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The Last Airbender Review - Read Right to Left on Blip

This is hilarious and more people should see it. 

Um…what are you talking about? I mean I guess I’m a magical MAN, technically, since I use magic, but I don’t know any “Kyubey,” and I certainly don’t remember getting any abilities from him.

But speaking of “magical girls,” that reminds me of something strange that happened on my journey to restore my magic…

And after some VERY creative swearing, Jesuotaku ran off. But not before warning me not to make any deals with adorable critters, which I thought was oddly specific advice…

((The completely unnecessary sequel to this.))

Hello and Welcome to PangoDango Games!

Hey there! My name is Hope Chapman, and welcome to the PangoDango Games tumblr!

What is PangoDango Games? Well, I’m not gonna bullshit you: it’s not quite anything yet! It’s just the label I’ve chosen to write and publish visual novels under, with the help of some wonderful devs, artists, and friends who have lent me their talents and support.

I discovered the format of visual novels a few years ago with Katawa Shoujo (real original, I know) and fell in love with them as a potential storytelling medium. They can combine the visceral intimacy of video games with the relaxing meditations of literature and create a unique flavor of narrative that tells unique stories. (Can, not always do. There are an awful lot of porn games out there. But even Katawa Shoujo started out as a porn game and became something that gripped the heart and not just the, um, well, anyway…)

I’d toyed with the idea of developing a visual novel on my own for a while, but I wanted it to be a strong idea that I could build a complete story out of. I finally found a story I really believed in during October of last year, when I made the tragic mistake of watching every single Freddy or Jason movie ever made in the weeks leading up to Halloween. (At least I was in good company with a livestream of dozens of other schmucks.)

Determined to turn my lemons into lemonade, I started marinating the idea of an 80s-inspired haunted house horror/romance game in the back of my head. Eventually it oozed out into writing, and with enough time and effort, I realized what the story was really about, what I really wanted to say, and how much I wanted to share it with others. So that’s Lovely Little Thieves, and I hope you’ll forgive the strange title. I promise it’ll make sense once the game is out. Maybe I’ll get better at titles someday.

I’m really excited about this project, and finally getting to talk about it as the demo approaches release this August. On this tumblr I’ll be posting art, previews, and any other goodies I can manage while the demo is completed.There’s also a thread in the ren'py forums here if you want to post any advice or feedback. (I am looking for programming assistance and someone who knows their way around After Effects to cut a video trailer for the game.) 

If all goes well, a kickstarter for the game will be launched once the demo is out, and I can get the full shebang made while compensating artists, musicians, and voice actors for quality work to make Lovely Little Thieves the best it can be. (A thousand thank yous to all the wonderful artists I’ve worked with so far, their art will be credited to them as it is posted here.)

Thanks for your support, and look forward to seeing more from PangoDango in the very near future. Hooray for visual novels! :D

Lovely Little Thieves logo by Brady Hartel (ashuraoh)

PangoDango logo by Michelle Henderson (Tengu-Arts)

Stay tuned for more updates!