Where are the women in R&B?

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty much over this current phase of R&B Bro Music.  From Trey Songz to August Alsina to Miguel to Ne-Yo to Jeremih to Jason Derulo, it’s either weed/alcohol, the stripclub, unsexy sex music, or the soundtrack for a good nap.  I miss the women that used to hold it down.

These are the top R&B songs from 2014:

When I was having drinks with Cortez on Sunday, I realized why I don’t listen to as much R&B as I used to: the women have disappeared and men make some really terrible R&B songs.  Back when I was younger and riding around in the car listening to the radio, Black women were inescapable on R&B stations. 

Toni Braxton.
Mariah Carey.
En Vogue.
Mary J. Blige.
Kelly Price.
Destiny’s Child.

Now it’s just so much testosterone on every station and I’m truly not about that life.  We desperately need a Waiting to Exhale moment to bring the spotlight back to the women of R&B who’ve virtually gone missing.  I’m not Babyface, but I did put together my favorite R&B tracks by women released in the past 18 months or so.  Get into it if you miss the women as much as I do:

Spotify - Black Women Still Make R&B

Tracklist and Youtube links after the cut.

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“I’m saying you need to forget it’s a horror story, that someone might die at every turn. You see, you have to care if the smoking hot lit’ teacher seems a little too interested in his female students. You have to care if the team wins the big game. You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock… You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts.”