FamiKamen Rider RIDES AGAIN! [FKR Completion Project]

FamiKamen Rider returns in a project headed by Kaylyn Saucedo (MarzGurl of and I’m excited to announce my involvement in it. However, it still needs your help—and not necessarily through financial means.

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Here is Marzgurl’s mailing address if you would like to send items to help complete the project:
Kaylyn Dicksion
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San Antonio, TX 78201

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ChainDive (Alvion/Sony - PS2 - 2003)

So recently, the one-and-only Jew Wario started following me here on tumblr, and I’m a big fan of his “You Can Play This!” web videos. He mostly reviews old Japanese games that never came overseas, which is not too far off from what I try to do here on  Obscure Video Games. I figured I should celebrate this occasion by posting one of my favorite videos of his, which is for a game we both covered – ChainDive. You can see my ChainDive GIFs by clicking right here.

The death of someone is never an easy task to come to terms with. There’s another hole in my heart tonight that will be damned near impossible to fill. Although I only interacted with Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical just a few short times, I’ll always cherish them.

I remember the first time I actually got to talk to him. It was one of Dodger’s late night games of Cards Against Humanity and somehow she had ended up getting Justin and Derek the Bard in the call. That call and game spawned a very funny and very inappropriate inside joke to the ones in the call, one that we still constantly talk about.

This past Magfest, I almost didn’t go for many reasons, the main one being my dad’s passing away. I didn’t think my state of mind would be very well. But, I’m glad I ended up going, because I made some very cherished memories there.

The first actual meeting of Justin was when a group of us were going to go to a Wawa convenience store. Justin and ChaosD1 were the only two guys in this giant flock of girls raiding this poor store. Justin looked like he was a kid in a candy store. The look of amazement on his face with everything, including the soda fountain with its flavored syrups was priceless. He made the most ridiculous selfie and posted it on Twitter on the way back.

A while later, after everyone had settled down, Justin came down with Rap Critic and Nash to the room I was staying in and until 1am, there was this huge group just talking and listening to music and just hanging out.

Late on Friday night was the Pub Quiz Justin was co-hosting with Dodger. I was so glad that I was asked to help out and my god, that man sure knew how to hold a pub quiz!

My last encounter with Justin was on Saturday. He was set up in the Dealer’s Room at the Retroware table and I got my To Boldly Flee DVD signed by him and bought some buttons off of him plus gave him one of the buttons I had painted for everyone. He thanked me for all my work at the Pub Quiz and I told him I was happy to do it and that if it happened next Magfest, I would be happy to help out again.

I then asked for a hug but he couldn’t get out from the table because the rest of the guys wouldn’t move. I told him that I would catch him later for one since there was still plenty of Mag left and he just gave me this glare, sternly said NO and crawled under the table to give me one. Still to this day, I can’t believe he did that, but knowing the kind of person he was, he wouldn’t let you leave his sight without giving you a hug. 

I know I wasn’t near as close to Justin as a lot of my internet friends are, but just those bits of kindness and company I had with him mean the world to me. He was one of the kindest and nicest people I’ve ever met and it’s so wonderful to see the impact that he left on this world. 

Rest in Peace Justin. 

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Suede: Animenia: Pokemon 3


*deep breath*


New Pokemon review with our favorite 3 guys.


Pokemon The Movie 3: Silent Hill For Kids

I’d been watching the reviews of the Pokemon films by Suede, Linkara and Jew Wario, which have been really fun. Plus I’d seen the first two films in the theatres, and then the third one off a recorded tape. I was really looking forward to their review of the third film, because it is honestly my favourite one, and the best movie of the franchise. When Linkara announced it was his favourite, I was curious and eager to what they would say about it.

That review did not disappoint. They pointed out everything that made the movie good, reminding me why I love it. It’s true when Suede says that it’s not only a good Pokemon movie, but a good family movie as well. It’s the movie’s story where it REALLY shines, because it’s done so well. Not only that, but the translation and localization wasn’t dummed down nor drastically changed, but told the story it was meant to to tell.

So in all, the three of them really managed to sum up exactly why the movie is so good. Then Linkara pointed out some things about the movie I hadn’t thought of before, but now make perfect sense.

The Unown are projecting physical manifestations of Molly’s post-traumatic stress and grief, with all of it reflecting how she feels. All of this amounts to creating an environment only she can control, blocking out the rest of the world around her.

Linkara said right out that this is Silent Hill for kids.

The further I think of it, the more it really amounts to that kind of similarity. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, even though the movie was released after the first Silent Hill game. Konami and Nintendo are two different gaming companies in Japan, so it’s unlikely, even if the resemblances are uncanny.

We have a young girl in grief, having physical manifestations of her psyche. She’s not evil by any stretch of the imagination, she’s just a traumatized young girl who had gone through a lot of emotional stress. A strange power even she doesn’t understand is gifted to her and she uses it as a means of coping. Molly is pretty much our Alessa Gillespie. :P

Then we have our protagonist who is trying to save a member of his family, who is caught in this turmoil. Something the average person can relate to and understand. It has nothing to do with prophecies or any kind of “Chosen One”, it’s an average kid who wants to save his mother. Ash really is our Harry Mason, which goes without saying. :P

Linkara, you were spot on.

Within all the CGI, Pokemon battles, humour, and adventure, there was a very deep and compelling story that was actually pretty dark. But it worked so well because it was appropriate for kids, and yet it wasn’t dummed down. It was presented in a manner that respects the intelligence of its audience, especially the kids, since it doesn’t hold back from offering very dark undertones. The fun and humour with everything else within the movie takes the edge off and doesn’t make it hugely depressing, but it’s also not at all jarring. Nothing in this movie takes away from anything, all the tones have their places at the right times, and flow together very well.

It’s movies like this that really show you can present deep, dark, and compelling stories to children, and yet still keep the fun and spirit of the source material it’s based on.

And it’s true that it’s pretty much Silent Hill for kids.

As someone who is more passive to Pokemon, but still respects it and has had fun during childhood, even I can still enjoy this movie very much. It really is just that good.

Linkara, Suede and Jew Wario didn’t hold back in making jokes, pointing out the flaws, and giving the movie respect while still reviewing it very well.

Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unown, is a great film. :D