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Tearjerker of the Day: Divided Korean Families Reunite For The First Time In Sixty Years

Elderly North and South Koreans separated by war and decades of division, reunited in the North today, following extended discussions between the neighboring countries thatthreatened repeatedly to fall through. 

A reunion between Koreans torn apart by the Korean War, which ended in a truce (but not a peace treaty) in 1953, was last held in 2010. Officials on both sides have discussed this one since September 2013, but the initial plan for a reunion was scrapped. Once the idea was resurrected, it was put on hold by North Korea in protest of scheduled joint U.S.-South Korea drills. Finally, the North agreed to uphold the commitment without condition this week.

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Jang Choon stands with a picture of his youngest brother Jang Ha-choon whom he 
will meet at a reunion ceremony. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji 

The reunion brought 82 South Koreans to meet 180 North Koreans in a long-anticipated, heartfelt reunion. With an average age of 84, it was a struggle for the South Koreans to travel. Two women who needed medical help made the trip in ambulances, and more than a dozen in wheelchairs needed assistance to get on and off the bus. Some even were carried into the Mount Kumgang resort on stretchers. But it seems like the trouble was worth it to see long-lost relatives. 

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South Korean Lee Oh-hwan, left, 85, meets wit her North Korean family sisters. 
AP/Korea Pool, Kim Ju-sung

The reunion meeting will last from today until February 25, and will almost definitely be the last opportunity for the aging relatives to reconnect. Kim Dong-Bin, 81, is meeting her older sister, and told Agence France-Press that “this will be our first and last reunion.” According to CNN, the families have not been able to communicate via phone, letters or email, over all these years.

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South Korean Lee Young-shil, 87, right, meets with her North Korean sister Lee Jong Shil, 84.
AP/Yonhap, Lee Ji-eun

The South Korean relatives brought bags of gifts to their loved ones, including medicine, family photos, U.S. dollars, chocolate, and dried food. Though, from the photos, this year’s reunion appears just as emotional as ones in previous years, CNN reports that the presence of North Korean officials made for a more somber scene: 

Past reunions have been emotional affairs with sobbing relatives clinging to each other and showing each other family photos. This time, the reunion wasn’t conducted as freely as North Korean workers stood beside the tables and listened to every conversation. One North Korean resident thanked the Marshall, which is the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un for his “blessing” and making the visit possible.

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South Korean Park Yang-gon, left, and his North Korean brother Park Yang Soo.
 AP/Korea Pool, Park Hae-soo

The reunion comes just days after the U.N. issued a report accusing the North Korean government of committing crimes against humanity, including torture, abductions and other “unspeakable atrocities.” Though the U.N. told North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that he could face prosecution, it would be tricky for the International Criminal Court to bring charges against the leader, as North Korea is not a member of the ICC. 

DAY 2531

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur     Mar 20/21,  2015    Fri/Sat 12:31 am

The rehearsals are over in this most magnificent Palace, one of the largest private residences in the World, and one that has been maintaining its art deco and style from the days of its construct .. truly a marvel … and the feel of regal elegance at every pore of its structure ..

The cause is most worthy … and there are numerous prominent celebrities that have come forward to be a part of this initiative, instituted and given birth by the Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Jodhpur, addressed lovingly as Bapji ..

Head injury capital is India unfortunately. The precautions that need to be taken by those on open vehicles, have been ignored for too long .. the toll is heavy and distressing and sad for the families of those that fall victims ..

I have volunteered to propagate this effort in Mumbai traffic department too - I wrote about it earlier - but on a global level it shall obviously be getting more value by the presence of this massive initiative by Bapji ..

My love to you as always …

Amitabh Bachchan

Actress Choi Ji Woo rumored to sign under YG Entertainment?

According to TV Report and broadcast insiders, veteran actress Choi Ji Woo, who recently returned to the small screen through ‘Suspicious Housekeeper’, and YG Entertainment’s reps recently held a meeting to discuss matters concerning possible management of the actress’ activities in Korea and Japan.

As rumors made its way to the media, a source close to Choi Ji Woo cautiously told TV Report that the actress and the reps of the agency did not meet with the intention of recruitment. The source commented, "If I were to put it exactly, it was not in the form of an [official] meeting. The rumors of them discussing specific details is also just speculation.“ 

A YGE rep also cautiously stated,"There is currently nothing set in place concerning the recruitment of Choi Ji Woo and other actors… However, it is true that actors are showing more interest in YG following [the recruitment of] Cha Seung Won.”

Choi Ji Woo is accredited as one of the initiators of Hallyu Wave. She is known for her roles in KBS Winter Sonata, SBS Stairway To Heaven, MBC Air City and more.

Source: TV Report

Translated by: AKP

every time seol-a compared no-rae to yu-ji (up to ch. 42)

this is actually pretty long, so i had to put it under the cut. it’s basically my own little analysis of the development of the no-rae x seol-a x yu-ji drama that went down, starting from chapter one. most of it is based off of hindsight, so there’s some stuff in there that didn’t initially seem to have anything to do with yu-ji, but looking closely, it probably had everything to do with her. i hope you’ll take the time to read it. you also get a quick view of how ssamba’s art has changed from chapter 1 to chapter 42! i didn’t notice it at first, but like most artists, ssamba’s art has evolved over the series. please enjoy reading, feel free to agree or disagree with basically anything i’ve said, and thank you very much in advance!

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anonymous asked:


i actually do not have that much to say about this episode anymore oops i think i took too long to get around to this and i am too lazy to get around to finishing the subbed version of rm ep320 oops

i will instead talk briefly about how jk and jh was teamed up these past few episodes - not due to the PDs prior arrangements, but instead due to luck and choice.

in episode 320, jong kook was not initially on ji hyo’s team having been super late and placing last in the opening mission. but the moment ji hyo’s team won the one chance available to swap out a member ji hyo chooses jong kook in a heartbeat like- she didn’t even try to pretend to mull over it she could’ve acted a little and said something like “hmm wonder who would be suitable to join our team? let’s make a comprehensive list of pros and cons about this and play out the whole process to create some tension!!” but NOOOOOOOO she was more like “oh i can swap out a member?? SUK JIN OPPA GETOUTIWANTJONGKOOKOPPANOWWWWWWW” 

and well in episode 321 they wound up on the same team thanks to pure luck since they drew coloured spheres from a box to decide teams. i’m sure that’ll convince the staff not to let team decisions be left up to luck coincidence or choice for a good few months so it was fun watching SA do all their usual magnet crap while it lasted haha