stop assuming that not shipping a canon het ship = hating on female characters holy shit

have you ever heard of lesbian and asexual women?? women don’t need to be with a man to be happy, women’s worth aren’t defined by whether or not they are in a relationship with a man.

also a lot of canon romances in media are plagued with sexist and heteronormative narratives so of course a lot of people would be uncomfortable shipping them??

and for fuck’s sake stop assuming that everyone who ships a m/m ship is a ~straight woman obsessed with dicks~. also stop pretending that f/f ships don’t exist because it’s pretty damn ridiculous to see people going “i love women so much which is why i always ship them with MEN and only MEN (:”

yes there is indeed a lot of straight girls with internalized misogyny issues and they need to be educated but the way a lot of fans approach the “gay shippers hating on female characters” discourse is pretty damn shitty

if you exclusively ship het ships, constantly complain about m/m ships and aggressively pretend that f/f ships and ships with nb characters don’t exist, you’re not any better than the self-proclaimed yaoi fangirls.

Nazi gold train could contain lost Amber Room of Charlottenburg Palace

Last week headlines were made around the world as treasure hunters claimed to have identified a legendary Nazi train packed with gold and money, hidden in a long-forgotten tunnel in the Polish mountains, the location of which has now been confirmed by the Polish Ministry.  Now it has been reported that the train may also contain the long-lost Amber Room of Charlottenburg Palace, an early 1700s room crafted from amber, gold, and precious jewels, estimated to now be worth $385 million. 

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The Obsidian Sword is back on the website, only one available at the moment.

This necklace was inspired by the Page of Swords of the tarot. For more on why, read the item description from the above link. 

I would love to make more tarot-inspired jewelry - if you have a particular request, you can always fill out the custom request form. Alternately, send ideas through the ask box and I’ll see if anything inspires me!

Happy Sunday, guys.