Jim turns him and they talk. Quietly, and Jim’s definitely flirting. His hand’s on Leonard’s leg now, and he’s listening intently to Leonard talking about his work in the hospital. Blue eyes are peering at him curiously, eyes wrinkling just lightly when he laughs at something Leonard says - even if it’s not at all funny because Joanna is clearly rolling her eyes at them, but Leonard’s  not even trying to hide his own interest.
  • Joanna stays the night at the Sulu’s because they’re going Black Friday shopping tomorrow (and no way in Hell is Leonard going near a mall tomorrow). So Leonard drives Jim home, to what looks like a small downtown apartment, and Jim smiles when they arrive. “Hey, thank you,” Jim says eventually, “you didn’t have to take me to your dinner party, but thank you for doing so anyway.” “Well, I figured if I had to suffer through months of you calling me, you could suffer through one night of good food and decent company.” “Great company,” Jim corrects him. Then, he clears his throat. “So, can I call you?” “For a pick up? No,” Leonard says, “seriously. Stop doing that.” Jim laughs, shrugging a little. “I meant, like, for a dinner soon. Or just to talk?” He asks, and Leonard nods. “Yeah. Of course.” “Good,” Jim says, and then he just leans in for a kiss. Leonard doesn’t even know how long they’re kissing, but when they finally pull away, Leonard’s neck is a little stiff from leaning over. “You know,” Jim says, small smirk on slightly reddened lips, “you can also just come upstairs now and go out for dinner with me tomorrow.” “Upstairs now, huh?” Leonard repeats, grinning against Jim’s lips when the other leans in for another kiss. Shorter this time, but definitely slightly more heated. “Yeah,” Jim says, “you gave me a ride. I think it’s only fair I return the favor.”

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Prompt:  Seeing as requests are open!! How about one that is Kirk X Reader where the reader is pregnant? Sort of parallel to George Kirk and Winona, excluding death.. and Jim is having pre-father anxiety and it’s all just super fluff :3 including enterprise adventures and angsty missions? (cause we all need Chris pine and fluff/Angst that man is gorgeous) thank you and sorry this is so vague! Have a lovely day/night week month!! X
Word Count: 1712
Warnings: Mentions of death, anxiety, abandonment
Author’s Note: SURPRISE! You all get 2 fics today because I really wanted to post one of the requests (and I loved this one) and a Christmas one. So there you go happy December ya filthy animals :)

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One Last Time

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Request: Would you like please make a Imagine Chekov properly saying goodbye to the ship’s crew? Because I need that - @putthephaserdownplease

A/N: I deleted the playlist a made to make my friend cry when I moved like a week before getting the request and it would have been such perfect mood music for this. I feel like that karma for making a playlist of song that would make my friend cry. Also Keenser’s totally find; you guys don’t have to worry. Little guy just got all tuckered out. 

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What A Baby Can Do.

Titled: ‘What A Baby Can Do.” 

Pairing: Kirk x reader

A/N This was a anon request I received and I really like the way this turned out! 


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I think you and Jim can agree that you would not have wanted anything else in different for the birth of your baby. You were a nurse on the Enterprise and you knew you what getting into when you found out you were pregnant for sure. You had out found out in some point of the five year mission. 

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Mission Report

Summary: Captain James T. Kirk’s report to admiralty regarding the Enterprise’s latest mission involving small tickle-happy creatures. (300 words)

A/N: Here is the (very short) third installment of the Tickle Planet Series. Hope y’all enjoy! Let me know what you think?

Tickle Planet Series Part I (x) and Part II (x)

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