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I Know This Sounds Crazy But I Love You (JEY USO)

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Anon wanted Jey confessing his love to reader


Jey has strong feelings for Reader but is scared to admit them until a playful dare made by his brother: FLUFF


Jimmy watched as his brother stared at Y/N once again.

This wasn’t anything new though, his brother’s been staring at Y/N for months now.

Not in a creepy stalker way, it was more of a longing way.

And of course his brother was too scared to admit he wanted her so he came up with a plan.

Nothing fancy just simple enough to get everything out in the open.


“Uce, I dare you to go tell her you love her.” Jimmy said grinning.

Jey finally tore his eyes from Y/N to give his brother a ‘what the fuck’ look. “Huh?”

“You heard me.” Jimmy said still grinning. “Go tell her.”

“Naomi do you hear your husband?” Jey asked with a chuckle.

His brother had to be joking.

That’s the only reasonable explanation.

Jimmy can’t really expect him to just walk up to a girl and be like, hey I love you.

Let’s be real, that’s a good excuse to get a retraining order.

His sister in law shrugged. “Maybe you should, Jey. It’s not good keeping feelings bottled up.”

“And…” Jimmy said speaking up again. “A dare’s a dare. And us usos don’t turn down a dare.”

Jey sighed heavily, shaking his head while getting up.

“Fine.” He mumbled turning to walk away from the table he shared with Jimmy and Naomi to head over to Y/N’s table.

“Wait. You’re really about to do this?” Jimmy asked stopping him.

“A dare’s a dare.”

Naomi reached over the table slapping her husband’s arm. “I can’t believe you talked him into this.” She whispered.

Jimmy rubbed his arm. “Shhh. He’s talking to her.”


Jey sat down besides Y/N. “Is this seat taken?”

“Don’t people usually ask that before they sit down? Not after.” Y/N giggled moving over, so she could give Jey more room.

“Yeah. They do.” Jey nodded kinda embarrassed at messing up. “But look…” Jey said pausing.

He looked back at his brother and Naomi before turning back to Y/N.

Don’t mess this up, he mentally scolded himself.

“…I know this sounds crazy but I love you.”


“… I love you.” Y/N kept going over the words in her head.

Was she dreaming?

Or did Jey Uso, really just confess his love to her?

Y/N secretly pinched herself, flinching from the, quick sharp pain.

Nope she wasn’t dreaming.

Okay Y/N, this is real.

Keep it together girl. You can do this, she said encouraging herself in her head.

“Is that why you’re always staring at me?” Y/N questioned with a playful smirk.

Good one, she said applauding herself.

She would even give herself a pat on the back if the time was right but it wasn’t.

She’ll just have to save it for later.

Jey nodded. “You noticed?”

“I did.” Y/N nodded also but with a smile on her face. “But it’s cute, cause I love you too.” She said shyly.

“Really?” Jimmy kinda yelled from the shock. “I mean really?” He asked a bit lower.

“Really.” Y/N said reassuring Jey. “But like does this mean were sorta dating now? And skipped a few bases?”

“That’ll be kinda weird but I yeah. I guess.”

“Let’s be honest this whole thing is weird.” Y/N said with another giggle.

Jey leaned over to whisper in her ear. “So since were this far in our relationship, does this mean we can have sex? Cause I’ve had some dr–”

“Don’t push it.” Y/N said pushing him away with a smile.

Roman Reigns, Nia Jax, The Usos, Naomi, and Tamina confession

I think it’d be cool to see Roman, Nia, The Usos, Naomi, and Tamina as a badass heel stable in a feud against another wrestling family.

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Roman Reigns confession by anonymous

Lots of people already hate Roman, how the fuck does WWE think pointing out the fact he’s related to The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Umaga, The Usos, Rikishi, Yokozuna, and many other great wrestlers is going to make people like him?! It’s just made more people hate him and think he’s only getting these opportunities because of his family.”

WWE confession by anonymous

WWE is really going downhill. They drag out everything, turn people heel/face with no explanation, give shitty endings to most of the feuds, treat their best Superstars & Divas like shit, slut shame the Divas, use their personal lives in storylines for no reason, gave Brock the Championship yet he’s never there, repeat storylines, and push their great new talent to the back so the ones who have been there for a long time can stay on top. If it wasn’t for Dean, Bray, Roman, Seth, Naomi and a few others I would of stopped watching a long time ago.”

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Seth had Jamie, Joey, Triple H, Stephanie, Big Show, Kane, and Randy helping him win matches when he was champ. Y’all were fine with that. AJ has Luke and Karl now helping him try to win the title and there’s rumors Finn will also help. Y’all are fine with that. Roman has Jimmy and Jey helping him stay champ and suddenly it’s wrong to have someone’s help to win and makes him weak. Y'all need to stop with this pathetic double standard bullshit.