By Costanza Beltrami

Today, 22 July, is the feast day of St Mary Magdalene, one of Christianity’s most important saints. Mentioned in all the canonical Gospels as a close follower of Jesus, Mary is nevertheless a mysterious figure. Her name suggest that she originated from Magdala Tarichaea, an historical town on the sea of Galilee, and may also indicate that she was not married, as it does not include her husband’s name.

On the contrary, the best-known facts of the Magdalene’s life — her sinful life as a prostitute and her momentous conversion to a saintly life — are not confirmed by the Bible’s text. For example, Jesus’ well-known maxim “let him that is without sin cast the first stone,” traditionally associated with the Magdalene, actually only refers to an unnamed “woman caught in adultery” (John 8:2–11). Along the centuries, the figure of the Magdalene became intertwined and confused with that of other female disciples and Biblical Marys.

Later events of this saint’s life, for example her presence at the Crucifixion and her face-to-face encounter with Jesus shortly after the Resurrection, have a solid scriptural basis.

Combining alluring sensuality, orthodox repentance and encouraging redemption, the letter and the legend of Mary Magdalene have been represented in countless variations by Italian artists.

Further reading: Faith, Gender and the Senses in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art: Interpreting the Noli me tangere and Doubting Thomas by Erin E. Benay and IAS Member Lisa M. Rafanelli.

Master of the Palazzo Venezia Madonna, St Mary Magdalene, c. 1350, egg tempera on wood, 60 x 35 cm, National Gallery, London. Photo: Web Gallery of Art. 

Donatello, St Mary Magdalene, c. 1457, polychrome wood, height 188 cm,
Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Florence. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Taddeo Crivelli, St Mary Magdalene Penitent, c. 1469, manuscript (Ms Ludwig IX 13), J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Agnolo di Polo, Mary Magdalene, c. 1495, gilt and painted terracotta, height 156 cm, private collection. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Titian, St Mary Magdalene, c. 1532, oil on wood, 84 x 69 cm, Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Caravaggio, Mary Magdalene, 1596-97, oil on canvas, 123 x 99 cm, Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Domenico Fetti, The Repentant St Mary Magdalene, 1617-21, oil on canvas, 98 x 78,5 cm, Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

Francesco del Cairo, Mary Magdalene in Ecstasy, c. 1650, oil on canvas, 58 x 47 cm, private collection. Photo: Web Gallery of Art.

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Other compliments:

Some of the things I find most attractive that Christian guys do (because thinking of every reason would take too long):

-bowing head low in prayer
-passionate Worship
-speaking passionately about his faith/defending the Bible strongly
-the way they care for others
-their amazing chivalry
-how they view and respect women
-how they love their family
-how strong they are, yet how gentle they are with the ones they love

Calling all progressive Christians..

So here’s an idea, it’d be awesome to connect with like minded/same beliefs/faith on here.
If you’re a Christian or hey a follower of Jesus who considers themselves progressive. Pro equality, pro human rights, pro love, pro the Bible isn’t all literal etc etc. There’s awesome definitions of progressive Christianity on Google even.
But give this post a like and/or reblog and maybe we can connect and uplift eachother! Xx

She had followed Jesus’ teaching, never attacking those who had attacked her and instead, blessing and praying for them.
—  📖
Tobin Heath's Official UNC Player Bio

About Tobin…
Academic Major at Carolina: Communications
Career Plans: Follow Jesus
Hobbies: Doing anything fun with friends
Athletes I Most Admire: Rafael Nadal, Messi
Biggest Sports Thrill: It’s a thrill to be on this team
People with the Greatest Influence on my Athletic Career: Jesus, family, friends
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Foods: Eggo waffles
Favorite Movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer
Favorite Class I Have Taken at UNC: Public Speaking
If I Could Travel Anywhere, It Would Be: Wherever my family is
What I Would Do on a Saturday Full of Free Time: Play Outside
If I Could Play Another Sport at Carolina, It Would Be: All of them
What I Like Most About Coach Dorrance: His honesty

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