INFERNO: YURI NO ICE - Color Variation Set

A Yuri!!! on Ice AU

*No, the title is not a typo

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I’m seeing people play the blame game re: Hansung’s death, so heres the truth:

Hansung died protecting Sun Woo because Dan Se was told to kill the King by his grandfather who thought that Sun Woo was the King because Young Sil sent assassins to kill Sun Woo because Sun Woo said he was King when they were in Baekje. But Sun Woo only said he was King because the Crown Prince of Baekje heard that the King was one of them, and threatened to kill Ah Ro, and because Ji Dwi wasn’t coming out, he had no choice. But the Crown Prince only knew the King was there because Ban Ryu gave him the message from Young Sil, who sent the message to confirm/kill the King who he thought was Sun Woo because Ji So was protecting him when Young Sil initially had his guard almost kill Sun Woo. But Ji So only did so to protect Ji Dwi and take the spotlight off of him, because Young Sil made it known that the King was in Hwarang. But Young Sil only knew because Sun Woo dropped the bracelet, but Sun Woo only had the bracelet because Ji Dwi dropped it. But Ji Dwi dropped it in a fight with Sun Woo who was trying to find the person who killed Mak Moon, but Mak Moon died because he saw the King’s face and he only saw the King’s face because he entered the capital to find his family. But he was only looking for his family because they were separated most likely as a result of Ji So who was in love with Ahn Ji Gong  and was rejected by him and made to marry the previous King 

so, to conclude, Hansung died because Ji So was forced into marriage.


Day One: Least Typecast Fave

Song Ji Hyo

From Emergency Couple to Ex Girlfriends Club to Princess Hours and My Wife is Having an Affair this Week, no two of her roles have every felt the same. Sometimes quirky, sometimes untouchable, she is always engaging on screen. While not all her shows have been my personal favorites, I still enjoyed watching her subvert expectations. With an even more prolific array of movie roles plus her versatility on Running Man, she moves from embodying model standards to every-day working life with ease that the industry finds hard to label.

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Kissing Practice
Guang Hong Ji
Kissing Practice

Even after their date the night before, Guang Hong is still rather unfamiliar with intimacy and nervous to initiate kisses. So, Leo helps him practice and get more comfortable in his own skin :)

This was another RP inspired script! Lots of kissing, some moaning, hickies, Guang Hong being flirty. This one is definitely more on the sensual side, you guys, but nothing extreme. 


@chaosrose92 tagged me to share my favorite pics of my bias. It was hard to choose only 10 but I did it. If anyone knows me will understand the struggle.

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Christmas ‘One-shot’ Countdown - 13 Days to go!

Kwon Jiyong - Christmas Party - Smut

AHHH I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE SHOT COUNTDOWN. ;A; Super shy writer here.. again (Because I love love love your work so much). ;u; To ask if I can request G-Dragon smut? >.< I’m thinking where you’re at a YG Christmas party together or something and he can’t keep his hands off you? He keeps whispering in your ear to just go home with him, but you won’t, so he pulls you away somewhere because he can’t wait?

‘We’re rocking around the Christmas tree…’

He’d been giving you that look all night.

When you’d first opened the door of the bedroom, clad in your tight-fitting 20’s style dress that was embezzled with thousands of jewels and crystals- the garment being a gift from Jiyong himself- he’d paused in the phone conversation he had been having and his mouth had dropped to the floor, his eyes widening in disbelief as he looked at you and you’d felt your entire body heat up under his intense gaze.

‘We’ll have to carry on this conversation later.’ he mutters into the phone, when he regains the use of his jaw, quickly pressing the end call button and striding over to you in three paces, stopping a hare’s breath in front of you and commencing to stare again.

'What do you think?’ you ask quietly, his searing look making it difficult for you to form words and your breathing gets cut off altogether when his hands grab at your hips, pulling you against him so that you could feel his breath fan across your face, the minty scent making you lightheaded as you breath it in.

'You look amazing.’ he whispers, tilting his head down so that he can press a kiss to your lips and you react immediately, leaning your head back slightly so that you can deepen the kiss. Within minutes the two of you are panting into each others mouths and its only the sound of a car horn outside that splits the two of you apart, making you look out of the lounge window to see Seunghyun and Youngbae stood next to a limousine that was waiting to transport you to the YG Entertainment christmas ball, waving excitedly when they see you stood at the window.

'Time to go.’ you say excitedly, going to walk towards the front door, but being stopped when his hands tighten their grip on your waist and you frown as you turn back to look at him, seeing his smouldering eyes and worrying for a split second that you wont actually be making it out of the house at all, but you quickly regain control of yourself and pull on Jiyong’s hands on your waist.

'Ji, come on, we have to go!’ you whine.

'I dont want to go to the party anymore…’ he murmurs, pulling back on your hands and you stumble into him, your palms ending up flat against his chest as his arms wrap around you, making you frown at him.

He had been invited to at least 5 different parties over the past 2 weeks, and the same thing had happened before every single one of them; you’d walk out of the bedroom in your outfit- ready and excited to leave, he’d see you, pull you towards him, kiss you hard, and then before you know it, he’s pinning you to the wall of his bedroom, your legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into you- the party being long forgotten.

But not this time. Yang had specifically told Jiyong that he could not miss this party, and if there was one person you didn’t want to mess with…it was Yang.

'We’re going. And that’s it.’ you say, voice hard as you stare at him and you regret your harsh response slightly when his hands fall from your hips and he pouts at you.


But clearly being at a party with over two hundred other people watching you did nothing to dampen Jiyong’s needs.

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Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 12

Part 12 is now heeeeere! Yaaay. This series gives me so much life, I swear. I really hope you’ll like it and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: A decision needs to be made and, for some reason, you don’t know what to do.

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[ENG] Sechskies Allure Interview (1/2)

[Eun Ji Won]

How did you feel when you first listened to “Three Words”?
I thought it was a song that everyone could relate too. It had a ballad feel to it, and it wasn’t like a typical hook song, so the members liked it.

How did you try to express the rap part as the main rapper?
I wanted it to be rough, like I’m expressing my true feelings that I couldn’t say out loud until now, for the first time. I never had that opportunity, you know. I put all my vehement emotion into the rap during our first recording. But some said it’s too strong, so the released version is the calmer one. I tried to convey my feelings without glossing over it.

The remake album was released this week. Weren’t you worried about the reaction from the people who are used to the originals? Memories play a big part, especially in music.
Of course it is a little awkward. It’s not like we remade songs that were less know, we remade our most famous ones. We had to carefully fill in Jiyong’s parts with other members, so our old fans who have been listening to the original albums would probably be disappointed not to hear Jiyong’s voice. But, there probably are some fans who would find it refreshing. You can think of this album as like the meeting ground of the old fans and the new fans. Until our new album comes out next year, this album will serve as a connector.

Did you notice the members’ improvements?
Sunghoon definitely changed the most. I could tell he has practiced his vocals a lot. I can sing just like before if anyone asks, because I hadn’t really practiced singing after the disbandment- I only focused on rap. But Sunghoon changed a lot. Jaeduck and Jaejin also got better. Jaejin surprisingly has perfect pitch. He can sing the exact note very well. Suwon got weirder (laughs). Suwon once had a vocal cord nodules, and since then, he has been extra watchful of singing out of tune.

Some lyrics have changed after the remake. Are the dances changed too?
We’ve left our signature dance moves alone, and some, we simply haven’t had the have time to fix the dance. I’ve hummed the new “Couple” so many times that I don’t remember the old version anymore. “Com’ Back” changed quiet a lot, so we memorized the song through the dance.

How are you preparing for the performance of the new song?
We’re considering doing a dance that’s a bit looser than our “knife-like” dance. We want a dance that has our color to it, but still cool enough so that the hoobaes will see us and think it’s cool. YG’s Jaewook is in charge of the dance, and Hyunsuk is checking up on it.

How did you feel when fans started appearing at the airport again when <Infinite Challenge> was airing?
I thought it wasn’t for me. I thought there was some other celebrity coming, so I looked behind, but nobody was there. And they were all taking pictures of me. They weren’t even saying anything. If you’re a fan, you would say “Welcome back” or something, right? But they just silently took pictures, so I thought they were reporters. Since then, I’ve been wearing a mask around. I’m scared of being photographed.

Scared of cameras?
I’m really bad with photo-shoots. I can do well in front of video cameras, but not the pictures. Sometimes, I find pictures taken by my fans, and I just can’t even look at them. So I wear a mask. I would look good in anything in their eyes, anyways. But when there are other people around, like at the airport, and they say things like “you’re handsome”, I want to hide.

You have said that it feels like the fans have “forgiven” you. Did you feel burdened as the leader about the disbandment?
There had been a lot of talks about how the reunion isn’t happening because of me, and I always knew the fans had some resentments because of that. But I can’t go on TV and say “It’s not because of me!,” you know. It’s not something worth making excuses, anyways. I thought one day, there will be a chance, and it came through <Infinite Challenge>, like a miracle.

Did you really think the fans weren’t going to come to the guerrilla concert?
Our fans are no longer students and they all have jobs, so I questioned if they could come at that time. And we didn’t get any chance to promote. The staffs kept saying they’ll come, but I was still doubtful. I felt so thankful to the people who came. I wrote that letter to the fans because I wanted to tell them how I felt. I’m bad at expressing through talking; I can’t even tell my parents “I love you”. So I wrote instead.

What’s your current goal as a Sechskies member?
Idols can be in a spotlight all the sudden, but I know it’s hard to maintain such attention. Sometimes, I feel the pressure of being an idol at this age. One thing I have learned through doing variety shows is to accept myself changing as time goes by. But now that I’m an idol again, I need to take care of myself. So sometimes I think, “We should’ve reunited earlier”.

Did you have any hardship in your 20 years of being a celebrity?
Why wouldn’t I. I try not to do variety shows in which my personality gets judged. For programs like that, people don’t think of them as shows- they think of what they see on TV as the real me. I learned a lot about what it means to be on TV by doing various prgrams. When I get hurt, I think of all the good things my fans have said to me, and I try to forget it by drinking with people around me.

You have done a lot of variety shows, but weren’t the ones you did with your members more special?
They were all really fun. Especially <Running Man>, because it was the first time filming outside in a long time. If we get a chance, I want to do a traveling show with the members. We went to Busan together for <Season’s Greeting>, and it was a lot of fun.

You were the one who forgot the most dance moves in <Weekly Idol>.
I’ve done them for so long, but I couldn’t remember like it was my first time doing it! It’s not like I didn’t do it just to not do it. I really wanted to do well. Jaejin kept saying stuff to me, but he made even more mistakes than me. I was more confused because of Jaejin.

2017 is the 20th anniversary. Are you preparing anything?
I don’t know when exactly, but I want to hold a 20th anniversary concert with a new album.  

[Kang Sung Hoon]

The MV filmed in Japan was released. Do you feel better about MVs now?* (Jekki has previously said that they never had a proper MV under DSP)
No. I feel like we didn’t really work it, and our faces were all very stoic.. The scene with the female model was especially awkward. I have some regrets. I want to do better for the new song.

Did you change your style of singing for “Three Words”?
Before, I used to put accents on every single words I sang. But now, I sing more comfortably. I sang it in a few different ways that Tablo and Future Bounce wanted.

How was recording remakes of your old songs?
It was very nerve-racking. I used to be so stressed out whenever I had to go record songs, because I was scared of how I was going to be scolded that day. But now, going into the booth is so fun. The atmosphere is so good, and every staff members  respect our opinions. I can’t help but be happy.

What is your favorite remake song?
I like the new “Yeonjeong” and “Come to Me Baby”.

Do you have any personal favorite that’s not in the remake album?
I really like “Say”. I also like “White Night”, and we’re singing that one at our end of the year concert.

How much progress has been made on the new song that will come out in 2017?
The song is so good that I’ve questioned if it’s okay for us to sing it. I’m curious how it’s going to turn out, but also scared. I think generally, they end up sounding nice after recording, though.

You’ve written your own songs like “The Present She Left Me” and “Promise”. Do you still write your own songs?
“The Present She Left Me” turned out okay all thanks to Kim Hyung Suk hyung who rearranged it. Now, there are so many famous songwriters in YG, so I’m not even going to try. But I do have one or two songs for which I’ve thought about the lyrics.

For idol groups, performance is just as important as a song itself. How are you preparing for the performance of the new song?
I realized it while doing <Inkigayo> stages. Jekki shouldn’t dance anymore. I think it’s now time for us to sing some trendy songs. At this age, we shouldn’t dance even if we can.

Which variety show did you enjoy shooting the most?
I had the most fun being on <Radio Star>. It’s weird that every time I go there, I suddenly remember a lot more things. What’s good about the show is that they can make even the mistakes seem funny.

I think honesty on talk shows has become jekki’s another charm.
We’re at that age where it’s more charming to be natural, like to talk nonsense or cross our arms. I just trust the editing staff, and say things comfortably, as long as they’re too much.

You guys still get asked a lot about your past activities. Don’t you want to talk about your current activities?
Even I see that it’s funnier to talk about the past. That’s what the public is most curious about. In a year from now on, there will be more things to talk about, and people won’t ask us about the past as much. I just answer comfortably thinking ‘when else would I talk about this?’ But sometimes, even the members remember things differently. But still, we don’t really try to look for who’s right. I can’t look at our old stuff because they’re too cringe-worthy.

Who was most supportive of you before the reunion?
I have two really close friends, and without them, I think I wouldn’t have made it this far. I could’ve thought “Do I really have to be a singer again?” All I wanted was to be on stage together for the fans, at least once. That was all. To be honest, I wasn’t one of the members who took the initiative in trying to bring back Jekki.

Who was the most enthusiastic one?
I think the one who truly wanted it was Jaeduck hyung.

Are you good at showing your emotions like you are to your fans?
I’m actually pretty cold. People who have known me for long wouldn’t think I’m that amiable. If I don’t want to do something, I make it obvious. Even back then, people knew if something had gone wrong before the performance based on how I was on stage. It’s not professional, but I just can’t fake it.

Then are you blunt with your members?
I express my thoughts just the way they are in my head. If I like it, I say I like it; If I don’t, I say I don’t.

Idol culture has changed a lot too, right? What’s the most interesting change?
There are too many. Words like “세젤귀”, “입덕요정”, “ and "입덕은 가능하지만 탈덕은 없다” are cute.

When was the most touching moment after coming back?
It was the Seoul Concert. We were back at Olympics Stadium after 16 years, and as the concert started, I almost cried. The first song was “Com’ Back”, which is an upbeat dance song, but it’s almost as if I was crying while I was dancing. I was reminded of the past a lot.

Any specific moment you thought of?
We had a concert on that very stage in early 2000, when there was already a talk of disbandment. I think the fans knew, too. I knelt down and bawled during my solo stage “Promise”. And we were back on that stage 16 years later. It felt odd. I was happy to see all the yellow balloons again. I was too excited, which caused the toe injury.

If you can form a unit within Sechskies, who would you do it with?
Don’t you think it’ll have to be with Jiwon hyung? I think we can do a song that has both melody and rap. We lived in Hawaii together.

Don’t you want to visit Hawaii again?
We all have a plan of going to Hawaii together. I want to go to Nuuanu Pali, Jack in the Box, which is a burger place, find a Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck and eat shrimp with the members, and do some water sports, too.

You made “Fix it” popular. What have you “fixed” recently?
A lot. My mental has become weaker, so I tell myself “fix your mental”. I’m fixed on moisture cream because it’s winter and my face gets dry, and I’m fixed on wet towel next to my bed to take care of my throat. I’m fixed on angora because it’s winter! The stylist keeps putting fur on me.

By the way, do the members still not know Jaejin’s number?
I didn’t even ask. I’m not curious. (laughs)

——Continued on (2/2)

gif cr: 볼펜

17 Spells (SEVENTEEN x Reader)

Warning: Slight swearing, bullying



Ring! Ring! Ring!

You groaned as you were snapped out of your sleeping spell. Same thing, just a different day, is what you’d say often. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes as you turned off your alarm, you felt the warm sunlight shining through your window. Looking towards it you huffed. It seemed like your neighborhood was never quiet. The sounds of neighbors arguing, loud dogs, or hungry cats… Though, you honestly liked it like that. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed you slowly put your feet onto the floor, hissing a bit at the coldness. It was winter, so your house was going to be like an igloo.

As you scuffled to your door you were bombarded with someone tackling you. You screeched in confusion and shock. “Eh!?”

“Y/N!” By the sound of her voice, it was your mother alright. She was also very excited for you? What was going on? “You were accepted into Hwan Jan Ji High School!”

“Hwan Jan Ji High School!?” You repeated almost in complete shock. The school for talented students from wealthy families? It cost a fortune just to take the test they had to get in. “H-How? Why?” You never remembered signing up for such a thing. And why would you? That school was full of stuck up rich kids that have no idea what it’s like to work. Since you had two jobs to help support your family, it was irritating running into them, hearing their slanter about commoners. Just… Why would a rich school like that request you, a commoner, attend their school?

“Your test scores for the state! They were so great, they just had to have you here!” Your mother began, “They said they’d pay for you to attend there as well!” What? This had to be a dream.. you had to be dreaming. Your mother finally let go of you, smiling from ear to ear. “Y/N.. I know you may be a little nervous.. But I know you can make new friends easily.”

New friends? “Whoa whoa whoa.. I never said I agreed to go!” You said, eyes widening in slight panic. She frowned before she crossed her arms, “Y/N… Are you saying you’re going to throw away your chance of being the singer you wanted to be?” The disappointed tone in her voice made you suck in air sharply.

“Mom… It’s a school full of rich kids, I have no business going there!” You said shaking your head, “Besides, who says I can’t get noticed attending the school I am now.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, darling. But I already accepted it.” Your mother said shrugging her shoulders and getting up. She brushed off her knees as your mouth hung open. How could she!?

“WHAT!?” You yelled, standing up in panic. “WHY EVEN ASK ME IF YOU ALREADY AGREED TO IT?”

“So you couldn’t throw away a chance like this. I knew you’d chicken out, so I said, I wasn’t going to let you. You’re welcome.” She said as she walked out the room. You stood there in your room, almost feeling like you were about to faint or something.

You had no idea what was in store for you at Hwan Jan Ji High School…

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Okay but I Remember You/Hello Monster is actually one of the best endings to a show I’ve seen in awhile?

And it’s because from the beginning they really told us to expect that type of ending. In the very first episode, we are told that something has restarted Hyeon’s story. That receiving that email began his life over again, brought it out of pause mode. Brought it out of its holding pattern. 

So why should the ending of the drama represent any true ending? Why should it end with a neat little bow and all threads tied up perfectly. Why can’t it end with the exact possibility of the story continuing because that’s what it’s always been about. 

Hello Monster wasn’t about the end of Hyeon’s story but the beginning. And the ending of the drama reflected that. 

It is implied in the ending that Hyeon and Ji An will eventually catch Joon Young, and it is ultimately what both Hyeon and Joon Young want. And while it’s frustrating to not get to see the bastard die. It’s a better ending than the one that would have been offered if that had been the case. 

Because ultimately Hyeon’s story is too intrinsically tied to Joon Young for that to result as anything but another ending for Hyeon’s story (and for Min’s). An ending that would ultimately not be satisfying as initially expected.

And I Remember You was never about ending. It was about beginning. (I can’t emphasize this enough because it’s easy to forget at the end of things that some stories aren’t about endings but are about moments, about beginnings and that things can end in medias res–in the middle of things–just as much as they can begin)

Which is exactly what we get. Ji An and Hyeon’s romance begins and will continue. The team while formed before the show really begins through the course of the show and will continue (even if in a different form). They will hunt Joon Young and they will catch him, and he will pay for his crimes. Min’s story is left entirely open-ended yet it is clear in that ending he is free from Joon Young’s control and that maybe he will get his own beginning as Min, not as some fake identity. The story of these peoples’ lives will continue. 

And since the story was always about beginning that ending is ultimately satisfying when one takes the storytelling into consideration and not solely the desire for a particular ending. 

It’s the only ending that could feel right for the show.

Only an open ending could truly tell the story of a moment that they were going for, which they promised from the first episode. If they’d tied up the story in a neat little bow where Joon Young dies or gets arrested. Where Min goes to prison. And where Ji An and Hyeon get their fairy tale ending. It wouldn’t have felt true to the storytelling throughout the entire drama 

That bow-like type of ending while maybe more in line with what is normally expected and what we normally get from television shows would not have been right for this show. 

And I personally could not be prouder of the writers for recognizing that and giving their show the ending that it deserves and the one that is far more appropriate.

On Ne-Te vs Ne-Ti: How the lower functions affect Ne

Mod: I got a lot of responses to the Ne post, both in the reblogs and my inbox. Here’s a few. Sorry it’s so long but I didn’t want you have to click into the blog to read it all by putting it under a cut. And now I’m going to go try and figure out how to condense a super complex series of events in the middle ages into a book that is consistent and straightforward. Hahaha. Oh, gosh. Wish me luck

By kensei16:

to clear up the previous post:

I realize there was a ton of confusion with my last post, and I’m posting this one to clear it up. What I described in the Ne post was Ne at it’s purest form before it is affected by the decision making function. Ne can still initiate relationships, choose not to move to a faraway country, and be u-accepting of certain possibilities. Ji narrows down Ne’s possibilities when needed. For example: Fi may not be accepting of something when it goes against their values or can’t be logically proven (Te). Ti can also be unaccepting of Ne possibilities if they’re not logically inconsistent to them, or they are influencing people in a negative way (Fe). Ne without a judging function is a mess. Without it, Ne would be promiscuous and uncontrolled.

The only way to truly know if you’re Ne is if you are open to any possibility that isn’t eliminated by what you believe directly no matter how wild or bizarre. Ne tends to procrastinate and accept every possibility as likely of being true until they see a reason not to. I apologize for not being more clear.

By featherlighty

I’ve been meaning to submit something about Ne-Te and Ne-Ti and lower functions for the longest time, but I’m a terrible procrastinator. The recent bout of Ne-related posts have finally gotten me off my lazy butt. 

Hey there, your lurky ENFP here speaking. Something I’ve been coming across when reading about us high Ne-users is that it seems to ignore a lot of the effect that Te or Ti can have on Ne, even if Ne is the dominant function. 

I think Ne-Ti is a slightly better fit for the ‘seeking novelty over mundane at the cost of practicality’ trait because Ti is about an inner logical frame instead of an outer one. Even if an outer source claims something to be true, Ti doesn’t believe it until they go through their own systems and comes up true. However, Ti’s still got Fe to mellow it out. 

Te on the other hand, connects to the outer logical frame. The universal, logical facts. For a Te user, some facts are undeniable. They are what they are. This means sometimes they might get stuck in ruts (especially lower Te users), but it also means they care about practicality. That desire for practicality takes Ne and changes it a bit. Ne-Fi is idealistic, but Te makes them have to consider reality.

I’ve focused more on the thinking functions here, since the effects of the feeling functions upon Ne were discussed quite clearly by Charity on kensei’s post. 

The ‘How to know if you’re really an Ne’ post by kensei is really wonderful, and I agree wholeheartedly with their definition of Ne–openness. It was refreshing to read a description of Ne that wasn’t about manic brainstorming and being unable to stick to one thing. However, when I looked down at the questions, I felt like it might lead to some misunderstanding. If you look at those questions – pure Ne says yes to all of them. Yes, yes, yes! But once I thought about actually answering those questions, a problem developed. 

I couldn’t say yes. Not wholeheartedly, anyways. My dominant Ne goes ‘YES!’ but all of my other functions are screeching their opinions too. We’re not only our top functions, you see. 

“What if someone told you they wanted to do something that’s wildly imaginative and unrealistic to the common eye? Would you accept it as possible or even encourage the person to do it?”

My answer? Of course it would depend on the actual specifics, but I wouldn’t simply encourage the person to do it if it seemed unrealistic (Te). I would accept as possible, because even unlikely things have percentages of happening (Ne). But I would also lay out just how likely/unlikely and other things that could realistically happen if it didn’t go right (Ne-Te). I wouldn’t come out and tell them 'don’t do it,’ because it’s not my decision (Fi). However, I couldn’t in good conscience only encourage if there’s a high chance of them ruining their finances or relationships (Ne-Fi-Te). 

“How about if someone asked you to give up your current life to go to a faraway country and learn some new secrets? Would you go even though there’s no guarantee of how things will turn out?”

My answer: I would love to explore new countries and experience new things, especially if it’s a country I’ve been interested in! (Ne-Fi) But there are still things to consider, like how am I going to provide for myself? (Te) Will I have a way out in case I don’t like it there anymore? (Fi-Si) Just how little guarantee is no guarantee? Will I have the commodities and the skill set to wing things if there really is no guarantee? (Ne-Te-Si) I don’t feel comfortable making a solid yes-no decision until I know more about this country and my options. (Ne-Te-Si.) Etc.

Yeah, I’m going to chicken out at two questions because my wrists are starting to hurt. And these answers are my answers–even another ENFP is sure to have different ones–type isn’t everything. But you get the idea: the other functions have a lot more to do with decision making than one might think right off the bat. That’s why the function stack matters, right?

Don’t get me wrong: these questions are very useful for getting a broad picture of Ne, and it definitely pictures Ne at its purest, and I applaud kensei for coming up with excellent examples. However, when trying to determine whether you use one function or another, don’t forget about your other pesky little functions that might make you sound like another type. 

Does this make it harder to pinch out and determine for once and for all whether you use Ne? Maybe, sorry about that. Here’s one tip: we tend to embody our dominant function a lot when we are kids. Believe me, before I hit my teens, I would have given a 100% YES to all three questions wholeheartedly (except maybe the third because I still believed in true love and all, but yeah). And then in my late teens my auxiliary Te smacked me right in the face (the practical decisions part, not the bossy part–that was definitely there in childhood) and now in my early 20’s, I find myself using it quite a lot. 

Anyways, I feel like I’m kind of rambling, my apologies. I hope this helps add another piece of the puzzle to the complex full picture of Ne. Until next time!

By marvoliarty:

Ne Dominance:

As an Entp, I just want to say that there are some parts of the recent Ne post that could confuse someone.  Ne isn’t completely unrealistic. Sure, when people have an idea, no matter how crazy, for a while, I go OMG HEY HOW COOL LET’S GO, but I also have auxiliary Ti, which makes me go “ok, stop, is this possible?  If not, is there anything that I can do to make it possible?”.  If I realize that there is NO WAY it’s possible, I’m not going to pursue it in real life.  For example, when a friend of mine decided she wanted to make a TARDIS, I went OH COOL, LET’S BRIANSTORM, but when she said she wanted it to legit be bigger on the inside and BE the tardis, my ti went ‘there is nothing I can do with this.’ 

Part of Ne is not having a problem with immediately giving up on an idea.  Once it’s put into the stupid/pointless pile, we move on because there will always be more that we can come up with.  For example(again), if someone said “let’s bring Abraham Lincoln back to life,” Ne isn’t a moron who says OK LOL LOL LET’S DO IT.  No.  Instead, we say, 'that’s not possible’ like any normal person.  However, what we can do, which I prove right now, since 100% of this is made up right now as I go along, is say 'huh, but what if.  What if we could do that.  How would Lincoln respond to the racial issues of today’s world, and to the current presidential candidates?  What if I put that into a book?' 

Also, when it comes to relationships, we have really big egos and issues with commitment. We definitely don’t want to be rejected or with someone we logically know that we don’t want to be with; the way my Ne 'protects’ me is by saying 'you don’t want that person, because look at all the other possibilities you could have to find the perfect person for you and if you’re in a substandard relationship, you’ll never find a great person’.

We like to keep our options open, which sometimes leads to us missing opportunities, but sometimes we are a bit unrealistic.  Instead of impulsive actions (which is more Se), like moving to a foreign country, we are impulsive possibilities.  We would be excited by the idea of moving away, and the romance, while even the idea might stress a strong Si; but even so, we do have Si in our stack, you if you said let’s move away with no money just because, we would likely turn you down.

Also, we kinda opt for quantity as opposed to quality.  Keep reading, I’ll explain; I’m a writer, right (hahaha)? and so I get story ideas from everything because the ideas come from anywhere, even a dented tin can.  Se has the ability to see where physical whatevers come from, and the potential physical happening (help, words), but Ne sees idea potential: it knows where to look for inspiration, unlike Ni, which can always find potential inside itself. I have like 60 ideas for books waiting to be written, so when I’ve finished the first draft of my first, I went 'ok on to the next’, even though I needed to edit. Eventually I convinced myself, but here’s the thing, Si is practical, even though it has low Ne spontaneous ideas.  Ne can go back and edit, but doms will always prefer just to start a new story because NEW. MOAR IDEAS MORE INVENTIONS MORE CREATING.  Si feels more fulfilled with one, perfected thing to show to the world while Ne feels more fulfilled with having written all of their ideas half assed into a format.   

Also, I find that you can find which functions you use by reading the writing of someone with that as a dom describing that.  When I read the Ni dom I was confused. I DON’T GET IT AND I DON’T EVEN GET IF I’M GETTING IT DO I UNDERSTAND IT? WHO KNOWS.

You’ll get frustrated by functions not in your stack and you’ll relate to those that are, but in varying levels.

Secretly Dating (G-Dragon Scenario)

Requested by anonymous

This request is quite similar to the Seungri Sibling Stubbornness scenario. I hope you’ll like it, anon! ^^

Summary: You and Ji Yong are secretly dating. This is something your older brother is anything but happy about when he finds out.

You loved your brother to death, you really did. If there was anything you could do to make him happy, you’d do it in a heartbeat. He was exactly the same with you and, since you were his little sister, he also made sure to protect you as much as possible. The protectiveness a brother had for his younger sister often had a tendency to go overboard and create arguments between the siblings involved. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case with you and your brother – most of the time.

Mr Choi Seung Hyun had always made an effort to try to not interfere in your life too much, because he understood how annoying it would be if you did that to him all the time. You were already in your 20s, after all, and had definitely proven that you were an adult now.

The effort to give you space was definitely not made when it came to you and dating, though.

In regards to that, as far as he was concerned, you were still five years old and were still way too young to date. It was impossible in his eyes, even though you’d proven to him multiple times over the years that you’d grown up and were actively dating. He just refused to believe that his baby sister had actually grown up when it came to dating as well.

This mindset of his easily explained his angry reaction when he, by accident, found out that you were dating one of his closest friends.

You and Ji Yong had always been friends, ever since he and your brother met all those years ago. It hadn’t been until about a year ago that everything changed between you. Even though both of you’d tried to ignore the changes in your feelings for each other, since you both knew what your brother was like, it proved to be impossible in the end. Your heart went absolutely nuts whenever Ji Yong was around and his not-so-subtle attempts at initiating seemingly innocent skin ship eventually fool neither of you.

Once you’d both accepted the fact that you had feelings for each other, you’d agreed that it was a bad idea to tell you brother – at least in such an early stage of the relationship. Coming to him after only dating for two months would be useless, since there’d be no way he would believe that what you had was real.

Now, after almost a whole year had passed, the urge to tell him had grown stronger. Hiding it from him, though, had become somewhat of a habit and not being forced to sneak around with it just felt strange. You wanted him to know, though, since this relationship meant more to you than all of the relationships you’d had in the past combined. Would your brother understand that if you told him?

He would, hopefully, now that the cat was out of the bag.

It was really your own faults for getting caught. You had been at your brother’s place since lunch on this particular Saturday and Ji Yong had dropped by shortly after dinner. Since Seung Hyun was still clueless about the relationship you and Ji Yong had, he left the two of you alone in the living room for short periods of time during the night – while he went to grab something from the kitchen and things like that.

The last time, he took longer than before and this instantly made Ji Yong bold and impatient. You were already more than aware that being this close to you, without even being able to look at you for too long without it becoming suspicious, was like pure torture for him. Usually, it was difficult for him to keep his hands off you and, honestly, you were no better.

Therefore, as Ji Yong’s patience ran out, you soon found yourself pressed up against him on the couch; his arms wrapping themselves around you as his mouth found yours. Not being able to resist, you responded to the kiss at once and wrapped your arms around his neck. You knew it was a stupid thing to do, especially with you brother in the other room, but his kisses very too addictive to resist. Something still told you that this was it; this was the time the secret would be brought out in the open. It scared you a little when that turned out to be true.

“What the fuck?” came your brother’s deep and angry voice a few moments later.

As if you’d both been struck by lightning, you untangled your arms from each other in less than a second and practically jumped away from each other. When you turned to look at where your brother stood by the doorway, you felt your heartbeat pick up from surprise and pure fear.


“What the hell is this?” Seung Hyun questioned a few moments later as he took a few steps towards the couch, where you and Ji Yong sat.

“Oppa, I can explain”, you managed to say.

“I damn well hope you do”, he snapped, making you flinch because of his harsh tone.

“Don’t scare her, hyung”, Ji Yong said when he saw your reaction to your brother’s anger, “we can-“

You”, Seung Hyun interrupted in an even angrier tone, his eyes now directed at Ji Yong instead, “get the fuck out of the living room, now”



Since both of you knew it was a bad idea to argue too much with Seung Hyun at this point, Ji Yong glanced at you one last time before standing up and walking towards the doorway. Right as he’d passed Seung Hyun, he stopped and turned around. It looked like he wanted to say something, but no words came out at first.

“I’ll… Be in the kitchen”, he finally said before disappearing from your sight.

With that, the living room was left in a very uncomfortable silence. The anger was practically oozing from Seung Hyun and you worriedly wondered what he was going to say. You’d known things could end up like this is you kept it a secret from him, but that had seemed like the only option at the time. Had your brother known from the start, you felt certain that you and Ji Yong most likely wouldn’t be a couple anymore.

“How long have you been hiding this from me?“ he suddenly asked.

“… Almost a year”, you answered in a quiet voice.

You’d seen your brother angry before, but this was a whole new level and it scared you. He was so pissed off you wondered how long it would take before his coffee table flew out the window. It didn’t seem be that long, which made you feel even more scared.

Soon, he walked over to the wall next to the TV and leaned against it before taking a few deep breaths – momentarily closing his eyes. He was trying to calm himself down and you hoped it would work.

It didn’t.

Without any sort of warning, Seung Hyun quickly whipped around and, to your big surprise, punched the wall he’d been leaning on a moment ago. He punched it so hard that he even hurt his hand, which made him let out and angry hiss from the pain.

Shocked because of his action, you were unable to do anything but stare at him with your mouth hanging open and with your eyes doubling in size. The worry for him soon took over, though, and you jumped up from the couch and hurriedly made your way over to him. You quickly grabbed his hand to inspect the damage he’d inflicted on it.

“Why are you so careless, Oppa?” you asked in a scolding tone, “I’m really sorry you had to find out this way, but there’s no reason for you to be this angry! It might be hard for you to believe it right now, but I love him more than anything and he loves me too… Actually, I’ve never felt this loved by any guy before and-“

“I don’t care how well he treats you”, Seung Hyun suddenly interrupted in a low and angry voice, “you’re my little sister and you know I hate the idea of you dating… Especially when you’re dating one of my closest friends”

“Why would it be worse for me to date one of your closest friends?” you questioned, confused.

That question seemed to be the wrong one to ask, because you instantly saw how the anger grew even more on his face.

“Because if he breaks your heart, you won’t be the only one losing someone”, he suddenly yelled, startling you.

The shock was twice as big, since you hadn’t expected him to yell at you and also because of the words he spoke. The next time he opened his mouth, he was no longer shouting. His words still managed to make you flinch, though, and you suddenly felt guilt grow inside of you.

“I could never even look him in the eye again if he broke your heart”, he said.

The guilt made quick work in your body and almost took over completely within a few moments. Another voice stopped it from succeeding, though.

“There’s no way in hell I’ll ever hurt her, hyung”, Ji Yong’s voice came from the doorway.

Both you and you brother turned to look at him. You were both surprised to see him standing there, since neither of you had heard him come.

“And what makes you so fucking sure of that?” Seung Hyun snapped angrily at his friend, the anger that’d started to die down ever so slightly a moment ago now growing stronger again.

“Oppa, let him talk before you start to yell at him… Please”, you begged.

Seung Hyun turned to look at you, keeping his gaze locked with yours for a few moments before sighing. He eventually turned to look at Ji Yong again, not saying another word as he waited for the younger man to start talking.

“First of all, I know better than any of the guys she’s dated what will happen if I screw up”, Ji Yong said, “and there’s no way I want to experience it”

Anyone who knew Seung Hyun well enough, knew what the tall man was capable of if someone hurt you – especially if that someone was a guy who claimed to love you. A few times in the past, you’d had to stop him from beating the crap out of your ex-boyfriends after they’d broken your heart. You did not want to do that with Ji Yong.

“For the past two years, she’s been the only thing on my mind and I didn’t understand why until my birthday last year”, he continued.

Ji Yong’s birthday party last year had been the first one in a few years that you’d attended. You’d been busy or out of town for the last few years before that. It’d been a very fun party and a lot of his friends had been there; your brother and you included. As that night had gone by, you and Ji Yong had often found yourself next to each other. You’d talked more than you normally did and, with alcohol being added into the picture, the longing glances that’d been kept a secret before had suddenly became easy to spot and seemingly innocent actions like hugging each other became less innocent the longer they became.

You’d known that your feelings for Ji Yong were more than those of a friend for a long time, but you’d never done anything about them. It hadn’t been until a few months after his birthday party that you’d started to notice signs that he might feel the same. With that realization, you became more confident in making your feelings known. When he started doing the same, it didn’t take long before the words ‘I like you’ slipped from both of your lips.

“It was like I got hit by a ton of bricks that day”, Ji Yong said and chuckled as he momentarily turned to look at you, getting a small smile in return from you, “I definitely realized why she’d always been part of my thoughts”

Ji Yong turned his eyes back to Seung Hyun, a serious expression now on his face.

“I love her and I’ve made damn sure to tell her that more times than it’s probably necessary for the last few months”, he continued to explain, “I get that you’re pissed as hell, hyung, but you need to understand that I won’t give her up, not matter what you say”

The sincerity in his voice was very easy to spot and, when he was done talking, you glanced at you brother to see his reaction. There as an unreadable expression on his face as his eyes were fixed on Ji Yong. It looked like he was trying to figure out if the younger man’s words were really true or not.

Ji Yong didn’t even flinch, even though Seung Hyun’s gaze was so intense that most people wouldn’t be able to handle it. They’d known each other long enough for Ji Yong to know how to handle a situation like this.

After what felt like an eternity of silence, Seung Hyun sighed as he seemed to have made up his mind about the whole situation.

“I guess it’s better than she dates one of my close friends”, he finally said.

This made you smile as you instantly realized that it meant he’d just approved of your relationship. Ji Yong smiled too, but his smile was wiped right off the next time your brother opened his mouth.

“… Because that means I’ll easily know where to find you if you screw this up”

“Oppa!” you exclaimed as you directed a slight glare his way.

At this, Seung Hyun finally turned to look at you once again. There was no emotion visible on his face at first, but that soon changed as an almost invisible smirk spread across his face.

“You know I only want what’s best for you”, he said.

“I know”, you directed a small smile his way, “and you need to understand that Ji Yong Oppa is what’s best for me”

He chuckled at your words as he nodded, which was his way of silently telling you that he’d try to remember that. With that, an understanding that you’d no longer have to hide you relationship with Ji Yong quickly grew. Because of that you suddenly felt very happy and were completely incapable of keeping a giant smile off your face.

Feeling very happy and thankful, you suddenly took a step closer to your brother and wrapped your arms around his waist as you rested your head against his chest. He was surprised by your action at first, but soon hugged you back.

“Don’t make me regret this, though”, he said a few moments later when the hug ended.

“We won’t, hyung”, Ji Yong was quick to answer as he smiled widely.

“We promise”, you added with a smile on your face, walking over to where Ji Yong stood.

Not wanting to push the sudden luck you’d been rewarded with, Ji Yong did nothing more than extend his hand towards you as you reached him. You happily took it, giving his hand a light squeeze.

Secrets aren’t always a good thing to keep, but sometimes you’re lucky enough to have things end up well once the cat’s out of the bag.

anonymous asked:

Could i request kissing headcanons for Guang Hong, Phichit, Kenjirou and Leo? Thank you! xx

Guang Hong’s kisses are always shy, with a bit of reluctance behind them. He’s not entirely used to the whole couple thing, so you’ll have to be the one to initiate the kiss.

Phichit’s kisses are always spontaneous and somewhat teasing. He prefers short pecks as opposed to long kisses, but doesn’t mind the latter either. 

Kenjirou’s kisses are always full of smiles. They’re gentle and careful, but he doesn’t hold back. He makes sure you know exactly how much he loves you.

Leo loves teasing you. He will always make sure to have you wanting more, but there will be a hidden care behind it. However, he does love seeing you with a flush on your face.

Scenario Request: Imagine with V where I am an American actress who’s promoting my film with my co stars, and the boys interview us. The boys start teasing V saying how I’m his celebrity crush and he was fanboying the night before and it’s funny and fluffy! 

Genre: I’m going into the pillow stuffing business because all the fluff I’m writing today.

Word Count: 1417 (and to think I have issues writing a 1200 word essay for school -.-)

A/N: All these Taehyung scenarios are causing him to become a bias wrecker for me. Damn it. I already have Yoongi ruining my life.


“It’s so cold!” your friend, Kaley, squealed as you two stepped out of the airport and into the icy cold wind that stung every area of exposed skin. You frigidly nodded in response, burying yourself deeper into your infinite layers of clothing, but you knew it would have no effect until you were physically inside a warm building.  

One year ago, if anybody were to tell you that you were going to be flying around the world promoting your new film, you would have thought they were crazy. Life does have a funny way of leading you back to your childhood dream though because now you are at the last location of the promo tour: Seoul, Korea.

“Hello, Ms. Y/N, please follow me into the interview room please,” one of the guards guided my co-stars and I into a colorful room filled with fun little designs. It was all quite cute.

“Do you know who is interviewing us? I don’t even know this show… After School Club? What kind of a name is that?” Jessica, your other co-star expressed, sighing, highly dissatisfied with the atmosphere.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that this show is normally live, but today will be a interview special. It looks like it will be fun,” you responded, looking at the set, along with having a makeup artist complete the finishing touches. Upon hearing the sound of a few more people entering the set, you looked up and saw three bodies walking towards you and your friends. When they got closer, you recognized them to be the MCs of the show.

“Hi! I’m Eric Nam, this is Ji-Min and Kevin,” a brunette boy introduced in perfect English, pointing to himself, and the two others next to him. You stood politely as they said their hellos to the rest of the co-star.

“Hi! You are Y/N, right?” Ji-Min smiled, shaking your hand.

“Yes and you are Ji-Min from 15& right?” you asked, having seen a few episodes of ASC before landing.

“Yeah! You into kpop?” she asked, tilting her head.

“Oh no, not that I’m not into it, I just haven’t heard much,” you explained, mentally scanning through the variety of boy groups that you stumbled on during the series of ASC videos you watched.

“Ahh… Well, one of our popular boy groups here will be guest mc-ing today. They are called BTS, short for Bangtan Boys,” Kevin informed, smiling brightly.

“Oh okay… Umm did they sing Run?” You wonder aloud, laughing, remembering the seven boys that caused you to wake the people surrounding you in the plane because you could not hold in the laughter.

“Yes! Yes, they did! You an ARMY?” Eric entered in the conversation after hearing your knowledge of this group.

“No, I just remember seeing them on this show last night. They were so funny! The one who wore the Santa hat headband was so good,” you didn’t go ahead and confess that you thought he was also incredible cute and it has been a while since anybody have made you burst into fits of giggles. You couldn’t help but to smile a little knowing that he will be apart of the interviewees.

“Oh god, that’s Kim Taehyung. He is crazy,” Eric said, looking at the wall with eyes wide with forged fear.


Spinning around, you see a boy dressed in striped sweater charging towards the gang of MCs, having six others slowly following behind him, laughing and falling onto each other’s shoulders.

“STOP!” Eric screamed back, pushing against the jumping boy. When he calmed down you see that it was him, Taehyung. Laughing along with Ji-Min, Taehyung turned towards your direction and froze.

“Hi, my name is Y/N. You are Taehyung, yes?” you slowly spoke, knowing he isn’t fluent in English, but you wanted to get to know him, so the language barrier isn’t going to stop you.

“Uh yes yes. Name is Taehyung,” he nodded politely and repeatedly, his voice lowered into his normal octave. The other members were finally caught up with all the commotion and when they saw you, they shifted their gaze back and forth between you and Taehyung and started to laugh again. But this time, Taehyung did not join, instead, his face tinted pink and began to shuffle behind his friends, who laughed even louder.

Wait what?

“3,2,1 and action!” the cameraman declared, waving his hands.

“Hey guys and thanks for tuning in to ASC today!” Eric greeted the online audience, waving and smiling.

“We have a few changes today, including our MCs! The BTS boys will be co-hosting today, while our main guests are from the new upcoming summer hit movie! Say hi guys!” Ji-Min stated, motioning towards the excited boys and you and your co-stars

The interviews began and while other members did join with the questioning, the main leader was Namjoon/Rapmonster, who definitely knew English best. You answered a few from Namjoon, but you wanted Taehyung to speak more often. He seemed a lot more quiet, comparing to what you saw last night.

“Hey, Taehyung, would you like to ask some questions? I have a few for Y/N, but since I talked so much already, you should try out your English,” Namjoon teased, elbowing the increasingly shrinking Taehyung.

“Ahh ahhh okay okay,” he waved off Namjoon, while the rest of the members quietly snickered in the background, talking among themselves. “Umm how are you liking Korea? Have you eat anything good?” He quietly stammered out, solely staring at the card that gave him the question.

“Aishhh… Eaten, Taehyung. Eaten anything good.” the leader corrected, shaking his head jokingly, making everybody laugh a little. You felt bad for him, but at the same time it was insanely cute because of how shy he was and the accent that emitted through his words.

“Yah! Okay! Eaten! Have you eaten anything good?” He shouted a little, chest puffing out and pushing against his friend, acting tough. He was then attacked by the youngest, Jungkook, who smacked him with a toy hammer.

“I’m your hyung, who you think you are!” he turns around to face Jungkook, trying to steal the hammer. Agh, you could feel your heart burst, he was so adorable.

“Well, I haven’t been anywhere yet because we all just came from the airport, but I would love to try some dokboki,” your respond initiated many head nods and a uniform “ahhh”. This was all very normal until the one named Hoseok, stood up and suggested, “Hey Taehyung, you should take Y/N to eat dokboki! You so excited last night about seeing her! Did you know he ran around our dorm twice, trying to imagine meeting you in real life? He loves y—” That was it before Taehyung jumped off his chair and chased Hoseok off the set with the infamous toy hammer.

“Well we are not going to air that!” Ji-Min laughed, holding onto the table’s edge in order to not fall down. It was a while before Taehyung got a hold of Hoseok, but when he did, Hoseok was stuck backpacking Taehyung around the set. Flinging Taehyung onto the floor, the boys all ran to surround him, while Jungkook bent down to pull him up.

“You are a good person, Kookie, don’t take after your other hyungs. They are a bad influence, don’t let them pollute your mind. Stay pure,” Taehyung patted the younger boy on the head, while nodding like a proud a father. Oh, this boy will be the death of me.

My mind wanted to walk up to him and say hi personally, but my legs were awkwardly stuck in place. Before I knew it, I was being tugged off set, getting ready to get a move onto our next destination. I grumbled in disagreement, but Kaley was already dragging me off.

“Y/N!” he called for you, making the other six holler and cheer behind, but it didn’t seem to deter Taehyung as he jogged up to you.

“Umm… I think you are really pretty and I want to take you to a date… Can I?” he asks, his eyes wide and lip bit by anxious thoughts.

“You definitely can take me out on a date,” you said without a second thought. You then immediately witnessed a 21 year old boy trying to not jump around in excitement with a smile that might just burst if he smiled any bigger. From that moment on, you knew no matter how cold the weather was, you will always warm up at the thought of his smile.


//gif isn’t mine:)//


Keep on requesting lovelies :) 

every time seol-a compared no-rae to yu-ji (up to ch. 42)

this is actually pretty long, so i had to put it under the cut. it’s basically my own little analysis of the development of the no-rae x seol-a x yu-ji drama that went down, starting from chapter one. most of it is based off of hindsight, so there’s some stuff in there that didn’t initially seem to have anything to do with yu-ji, but looking closely, it probably had everything to do with her. i hope you’ll take the time to read it. you also get a quick view of how ssamba’s art has changed from chapter 1 to chapter 42! i didn’t notice it at first, but like most artists, ssamba’s art has evolved over the series. please enjoy reading, feel free to agree or disagree with basically anything i’ve said, and thank you very much in advance!

Keep reading

DAY 2531

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur     Mar 20/21,  2015    Fri/Sat 12:31 am

The rehearsals are over in this most magnificent Palace, one of the largest private residences in the World, and one that has been maintaining its art deco and style from the days of its construct .. truly a marvel … and the feel of regal elegance at every pore of its structure ..

The cause is most worthy … and there are numerous prominent celebrities that have come forward to be a part of this initiative, instituted and given birth by the Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Jodhpur, addressed lovingly as Bapji ..

Head injury capital is India unfortunately. The precautions that need to be taken by those on open vehicles, have been ignored for too long .. the toll is heavy and distressing and sad for the families of those that fall victims ..

I have volunteered to propagate this effort in Mumbai traffic department too - I wrote about it earlier - but on a global level it shall obviously be getting more value by the presence of this massive initiative by Bapji ..

My love to you as always …

Amitabh Bachchan

i love how that second kiss was so pure and sweet

it was just the perfect kind of kiss that suited the both of them
like Eun Tak being all the cuteness she is (especially being the one initiating it lol) and seeing how happy (and shy at first) Shin was feeling because this is the first time for him to be in love

god bless this couple

and happy new year everyone!

DAY 2618

Jalsa, Mumbai                 June  15/16,  2015                Mon/Tue  12:38 am

We are blessed and so humbled by the grace of the Almighty .. we are in perpetual ecstasy of His grace and benevolence .. His will prevails and shall always .. what be written in our fate and in our temper, is what we shall encounter ..

So be it and so be it all ..

I am with animation today. ASTRA the FORCE has been launched today, a superhero animated character, to be made for Tv and to be broadcast on DISNEY .. an initiative, a start, a beginning, new and almost pioneering for this part of the world, and a most humbling moment for its main protagonist ASTRA or yours truly in imagery … !!!

It shall be a 52 episode tv series on the Disney Channel and it is going to be projected by early 2017 - takes a while for animation to be creatively put on by design and story .. those 2 little ones are the twins, a boy and a girl around whom the story shall run and who shall seek the power and wisdom of ASTRA as and when they find themselves in some kind of distress …

There was ‘Supremo’ many years ago, that was captured on comics, by a progressive thinking journalist, Pammi Bakshi with an imagery of mine in a younger avataar. This one is more recent and as you may have noticed, more commensurate with my age. The imagery and the context and content of the story shall be creatively worked on, and is and has been initiated, for a release by early 2017 .. and yes the voice shall be mine !!

They ask me at the media interaction why I choose to involve myself in all these activities, when artists much younger than me, and of this fantastic new generation, do not ..

My reply is simple : they have the liberty of time .. I do not .. they have an entire lifetime ahead of them .. I do not .. their years ahead are plenty .. my years ahead are limited ..

Really though, would this not be the reason … there are not many years left for me professionally .. indeed not many days or months .. but the younger generation does .. when they speak of their career, they look ahead with an ease that shall not and cannot be compared to mine .. so one does what comes your way, in as soon a manner as possible .. and be content .. content that we had been given the grace of time by the Almighty .. for at this juncture, it can only be His grace that shall work relentlessly, with devotion and liberated ease of sanction .. the eventuality of our living does need some thought at some point of time .. I have been through it many a time .. but all times are not the same .. and shall never be the same ..

It is becoming increasingly evident that the mind works in more diverse ways than it ever did before. This is a blessing at times and a bother more often. Diversity has overtaken our lives and minds .. those that shall overlook this most intelligent factor, shall survive .. those that shall not .. shall not survive .. I am nearing the latter … 

A team .. a team of dedicated and trusted people is the need of the hour .. where does one procure them .. where do they come from .. when and how shall they be able to accommodate that which is difficult to accommodate .. as time goes by one wonders, why an initiation did not get the attention one seems to have discovered now .. but those thoughts shall keep prevailing and shall keep disturbing us ever ..

The truth however is this .. it is never too late for anything in life .. 

It shall happen .. it shall be overcome .. it shall materialise .. 

My love …..

Amitabh Bachchan 

PS : Sunanda Pandey Ef from Abu Dhabi .. her grandparents celebrate their 75 th wedding anniversary .. god bless them and theirs .. our prayers and love ..

Sunanda Ef ke Nana - Nani ji …75 varsh ho gaye aap dono ki vivaah ko .. 75 vi vivaah jayanti pe hum sab ki oor se sneh aadar aur charan sparsh .. iswar aap dono ko sukhi rakkhein, swasth rakkhein .. 

Aur Sunanda ki Mausi ji ki 50 vi vivaah jayanti .. badhai .. anek badhai !!