Happy 20th birthday, Resident Evil!

【BIO20th】バイオハザード20周年記念 公式サイトが本日更新!誕生日を迎え、お祝いメッセージやTwitterキャンペーン、記念グッズなど最新情報を続々と!

【BIO20th】Biohazard 20th Anniversary official website updated today! Includes a new congratulatory message, Twitter campaign, and birthday commemorative merchandise! [x]


“Alpha Team is flying over the forest zone situated in north-west Raccoon City, where we are searching for the helicopter of our compatriots, Bravo Team, who disappeared during the middle of their mission. Bizarre murder cases have recently occurred in Raccoon City. There have been outlandish reports of families being attacked by groups of about ten people. Victims were apparently eaten. The Bravo Team was sent in to investigate, but we lost contact.”


Happy 20th Birthday, Resident Evil