seventeen kindergarten!AU

disclaimer: they’re not children in this au, they just help out at a kindergarten!

s.coups is the one to sort out the art supplies for crafts and he’d completely lose it. i want to watch

jeonghan is the one to get the kids to sleep! plays stupid silence games

joshua would be the weird dude who teaches the kids arts and crafts and always makes them make cards for Mother’s and Father’s day and sure it’s cute but they’re still done by 5 year olds so……

jun is the teacher! like i just feel that he would be an AMAZING kindergarten teacher

wonwoo is the teaching assistant! like he goes around talking to the kids and getting them to colour in the lines and stuff AHH DEFINITELY HAS A FAVORITE KID OK

hoshi is the one to get the kids to dance?? like you know in kindergartens the kids all jump up and down and laugh and wiggle their butts and they call that dancing?? yeah

woozi helps coups with the supplies and LOSES IT when the kids touch his hair and call him a fairy. also definitely has a favorite kid and only lets that kid touch his hair

dk is the guy playing pretend with all the kids and reenacting the scenes from their picture books and acting as a monster and carrying the kids around and he’d honestly be the kids’ favorite because he is the epitome of sunshine can you tell he’s my bias lol

mingyu is the one reading the large picture books to the kids and making them laugh!!! and YES he’d be so into it and he’s laugh that cute laugh and it’d be so adorable like yes

the8 would be the one in charge of the outdoor play area and he’s in panic mode all the time because NO JOHNNY DO NOT EAT THE SAND PLEASE NO

seungkwan’s the guy that sends the kids out to their parents and subtly talks shit about the kids to the parents with a smile on his face and has that iron grip on the shoulder IS AWARE OF ALL THE GOSSIP REGARDING THE PARENTS

vernon i can see being in charge of the indoor play area and he’s napping most of the time, but then the kids run a train over his stomach and he wakes up and plays trains with the kids and DOLLHOUSES god

dino is the lunch lady who gives out the unproportional servings of food, wears a hairnet and is happy all the time because the kids love him and he’s so! radiant 

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Seventeen in a Intelligence Agency Au

Warning: A kinda long post ahead. Idek why it got that long tbh. 

This is my take on Seventeen in an Intelligence Angency Au, with SEVENTEEN is one of the many groups in the Agency. This is loosely based on the Boom Boom MV, with some/most are from my own imagination. 

. S.Coups is the suave leader. In charge mostly of making plans and transportation - getting the group members in and out. Can drive most vehicles like it’s no one’s business. Worries about his leading ability a lot, even though everyone agrees he’s the best leader they could ever ask for. Crashed a helicopter with himself inside into a building once to get his group members out of danger. Is the only one brave enough to interrupt Woozi in his sleeping/eating time.

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