Highlights of yesterday private battles I got with @tamarinfrog. I challenged her to make some REAL 1VS1 Jill and Angelo battles. The mode is Turf war but only the splat ratio count here.
Later @opalwhisker joined us and I wanted to make Jill VS 2 Angelo battles. So find here how it went! :’D
The videos were recorded/uploaded with permission of the players.

Page 3 finaly up! I tried to change the style a little bit but still not happy… It’s also strange to notice how my Splatoon style changed since I started this. Anyway hope you will like it! This short comic is dedicated to @searching-for-bananaflies / @tamarinfrog featuring her character Angelo.

Angelo was about to fight back when Jill suddenly started to say confusing things.

Page 1
Page 2


Just in time to upload my participation to the OC Kissing Week 2016!!!

First I heard about this and it was really fun to do. :3

1- @rukashi7‘s Inksona(?) wanted a kiss from Warren. Enjoy ;D.
2- @saphiraepona’s Kim with Agito and Warren together.
3- ???’s ??? with Confifraiz (pink guy belongs to their owner).
4- ???’s ??? imagining wet and messy things on Jill (this pervs’ belongs to their owner).

MYSTERIES on these characters! HAHA!
I’ll probably introduce the Pink team soon, they are Warren’s sisters like @jowikangaroo guessed it!

Edit: @splatoon-spritzee, MY BAD! It was you ^^”