The Bridge - Jim Kirk

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“Where to, captain?” you asked, stepping onto the Bridge. He smiled up at you from the captain’s chair on the nearly empty Bridge. “Hi, Sulu,” you said politely. He smiled back at you and looked at Jim.

“I think I’m gonna call my husband,” he said immediately, not breaking eye contact with Jim. As he stepped into the elevator door and it went away, you looked at Jim.

“Everything okay?” you asked. He sighed and looked outside the window in the front of the bridge.

“Two years,” he said softly. You smiled and walked towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Our anniversary,” you said, leaning close to him. You kissed his cheek and smiled at him.

“I had a big day planned for us.” Looking out at the space sky, you saw a nearly impassable fleet of asteroids.

“Well, we can celebrate on the Enterprise,” you said. He kissed your hand and smiled up at you.

“We can have a picnic by a waterfall on the Enterprise?”

“You were going to take me to a waterfall?” you asked, cocking an eyebrow. He nodded and laughed. “Where at?” He pulled up his map in front of him and selected the planet on the far right.

“There?” you asked.


“That was where we first kissed,” you said in surprise.

“I know.” You kissed his cheek again and hugged him from behind.

“I love you,” you said. “So I have a plan for us, too.”

“What is that?” he asked, looking up at you sadly.

“We are going to celebrate right here.”

“Right here?” he repeated with a laugh.

“Right now.”

“Well I’ll need a few minutes to get ready,” he said, smiling.

“I can wait.” He laughed and stood up, running out of the bridge, leaving you in charge. A few moments later, the doors opened again and Bones walked in.

“Hi,” you said awkwardly, eyeing the picnic basket in his hands. “Whatcha got there?”

“Delivery for Jim,” he said, setting it down on the comm. “Have fun.”

“Thanks, Bones.” You reached inside and found a bottle of champagne, and actual food. Being in space for so long meant that you didn’t get many home cooked meals. There was a fresh baked pie inside and lots of little different appetizers.

“Jim,” you whispered with a smile to yourself. The doors to the Bridge opened again and Jim walked in to find you smiling widely.

“Did Bones bring it in?” he asked. You looked up and saw he had flowers in his hand.

“Yes. Are those for me?”

“No, I got them to thank Bones,’ he said, handing them to you. You sniffed them and smiled.

“Well they’re lovely, I’m sure he’ll love them.”

“So, are you ready for the worst anniversary of all time?” he asked.

“Oh, stop being so dramatic, it’s just a little change of scenery.” He sighed and whipped out a blanket from underneath his chair. “Do you always keep that there?”

“Yeah, I like to take naps,” he said as he laid it out on the floor.

“You’re a dork,” you said, sitting down next to him. “What, no pillows?” you asked as he pulled two out. You laughed and took the pillow from his hand.

“I came prepared.”

“I can see that.” He grabbed two glasses out of the picnic basket and poured the champagne. He handed it to you and you clinked your glasses together. Jim took a drink from his glass just as beeping came from the control panel in the front.

“Dammit,” he groaned, standing up to flick a few switches and buttons on the piloting controls. You sighed and drank from your glass. “I’m sorry,” he said, sitting back down.

“That’s okay. That’s the risk of leaving the Bridge empty.” Jim groaned and you took his hand. “I love it.”

“This was not how it was suppose to happen,” he grumbled.

“Who cares? We’re celebrating are we’re together, that’s all we need.” Jim sighed and softened a bit more when you kissed him. “So, let’s eat this food and you can tell me what you originally had planned.”

You sat in between Jim’s legs with your head rested against his chest as Jim described the day he had planned. You stuffed food in his face every few minutes as he talked. He had planned a sunny picnic by a waterfall and lake and had planned to spend the whole day there.

“I like this better,” you said, holding his arms close around your waist. He chuckled and shook his head.

“You like sitting on the cold floor of the Bridge?” 

“Yes. We opened most of our time on the Enterprise, why not celebrate out anniversary here. Plus, you can’t beat that view.” You looked out into space, watching two asteroids smash into each other. 

“I love you,” he said, placing a kiss to your temple.

“I love you, too.” You cuddled into his arms, his hold tight on your waist. The pair of you just watched the asteroids float around the Enterprise, knocking off of the shield around the ship. The champagne was making you sleepy, and Jim woke you up before you dozed off.

“Y/N,” he whispered, wiggling away from you.


“Don’t worry about it,” he said, standing up and beginning to pace nervously.

“Jim?” you asked, standing up. “Are you okay?” He nodded and then shook his head and then nodded again.

“There was another part of my plan for our anniversary.”

“Okay.” He took a deep breath and your hand, and sat you down in the captain’s chair. “Jim, you’re starting to scare me.”

“I’m sorry, I hadn’t planned to do it like this.”

“Do what?” Jim got down on one knee and pulled out a tiny, rose gold ring out of his pocket. “Jim?”

“This was suppose to happen differently. I was suppose to do this in front of a beautiful backdrop, after wooing you all day. But I can’t wait any longer, and like you said, we spend most of our time here, so why not?” You sniffed back a smile and looked into his blue eyes.

“Y/N, I love you more than anything in the world. Which is why I’m letting you sit in my chair.” You laughed and wiped away a happy tear trailing down your cheek. 

“I don’t know why you love me, but I know that you do. I fell in love with you because you loved me. For so long I thought I was incapable of being loved, but you showed me that I can. I fell for you from the beginning, but I fell in love with you when I knew you loved me for me. And, Y/N I love everything about you: your smile, your kiss, your mind, your heart. You always find the good in people and never put up with my shit.” You giggled again, tears pouring down your face. 

“This wasn’t how I planned it, but I fell in love with you her and I want to ask you to marry me here. I want to spend the rest of my life proving to you that I love you, just as much as you showed me. So,” he said, straightening up. “Y/N M/N L/N, will you marry me?”

“Yes, absolutely, yes,” you gasped, throwing your arms around his neck. “I love you.” He held you tightly and laughed. When you pulled away, he slipped the ring on your finger. “I love you,” you said again, touching his cheek. “You do deserve my love, all of it.” He smiled and kissed you, keeping you close against his chest.

“I love you so much.” 

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mckirk bodyswap au but it's Chekov and Bones that are swapped?? I feel like that's be really funny and cute

  • Jim and Chekov are beamed down together on an away mission. Sure, Chekov has complained a lot for the duration of their trip, especially because they nearly get themselves killed while doing so. But they make it back fine, and both boys kind off ignore it when Bones points out that their vitals are extremely off.
  • And so when Jim wakes up in the morning, to his surprise, he’s alone. Confusingly so, because he is very used to waking up next to his grumpy doctor. And when he sits up straight, he realizes this isn’t even his own quarters, nor Bones’. It is smaller, a golden uniform on the ground, among other piles of clothes. There were posters on the wall of bands and movies Jim couldn’t identify, and multiple bottles of alcohol Jim didn’t even know were present on the Enterprise. And then the sound of a shower running stops, and a beautiful green-skinned girl walks into his room. “Oh no-” Jim starts, averting his eyes to the petite naked body. “I’m sorry,” Jim says, panicking just slightly because this is one of his crew members, and this was never supposed to happen. “I’m sorry, this is a mistake. Beautiful, but a mistake.” Jim says, grabbing his uniform from the floor. “Excuse me?” The girl asks, looking confused. “I gotta go,” Jim starts, heading towards the door. “Wait! Chekov!” The girl says, reaching out for his arm and Jim freezes when she touches him, and Jim turns to her in confusion. “What?”
  • Chekov is absolutely terrified when he wakes up. It’s not the first time he finds himself in the arms of another man, but it’s definitely the first time he finds himself in the arms of doctor McCoy. He turns around in strong, toned arms, slightly confused because “Doctor McCoy?” He asks, confused and definitely panicking. “Doctor McCoy?” Bones replies, voice sore from sleeping. “Is that your way of turning me on, because that’s working.” And Chekov loses his breath when Bones’ hand slides down his very naked stomach, to his very naked thighs, and - “Oh my God, no.” Chekov gasps, trying to move away, but maybe he’s not trying hard enough to actually get away when Bones’ lips are on his neck and he does it just right.
  • “Doctor, no. I’m not-” Chekov mutters. “What about Jim?” And Bones pulls away, looking confused. “What are you talking about?” He asks, his fingers sliding over Chekov’s thigh and honestly, Chekov feels like he can’t breathe. “I mean Jim. What about Jim?” And Jim storms in just seconds later. Or, Jim does, in Chekov’s body. And Chekov feels like he’s staring at an odd mirror of himself, and Jim looks in utter horror seeing himself in Bones’ arms. “What’s going on?” Jim asks, and Chekov sits up straight, pushing himself out of Bones’ grip. “What is happening?” Bones asks. “Chekov? What are you doing here?” “It’s me,” Jim says, gesturing wildly in Chekov’s body. And it’s confusing to all three of them. 
  • It’s confusing for everyone. Because after they get dressed and make their way to the Bridge, it’s Chekov who sits down at the captain’s chair with a sense of confidence. Jim sits down next to Sulu at his navigation station. And Jim speaks with a Russian accent. It just looks odd, feels odd, and even after the rest of Bridge figures it out, everyone still kind of just forgets about it all the time. 
  • Bones especially. He works such long hours and when they share the lift together it’s just easy to press Jim up against the wall, kissing him before Jim has the chance to explain he’s actually Chekov in Jim’s body. “Doctor-” Chekov gasps when he pulls away. “Please, try to remember. I’m never going to get over this.” He mutters, and Bones backs off immediately. “I can’t deal with this,” Bones sighs, running a hand through his hair. It gets even weirder when Jim joins them, and it’s Chekov’s body leaning against Bones, his hands running through Bones’ hair and he’s pulling him in for a kiss. 
  • They go back to that same planet to retrace their old steps, and Bones joins them. They don’t encounter anything particularly strange, until Bones trips over these mysterious plants and pulls down Chekov (or Jim’s body) down with him. “Ha, the same thing happened to me and Chekov last time.” Jim points out with a grin, and he’s helping both boys up with surprising strength in Chekov’s arms. Surprisingly, Jim is back to his old body the next morning. And so he wraps himself around Bones’ body, hands running through his hair and he presses kisses on Bones’ unshaven cheeks. “Hm, it’s been too long,” he muttered softly and when Bones looks up, something is still wrong. Because Bones groans loudly and he tries to push Jim off and he’s like “Captain, no! It’s me, Chekov!” 
  • And Bones in Chekov’s body comes storming into their quarters, a loud “What the hell is this?” filling the room and Jim just sits up straight. “Okay, I think there’s only one solution to this,” he starts, watching Bones and Chekov as they sit on bed next to him. “Both of you are gonna have to sleep with me."