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How do you think they fell in love? They became close in 2 days but I don't think they were sure about what was going on yet, so how do you think this whole thing started and how did they confess? I'm so in love with their love.

That’s so difficult to guess T^T 

But I think that Soo already had a crush on Ji prior to the whole “I don’t wanna eat with that hyung” situation, and then when they got close during those 2 days, it just naturally progressed from there? Like I think it happened fairly quickly? 

They had their little coffee dates, even tho Ji CLEARLY hates coffee (but since you’re trying to woo a dude, then coffee is suddenly your favorite thing) and then it just happened I guess? I think even if Soo was the one that crushed on Ji first, that Ji was the one that initiated the first step, and the rest is history :——) 

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What's your theory about their very first kiss?

Like I mentioned before, I think Ji was the one that initiated/took the first step, aka their first kiss, and I think it was a simple but beautiful affair. Boy crushing on boy, both being a little shy, and then it just happened. Ji kissed Soo, and then some blushing and giggles going on from both corners, and yeah ^o^