The Taking of Deborah Logan

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Today we are going to review a film that we were able to catch via Netflix…

‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’

Currently on Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes it is rated rotten 46% (Users). 
There was no critics review of this film.

Mia (Michelle Ang) is writing her thesis, and with her team Gavin (Brett Gentile) Luis (Jeremy DeCarlos) are creating a documentary video about Alzheimer’s. 

The film subject in the Alzheimer’s documentary is a lady named Deborah (Jill Larson); At first Deborah hesitate to being filmed, but her daughter Sarah (Anne Ramsay) is persistent and constantly reminds Deborah how much they are needing the funds of this documentary to assist with their financial needs. 

While the documentary team are recording/observing Deborah they see the everyday struggles that one faces with this horrible disease, and the effects that it places on the family members. 

During the course of the filmings they are starting to notice differences with Deborah that is showing more of aggressive behavior that falls more within a demonic possession than an mental illness. 

Without giving away any spoilers; Let’s continue…

What I struggled with on this film

Mia drove me nuts in this film!
She was the typical obnoxious character in a horror film. Especially towards the end. URGH!

I do want to say that I had major hair envy; Her Ombre was on point. 

There was this one scene where they were searching for a body, and they noticed on the ceiling and there was a damp/moldy outline of a body that was coming from the attic floor. 

First off, You wouldn’t catch me up there; the attic is Chris’s job. =)

Second off, Why are they touching every damp, sticky thing they see in the attic?!
I could have sworn, I was watching Prometheus where Fassbender’s Character was touching everything. 

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Gavin was my favorite character in this entire movie!
He reactions to the creepy things that were happening were exactly my response, and I thought he was the only one in this film that “Kept it Real”.

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Nightmares were made of this…

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Accurate reenactment of our reaction to that scene…

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Seriously, there were some great creepy scenes in this film…

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Overall Thoughts

This movie was a pretty good horror flick that is available on Netflix. It didn’t receive a lot promotions/advertisements but it was entertaining to say the least. 

I would have to say that this film is similar to the Paranormal Activity, and Blair Witch with the film mostly shot within the documentary style filming. 

It was a rather slower film. However, it becomes crazy intense within the last 20-30 mins of the movie. 

Chris’s Rating : 7.50

Stina’s Rating : 7.00

Suitable for a Date: Maybe.. For a Scary Movie Date.
Suitable for Children: No, Children should pass on this film.
Suitable for Girls Night Out: Nahh.. I wouldn’t suggest for a Ladies Night.  

Share your thoughts…

What did you think of the movie?
What what your favorite scene?

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Movie Time

Since I keep getting a bunch of messages about where that gif is from, it’s the iconic scene from The Taking of Deborah Logan.

One of those  “found footage” horror movies, but definitely one of the better examples on Netflix. If anything, Jill Larson, who plays Deborah Logan, does an amazing job and lends a certain level of creepiness to the character.