wanna one’s ideal types

yoon jisung

i feel like jisung’s ideal type is someone who is energetic and spontaneous, but reserved and mature when the situation calls for it. he has to be able to laugh a lot with his s/o, but probably also wants to relax from time to time. a healthy mix of an introverted and extroverted personality is most likely going to mingle well with his own.

ha sungwoon

considering how shy and easily flustered sungwoon can be when meeting new people, i think he’d like someone who won’t rush things and will be patient with him. however, i feel like he’d be quick to fall for someone who teasingly flirts with him and compliments from time to time. just like jisung, he’d also have to be able to laugh with (and at) his s/o a lot.

hwang minhyun

this soft fluff is one of the more mature and reserved members of the group. he’d probably like someone who’s very smart and has a good grip on their emotions, however, he’d most likely want someone he can just cuddle up to from time to time as well. with minhyun i honestly feel like he’s attracted to intelligence and elegance rather than looks or popularity.

ong seongwoo

this man right here falls for class. he’d like someone who is confident but humble and can handle his sassiness (and maybe even reciprocate). if the person he likes has some sophisticated comebacks in response to his dumb pick up lines, he’ll be a goner. his s/o would also have to help him set up his lame pranks and set some things on fire together with him or some shit

kim jaehwan

i’m not entirely sure why but i could see jaehwan easily falling for the ‘hot mess’ type of person. someone’s who’s brutally honest but fun to be around, maybe a little clumsy as well. the person he likes would have to have a unique sense of humour and be able to match with how extra he is lmao basically his ideal type is someone who makes him laugh a lot yay

kang daniel

daniel would like someone he can relax with, someone who’s his partner but his best friend at the same time. i feel like he’d be drawn to someone who has the classic kind of beauty to them, but once he’d get to know them, their personality will make him fall even harder. generosity, honesty and a laid-back attitude are what he would appreciate in a potential partner.

park woojin

woojin would need someone who’s patient and relaxed. he can be quite awkward when he’s not particularly close with someone, so he’d have to be able to take his time with getting to know the person he’s crushing on. i think he’d love it if his s/o had a thing for music or arts in general. idk why but i also feel like he might like someone who has really nice hands lmao

park jihoon

jihoon is such a soft boy, however, i don’t think he falls in love very easily. he’d probably slowly start crushing on someone he’s been friends with for a while because he can feel at ease around that person and just be himself. i don’t think jihoon particularly cares about looks, but he’d probably be attracted to someone who’s cute rather than elegant or sexy idk how else to say it rip

lee daehwi

i feel like daehwi would initially be attracted to a very humble, low-key kind of person. if they also happen to show a playful side once growing close with him, he’d be absolutely smitten. another thing he probably really likes are bright eyes and sincere smiles. like if you have a nice smile and make use of it a lot you can be sure daehwi is gonna be shook.

bae jinyoung

hfnmsfkdj where do i even start with jinyoung basically i feel like he easily crushes on people (like superficial crushes that are not actually that deep) but like if you’re pretty and you compliment him a lot he’s gonna think about you a lot tbh. he’d probably be able to really fall in love once he gets over that awkward stage with someone so it’s basically crush > best friends > lovers

lai guanlin

tbh guanlin still gives me that fresh-off-the-boat kind of feel (i can’t help it why is he like this), so i think he’d easily obsess over anyone he could speak english to and someone who’s interested in western rap or hip hop. the person he’d crush on is probably also very smart and maybe a little witty because that’s just what this boi likes god bless him

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