Three years have passed

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Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, it is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learned?

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter five: Revealing the truth

Somewhere in Magnolia, hiding behind a bush of a dark forest, Levy rested all her weight on her knees and pressed her chest with both hands.

“This has gone too far. They didn’t deserved to see that. I have to do something about it but I don’t know what.” Levy said frustrated.

Gajeel showed up and leaned down. “There you are. You know you can’t escape from me.” He said touching his nose, indicating his amazing sense.

“Oh Gajeel” Levy hugged him tightly. He place his left arm around her shoulders and the other curled around her waist. Giving her a soothing hug.

He broke away the embrace and slipped his left hand all the way down to hers. “Come here” He hold her hand tightly and turned around “Let’s go home.”

As she walked behind him, Levy looked at his black mane. He makes my fears fade away. She thought and glanced to the ground.

They kept walking all the way down to Gajeel’s house holding each other’s hands.

The guild…what are they thinking about me? Jet, Droy, Lucy…poor Wendy she must be frightened. Levy turned her gaze to their holding hands. I wonder why you came after me.

Fairy Tail guild was astonished. They didn’t know how to react. The bluenette was raised there and what happened made most of them terrified. Some whispers started to invade the whole guild until someone shouted.

“She’s a monster!” Said an angry guildmate.

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LEVY WEEK DAY 2 - BROTP/FAMILY :: No contest hands down it had to be Team Shadow Gear. There is not nearly enough love for Jet and Droy, but I have no doubt that they have a permanent place in Levy’s heart no matter who she ends up with. They waited for her for seven years, and they were the first ones she thought of when she returned to Fairy Tail after Tenrou.

This is a sketch Reedus did when they were goofing around sometime back when they were in their preeteens. Jet and Droy are tan from being outside all the time and Levy is a whiter shade of pale cause she stays indoors reading. Jet is wearing his favorite tshirt, a recent birthday gift from Laxus.

Headcanon is Droy kept this sketch framed on the wall of his room the entire time Levy was gone in rememberance.

Headcannon that Jet and Droy are actually dating and pretend to both lust after Levy to hide their relationship because they’re so worried that people won’t accept them even though Levy insists none of their friends will treat them any differently

Levy goes along with it because she loves her friends so much and wants them to be happy in the way they feel comfortable

Fairy Tail x 13 Reasons Why AU

Should I finished this drawing or not?

 I finished the series a few days ago and I’m still obsessed with it because is so amazing, truthful, angsty, etc.I want a Clay in my life
And of course I couldn’t resist mix it with the Fairy Tail universe. Specially with Gajevy.

Also, before you ask…I do like crack pairings. Such as Natsu x Levy. 

Here are the characters:
Natsu as Justin
Lucy as Jessica
Gray as Alex 
Mirajane as Courtney
Freed as Ryan
Droy as Marcus
Elfman as Zach
Jet as Tyler
Juvia as Sheri/Jenny
Gajeel as Clay
Laxus as Bryce
…And precious Levy-chan as the beautiful Hannah Baker

Pantherlily could be Tony without a doubt.

If this happened it would obviously had a few things different in the story.

Because Mashima loooves the GaLe couple just as much as we do!! Seriously!! Chapter 341 was what we all have longed for!! Jet and Droy, you guys are just sooo adorable!! And Gajeel beeing all grumpy as always!!

Trying to draw Gajeel more as he’s original shape..  And it sure is harder than it looks ^^ 


“What a bunch of A-holes" 

lolololol. Awesome gajeel Mix Vol. 1

Well this is long overdue ;v;.. i tried to finish it since last week.. but .. school, and then gajevy week *u* (cos i simply cant miss that) .. and then more school OTL and then comic OTL 

XD — so this happened cos me and my boyfie was talking about the guardians of the galaxy and that he said Groot is somehow like droy.. only stronger. This escalated to jet being a snooty raccoon, Gajeel being someone who calls himself starlord, Levy having Green skin and Pantherlily having anger management issues. :3

i tried to make jet look cuter and smaller— to fit the raccoon-y-ness.

I’m not happy with droy’s design. basiczlly.. i wanted him to look like a brown woody mandora XD (google mandora) but yeah. if ever i decide to draw more of them as these.. yeah I’ll fix it.