Imagine Jihoon getting a paper cut & asking for a bandaid from Soonyoung but Soonyoung is just like, “oh my gosh you got hurt where does it sting is it infected should we go to the doctor??” & Jihoon is like “calm holy shit it’s a paper cut”

Soonyoung kinda blankly stares at him. “Oh.”

Idols who are cute as puppies for #NationalPuppyDay

That’s right, today is #NationalPuppyDay and while some of us may have puppies to love and cuddle at home, there are some other cute-as-puppies idols who need some loving too! Check out the list of puppy-like idols who you can celebrate this charming day with!

6. Seventeen Woozi

The puppy that is always happy to see you when you get home!