before ‘cute’

after ‘cute’

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1. PCY


2. BBH


(frozen BBH. he was looking at the opposite side when PCY and KS were acting again.)

(I’m not sure who he was looking at that time but possibly it was KJM. only two of them were not facing PCY and KS when they were acting.)

(BBH only turned his head after KJM’s turned his head too.) 

3. KJM

(KJM face was not in the frame when JI’s said gwiyeowo. he was facing PCY initially when he was in the frame. but the time lapse was only 3 seconds from when he was in the frame till JI’s said gwiyeowo. the probability he changed position when he was out of the frame within a short time span is low)

(this is during JI’s gwiyeowo. KJM’s shoulder dropped. )


I noticed OSH also reacted to JI’s gwiyeowo. He pressed his lips together but he is known for that habit so he probably did it involuntarily. Imma just ignored that one.

And then we have BBH smiling/smirking afterwards for no reason (?)

Idk what was going on that time tbh //shrug

anonymous asked:

Could i request kissing headcanons for Guang Hong, Phichit, Kenjirou and Leo? Thank you! xx

Guang Hong’s kisses are always shy, with a bit of reluctance behind them. He’s not entirely used to the whole couple thing, so you’ll have to be the one to initiate the kiss.

Phichit’s kisses are always spontaneous and somewhat teasing. He prefers short pecks as opposed to long kisses, but doesn’t mind the latter either. 

Kenjirou’s kisses are always full of smiles. They’re gentle and careful, but he doesn’t hold back. He makes sure you know exactly how much he loves you.

Leo loves teasing you. He will always make sure to have you wanting more, but there will be a hidden care behind it. However, he does love seeing you with a flush on your face.

DAY 2531

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur     Mar 20/21,  2015    Fri/Sat 12:31 am

The rehearsals are over in this most magnificent Palace, one of the largest private residences in the World, and one that has been maintaining its art deco and style from the days of its construct .. truly a marvel … and the feel of regal elegance at every pore of its structure ..

The cause is most worthy … and there are numerous prominent celebrities that have come forward to be a part of this initiative, instituted and given birth by the Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Jodhpur, addressed lovingly as Bapji ..

Head injury capital is India unfortunately. The precautions that need to be taken by those on open vehicles, have been ignored for too long .. the toll is heavy and distressing and sad for the families of those that fall victims ..

I have volunteered to propagate this effort in Mumbai traffic department too - I wrote about it earlier - but on a global level it shall obviously be getting more value by the presence of this massive initiative by Bapji ..

My love to you as always …

Amitabh Bachchan

from my observation, ji and ks initiated skinship w the other members when there were reasons for it. but ji most of the time don’t even have a reason to brush his hand on ks’s waist, shoulder, and arm. then we have ks extra attentiveness towards ji. 

u don’t wake up one day and oh i want to touch my friend more than necessary.

Actress Choi Ji Woo rumored to sign under YG Entertainment?

According to TV Report and broadcast insiders, veteran actress Choi Ji Woo, who recently returned to the small screen through ‘Suspicious Housekeeper’, and YG Entertainment’s reps recently held a meeting to discuss matters concerning possible management of the actress’ activities in Korea and Japan.

As rumors made its way to the media, a source close to Choi Ji Woo cautiously told TV Report that the actress and the reps of the agency did not meet with the intention of recruitment. The source commented, "If I were to put it exactly, it was not in the form of an [official] meeting. The rumors of them discussing specific details is also just speculation.“ 

A YGE rep also cautiously stated,"There is currently nothing set in place concerning the recruitment of Choi Ji Woo and other actors… However, it is true that actors are showing more interest in YG following [the recruitment of] Cha Seung Won.”

Choi Ji Woo is accredited as one of the initiators of Hallyu Wave. She is known for her roles in KBS Winter Sonata, SBS Stairway To Heaven, MBC Air City and more.

Source: TV Report

Translated by: AKP

every time seol-a compared no-rae to yu-ji (up to ch. 42)

this is actually pretty long, so i had to put it under the cut. it’s basically my own little analysis of the development of the no-rae x seol-a x yu-ji drama that went down, starting from chapter one. most of it is based off of hindsight, so there’s some stuff in there that didn’t initially seem to have anything to do with yu-ji, but looking closely, it probably had everything to do with her. i hope you’ll take the time to read it. you also get a quick view of how ssamba’s art has changed from chapter 1 to chapter 42! i didn’t notice it at first, but like most artists, ssamba’s art has evolved over the series. please enjoy reading, feel free to agree or disagree with basically anything i’ve said, and thank you very much in advance!

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