It’s April 26th, and it’s hot, unbearably hot. Harry feels like his insides are melting, about ready to ooze out of his body. He doesn’t remember it being this stifling the last time he was deployed; it’s like the heat is magnified, weighing him down, dragging him into the dirt. He’s trying to stay focused, he really is, but he has sweat dripping into his eyes and he’s miserably dehydrated and he feels off balance in every sense of the word. Liam asks if he’s feeling okay, and Harry nods slowly, furrowing his brows, wondering if he’s really that transparent. He feels pathetic, slightly, and weak for being the only one this affected by the 108 degree sun. He forces himself to keep up with Liam’s strides, his gear heavy, and by the time they catch up to Rob and Colin, Harry’s vision is spinning.

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Niall Smut// One and Only

onedirection6 asked: Could you do a Niall imagine where you are staying at his parents’ house with your child but Maura offers to look after her for the night and things get a bit cheeky between the two of you and then the next morning they are all teasing you about it xx


“Thank you for having us over for the weekend, Maura,” you smiled. “We, especially Jessie, were so excited to come over. Niall was really missing his family, and Jessie loves it here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she picks up an Irish accent when she begins talking.”

Jessie was barely six months old, but she knew when she was her grandparents’ house. She loved them to pieces.

“Probably because we spoil her rotten, but I can’t help it,” Maura cooed, “She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

To you and Niall, Jessie was the cutest and the best thing to ever happen to you both. At the same time, nothing was the same after her birth. Your schedules seemed to become more hectic, and when you were home together, you were both exhausted and taking care of Jessie.

“I love Jessie, but I don’t even remember the last time Niall and I had some alone time,” you admitted. “I don’t even remember the last time we had a night that wasn’t diaper or worked filled. I really miss our time together, y’know?”

“I know what you mean, but you both seem to be handling it well. But you know you always have me and Bobby, Greg and Denise. You know we can always take care of Jess,” she reminded you. “Besides, if I can take care of Niall, who wasn’t even potty trained until he was almost four,” she laughed.

“Haha, mum,” Niall half-heartedly chuckled. You laughed yourself as Niall sat down in the seat next to you. “I didn’t see the need to use the bathroom if a diaper did all the work, but you won’t think that will you?” Niall asked, talking to Jessie. “She literally just took the biggest shit I’ve ever seen.”

“Well she seems to be very good at that,” you chuckled. The moment you said that Jessie’s face began to get hot and her face began to pucker. She started to wail and flare her arms while in Niall’s arms. 

“Oh, what’s wrong, Jess?” Niall asked. “Y/N, when was the last time you fed her?”

“It was half an hour ago, she can’t be hungry already. Sometimes she has gas after being changed,” you told him.

“I know, and I made sure she was all out of gas before we came downstairs. Maybe she’s too hot,” Niall said, taking off her little jacket and placing it on the table. “It that better?” Jessie only cried louder in Niall’s arms in response. “Okay, maybe your mum should hold you for awhile.”

He handed Jessie to you. You held her to your chest and rocked her in your arms, but her cries did not stop.

“Are you sure that you fed her?” 

“Yes, Niall, I remember a person sucking on my nipple.”

“Yeah, but is she receiving anything?”

“Niall, why don’t you try and feed her from your breast and tell me how it goes,” 

“Let me see her,” Maura finally said, reaching out her arms across the table. You handed Jessie to her grandmother. Maura took off Jessie’s shoes and socks and cradled her so she had access to her own toes. She slowed her crying as she began to play with the digits on her feet. You and Niall said there relieved and amazed.

“She just needed a little distraction. Babies her age just need distractions,” she smiled. “But I know you guys are staying here tonight, and Bobby is going to be home soon, so don’t you guys go upstairs for the night and relax. Jess can stay in our room tonight.”

“Oh, mum, you don’t have to–”

“No, I want to. Just get some rest and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve got her,” she told you both. “And your brother and Denise are coming in the morning so we can go to the fair in town tomorrow with Theo.”

You nodded and thanked her. You both kissed Jessie good night before retreating upstairs to Niall’s old room. Nothing about it had changed that much. They upgraded the bed so you both could stay in there. Niall bought himself a TV to put in his own room when was 18 so he could watch it when he came to visit.

“Maybe we can finally relax, watch a movie,” you suggested as you slid off your shoes and fell onto the bed. “I left a couple of bottles for Jessie in the fridge, so we can have a beer and some popcorn.”

Niall smiled and passed you a remote, “You find a movie and I’ll get the stuff.” 

The end credits of the movie rolled as you adjusted your position on the bed. Your head laid on his bare chest, and you held the popcorn bowl in your hands. 

“Y’know, right now, one of us would have been coming home from work probably exhausted. Jessie would have worn one of us out and would be asleep,” Niall said, playing with the loose hairs that didn’t make it to your ponytail. “We would sleep peacefully until Jessie would start crying for a reason beyond me, and we would wake up again.”

“And then I would wake up even though I would tell you that it was your turn,” you chuckled. 

“Okay, okay, but I was thinking if you didn’t have anything to do tonight, maybe you might want to do me,” Niall mumbled under his breath, his hand running over your exposed thigh. 

“Niall, your parents are down the hall with our daughter. We’re in your old room; it’s just weird,” you chuckled, placing your hand your his and sitting up.

“Come on,” he groaned, pulling you closer to him. Your face was close enough to his for your noses to touch yours. “If it makes you feel any better, my parents are heavy sleepers down the hall. They’ll wake up if Jess cries, but they can’t hear us. I promise you.”

Your lips touched his softly before removing them, “Can you tell me something first?” He quickly nodded. “How many girls have you had in this room?”

“How many girls have I had sex with in this room or have been up here?” he asked for clarity.

“How many girls have you had sex with in your room?” you clarified, running your hand down his chest. 

“Hm, I think — no, I know that you would be the first and only girl that I’ve fucked in this room, babe. ” he assured. He attached his lips to your neck, kissing and sucking below your ear. You let out a soft groan and sighed. He pulled you closer. Your bare leg rubbed against his, closing the gap completely between you two. “Oh, I’m sorry; you never said if you still wanted to—”

You cut him off by placing your lips on his firmly. It didn’t take at all for Niall to fully respond. He used his right hand to hitch your leg over his hip before turning you over. He rubbed your thigh tenderly. Your hand traveled and played with the small brown hairs on the back of his neck. Your hand moved from the nape of his neck to jawline where he hadn’t shaved in a couple weeks, but you never minded.

“We’ll keep quiet, okay?” you told him, removing your own top for him. 

He placed both of his hands on your breast, gently squeezing them, “You’re telling me like I’m usually the issue,” he challenged. “Where were we when our hotel neighbors called the front desk for a noise complaint? New York, wasn’t it?”

You smirked, “I don’t recall. Do you mind reminding me?” 

He licked his lips before taking your right breast into his mouth, his tongue flicking over your nipple while his other hand showed attention to the other. He repeated his motions but switched while you were complete bliss. Your nipples were still not as sensitive as they were before your pregnancy, but Niall still got you there. 

He moved on to kiss down your stomach making you a little self-conscious about the baby weight that he hadn’t fully lost. 

“Ni, stop,” you half-hearty laughed. 

“Why you used to love this, baby,” he reminded you before he sighed, “Is this because you haven’t fully lost the baby weight?” You nodded slowly. He titled his head as his blue eyes met yours. “Hm, don’t you do that, Y/N. You still are and look amazing. You carried my, our child, and you care for her now. You’ve never been sexier to me,” he smirked, kissing your stomach again. “Plus, a little more for cushion for the pushin’ always helps, and I thought your tits were nice before but now…” he chuckled, his hand gripping your thighs.

You chuckled, throwing a pillow at him. Niall stood up and caught the pillow before it came into contact with his face. You both laughed. You sat up and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“I love you so much, Niall,’ you whispered, caressing his face and neck, “Now, take your pants off.” He was quick to remove his sweatpants, leaving him in his underwear. You could slightly see his bulge in his sweats, but now it was obvious. You bit your lip, “I don’t want to wait; I want your cock right here, right now,” you mumbled in his ear before kissing behind his ear. You removed his boxers for him and threw them to the side as you kissed and sucked down his neck. You gripped his cock, giving it a couple of pumps causing him to groan. “Now I want you to sit back and relax, baby,” you told him, leading him back onto the bed.

“Yes, ma’am,” he rasped, sitting up against the pillows of the bed.

You crawled over and placed your self on his lap. You aggressively placed your lips on his before sinking on his member. He moaned against your lips as he slowly began rocking his hips against yours. You bit his shoulder to avoid moaning too loud. Even though Niall told you it was okay, you didn’t want to risk it.

“Shit, Y/N, you feel so god damn good,” Niall chanted, pulling your hips down against his. 

You circled his hips causing him to hit your G-spot repeatedly. A small shriek left your lips in response. You wanted to cry out; you wanted to yell and tell Niall how good he was making you feel. Your spine was tingling. You couldn’t help but yourself.

“Niall, oh my god; fuck me harder, please. I need you,” you cried out before he covered your mouth. Your cheeks became red in embarrassment out of your lack of self-control. 

“Do I have to gag you, baby,” he chuckled, “or do I just have to cover your mouth since you can’t control yourself? You hid your face in his chest after shaking your head. He slightly lifted you up and placed you on your back. Your head was close to the edge of the bed. “Good cause I still want to hear you but only you though.”

He thrusted into you again but you contained your moan before he could let it out. He leaned down and kissed the top of your breast, keeping his eyes on yours. You ran your fingers through his brown hair, tugging at them. He groaned against your breast before focusing back on you again.

“Ni, I’m so close,” you breathed out. 

“Me too, baby. Cum for me,” he demanded as he quickened his thrusts. He used his index finger to rub against your cilt, bringing you closer to your orgasm. You stifled your short gasps and cries by covering your mouth against Niall’s chest. Your inevitable orgasm finally came over you as did Niall’s. He found himself covering his our moans against your shoulder as you both reached your climaxes. 

The only noise left in the room was heavy breathing. You both just laid there, your arms wrapped around his neck. 

“I don’t think we should stay here like this,” you mentioned. “Who knows who will come in our room in the morning.”

He nodded, running his hand through his hair before kissing your cheek, “I mean it differently wouldn’t be a sight for sore eyes, if you ask me,” he smiled, rolling off of you. You laughed before picking up your top from off the floor and throwing it on. 

You turned to Niall who was putting back on his underwear and pants. His hair was disheveled, a little bit of sweat laid on his forehead, and you could see the red bit marks you left on his shoulder and the slightly purple marks on your neck 

“It hurts like hell,” Niall mentioned, rubbing his shoulder. “My neck, not so much.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Ni,” you cooed, approaching him. You kissed his shoulder hoping he would forgive you. “Maybe no one will notice.”

“I don’t care if they do,” he told you. “Let’s just go to bed because I’m sure Jess will be looking for her mom in the morning.”

The sound of Jess crying woke up Niall’s parents who eventually woke you both up after giving her a bottle. You and Niall made your way down stairs to greet his parents, Greg, Denise, and Jess. 

You sat down with Denise and Jess, striking up a conversation and spending some time with your daughter. You learned that Theo was watching some TV in the living room while eating breakfast. You saw Niall begin a conversation with his brother.

“So, late night?” Greg asked Niall as he poured a cup of coffee. 

“I mean, we watch a movie last night but–”

“You tell me what you want, but you’re acting like I can’t see the obvious hickeys on my litter brother’s neck,” he snickered. 

Niall laughed and nodded, “Yeah, I do.” 

You over heard Niall and Greg’s conversation and subconsciously over the left side of your neck. Denise over-heard too, and only laughed at you, “So already working on baby number two in his old room?” she asked. 

Before you could come to own defense, Maura step in. “I knew I heard something last night, but Bobby said I was hearing things.”

“To be fair honey, I thought it was their TV,” Bobby responded. 

“Okay, but Niall, when I said you guys could have some alone time, I didn’t mean go to your room and fondle each other like teenagers.”

“I think they did more than fondling,” Greg added. “Y/N did quite the number on ya.”

“No, I think Niall did a major one, but I’m sure he did some we can’t see,” Denise mentioned, whispering the last part to only you.

You and Niall both were blushing pretty hard now, but you both were smiling. Niall kissed the side of your head before wrapping his arms around of you from behind. 

“Ignore them,” Niall told you. “They can’t seem to mind their own business.”

“I mean if you’re doing all your business all over the place,” Maura mentioned.

“I’m sorry, Maura, but your son is kinda a tease,” you chuckled. 

Everyone chuckled and continued their meals. Niall eventually sat down next you, his arm over the back of your chair. You were cleaning up Jess who had slightly spit up on yourself before Niall whispered in your ear, “If I’m such a tease, why don’t you meet me in the shower?”

You bit your lip, still assisting your daughter, “Will I still be the one and only?”

“The one and only.”

Anonim isteği üzerine "(fazla)" şarkı önerisi

Kusura bakma biraz beklettim ama inanıyorum ki beklediğine değecek
Çok fazla istedin diye bilindik bilinmedik ne varsa yazıyorum (Yine de bayağı bi eledim…)
Bak mobil olduğum halde yazıyorum kıymetini bil <3
Ayrıca arşivime girdiğim için yerli&yabancı karışık ve alfabetik sırada olacak haberin olsun
Adele - rolling in the deep ~benim için anlamlı bi şarkı :’)~
Adele - rumor has it
Adele - dont you remember
Adele - set fire to the rain
Adele - someone like you
Adele - send my love
Adele - skyfall
A-ha - take on me (Pewds :d ❤️)
Ajda pekkan - bir günah gibi
Ajda pekkan - bir günah gibi
Akon - mr. lonely
Akon - right now
Alan walker - faded
Alex turner - stuck on puzzle
Alexander rybak - fairytale
Alicia keys - fallin
Alicia keys - girl on fire
Alt-j - breezeblocks
Amy winehouse - back to black
Amy winehouse - rehab
Andy grammer - honey im good
Arctic monkeys - bet you look good on the dance floor
Arctic monkeys - when the sun goes down
Ariana grande ft. Big sean - best mistake
Aronchupa - im an albatraoz
Athena - arsız gönül
Athena - kendi yolumda
Atlas genius stockholm
Aurora - conqueror
Austin mahone - what about love
Auatin mahone ft. Pitbull - mmm yeah
Aylin aslım - ben kalender meşberim
Avicii - hey brother
Avicii - addicted to you
Avicii - levels
Avicii - the nights
Avicii - waiting for love
Avicii - wake me up
Awolnation - run
Awolnation - sail
Arda kemirgent - dün (okul sabahlarına bire bir

Açık seçik bando - bu guruba kesinlikle bak dlskpdksjdksj favorilerim
Ben sana gavat diyo muyum
Kötü şarkı çok güzel bişi
Dert nefret olsa far away

Adamlar 🌸 - tüm şarkılarını öneriyorum ilk 10:
Bizim zamanımız
Kapısı kapalı
Utanmazsan unutmam
Kendime çaylar
E tabi
Acının ilacı
Orda ortada
Öyle normal

B.o.B ft. Hayley williams - airplanes
Bastille - hangin
Bastille - the things we lost on fire
Barış akarsu - ıslak ıslak
Bee gees - stayin alive
Beck - dreams
Billu squier - lonely is the night
Bingo players - get up
Birdy - people help the people (piano queen 💘)
Black coast - trndsttr lucian remix
Bobby mcferrin - dont worry be happy
Bon jovi - dead or alive
Bon jovi - its my life
Bonnie - holding out for a hero
Borns - fool
Butthole surfers - pepper
Bring me to the horizon - can you feel my heart
Bring me to the horizon - true friends
Britney spears - womanizer
Britney spears - toxic
Britney spears - if you seek amy
Bruno mars 💜 - count on me
Bruno mars - grenade
Bruno mars - when i was your man
Barış manço - kara sevda

Calvin harris ft. John newman - blame
Can bonomo - iyi ki doğdun
Candan erçetin - kırık kalpler durağı
Cem adrian - beni affet bu gece
Cem adrian - mutlu yıllar
Cem adrian - sana sarılınca
Cem adrian - herkes gider mi (bu adam çok güzel bi insan şarkıları bana göre çok slow olsa da, insanlığı yeter 💖)
Celine dion - my heart will go on
Cem karaca - resimdeki gözyaşları
Ceza - sus pus
Ceza - yerli plaka
Cen özkan - koş koş koş
Charlie puth ft. Selena gomez - we dont talk anymore (💜💜💜)
Charlie puth - attention
Cho yong pil - youth (korece ama anlamını okusanız seversiniz dokskdldm)
Chet faker - gold
Chet faker - drop the game
Christina aguilera - beautiful
Christina aguilera - we remain
Christina aguliera ft. A great big world - say something
Christina perri - human
Christina perri - jar of hearts
Charise - all by my self (bu bir cover ama orjinalinden daha güzel olduğuna inanıyorum)
Clean bandit - tears
Colbie calliat - try (✨💞💞)
Coldplay - magic
Coldplay - fix you
Coldplay - hymn for the week
Coolio - gangtas paradise (dünyanın en güzel rap şarkısı olabilir)
Conor maynard - r u crazy
Cem karaca - ceviz ağacı

Daniel powter (piano king 👑) - bad day (favori şarkım olma yolunda ilerliyor)
Daniel powter - fre loop
David guetta - dangerous
David guetta - titanium
David guetta - lovers on the sun
David guetta - shot me down
David guetta - i can only imagine
David guetta - she wolf
Deep purple - smoke on the water
Demi lovato - la la land
Delinquent habits - return of the tres
Dead or alive - you spin me round
Demir demirkan - zaferlerim
Dev - in the dark
Dirty money ft. Skylar grey - coming home
Disclosure ft. Sam smith - omen
Dj snake - you know you like it
Dj snake - let me love you
Duman - aman aman
Duman - akıbet
Duman - gözleri kanlı
Duman - sınana sınana
Duman - köpekler
Duman - melek
Duman - paranoya
Duman - masal
Duman - sevdim desem
Dodie - intertwined
Dolu kadehi ters tut - aldattın mı

Eagles - hotel california
Ed sheeran - give me love
Erol evgin - bir de bana sor
Eelke klejin - mistakes ive made
Ellie goulding - goodness gracious
Ellie goulding - mirror
Elton john - blue eyes
Eminem - rap god
Eminem - headlights
Eminem - love the way you lie
Emre aydın - afilli yalnızlık
Emre aydın - bu yağmurlar
Enrique iglesias - finally found you
Enrique iglesias - hero
Enrique iglesias - heart attack
Enya - only you
Europe - the final countdown
Eurythmics - sweet dreams
Everything everything - distant past
Emir can iğrek - beyaz
Emir can iğrek - müzik kutusu

Fall out boy - centuries
Fallullah - give us a little love
Feridun düzağaç - beni bırakma
Feridun düzağaç - düşler sokağı
Feridun düzağaç - söz ver
Fikret kızılok - bu kalp seni unutur mu
Five finger death punch - coming down
Flört - aşk böyleymiş
Freddie mercury ❤️❤️❤️ - time
Freddie mercury - my love is dangerous
Freddie mercury - made in heaven
Freddie mercury ft. Michale jackson - there must be more to lfe than this (efsane)
Fun. - some nights
Fun. - we are young (❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)
Fun. - one foot

Galantis - no money
Gece - bana bir şarkı söyle
Gece - ben öldüm
Gece - bomonti sokakları
Gece - derbeder
Gece - gamsız
Gökhan türkmen - korkak
Gökhan türkmen - dene
Gökhan türkmen - taş
Gökhan türkmen - sen istanbulsun
Gökhan türkmen - aşk lazım
Grace - you dont own me
Gripin 💜 - beni boş yere yorma
Gripin - beş
Gripin - yalnızlığın çaresini bulmuşlar
Gripin - vazgeçtim ben bugün
Guns and roses - dont cry
Gym class heroes - stereo hearts
Gems - without you

Hayko cepkin ❤️ - ölüyorum
Bertaraf et
Yalnız kalsın
Sonra görüşelim

Halil sezai - sonbahar
Harry styles - sign of the times
Hozier - take me to chuch
Hurts - somebody to die for

Imagine dragons 💖 - en sevdiğim grup, tüm şarkılarını öneriyorum
Ama 10 tane seçecek olursam:
Im so sorry
It comes back
Its time
Second chances
Smoke and mirrors

James blunt - youre beautiful
James brown - i feel good
Jason walker - echo
Jess glynne - hold my hand
Jessie j - whos laughing now
John legend - all of me
Journey - dont stop believin
Justin timberlake - mirrors
Justin timberlake - what goes around
Justin timberlake - cry me a river

Kansas - carry on my wayward son ~Spn :’)))~
Kanye west - stronger
Kargo - yıldızların altında
Kygo - firestond
Kygo - stole the show
Kıraç - kan ve gül
Kurt ville - pretty pimpin
Kenan doğulu - tutamıyorum zamanı

Lady antebellum - american honey
Lady gaga - telephone
Lady gaga - bad romance
Lana del rey - bel air
Lana del rey - blue velvet
Lana del rey - borm to die
Lana del rey - damn you
Lana del rey - dark paradise
Lana del rey - national anthem
Laurent wolf - no stress
Led zeppelin - kashmir
Lee sora - the wind blows (yine korece :s)
Lil wayne ft. Brun mars
Lil wayne ft. Wiz khalifa ft. Imagine dragons - sucker for pain
Lily allen - air ballon
Lily allen - fuck you
Lily allen - our time
Lily allen - somewhere only we know
Linkin park - numb
Little mix - wings
Little nikki - yoyo
Lorde - everybody wants to ruke the world
Lorde - royals
Lorde - team
Lorde - tennis court
Lorde - yellow flicker bird
Loreen - euphoria
Louis armstrong - what a wonderful world
Lost frequencies - reality
Lolawolf - house key
Louis the child - its strange
Lo lost - on you
Lykke li - i follow rivers

Mia - paper planes
Macklemore ft. Ryan lewis - cant hold us
Macklemore ft. Ryan lewis - thrift shop
Madcon - beggin
Madonna - papa dont preach
Major lazers - powerful

Manga 💞 ilk 10:
Bir kadın çizeceksin
Hepsi bir nefes
Tek yön seçtiğin tüm yollar
Dursun zaman
Cevapsız sorular
Fazla aşkı olan var mı
Dünyanın sonuna doğmuşum
Cevapsız sorular
Hayat bu işte
Beni benimle bırak

Mariah carey - all i want for christmas
Marc anthony - you sang to me
Maroon5 - moves like jagger
Maroon5 - maps
Maroon5 - animals
Mark ronson ft. Uptown funk
Mazhar alanson - ah bu ben
Marian hill - down
Megan trainor - no
Megan trainor - all about that base
Melanie martinez - soap
Melanie martinez - cry baby
Melanie martinez - dollhouse
Melanie martinez - mrs. Potato head
Melanie martinez - pity party
Melanie martinez - sippy cup
Melanie martinez - pacify her
Melanie martinez - training wheel
Mera jahan - taare zameen par
Mert tünay - düşünme hiç
Mfö - mazeretim var asabiyim ben
Mfö - ali desidero
Mfö - ele güne karşı
Mfö - hep yaşın 19
Mfö - sarı laleler aldım
Mfö - bodrum bodrum
Mfö - olduramadım
Miami horror - all it ever was
Michael jackson ❤️ - black or white
Michael jackson - they dont care about us
Miley cyrus - the climb
Mirkelam - asuman
Mirkelam - her gece
Mirkelam - hatıralar
Mirkelam - bi fotoğraf çekilebilir miyiz
Model - buzdan şato
Model - yalnızlık senfonisi

Mor ve ötesi 💜 - bir derdim var
Mor ve ötesi - araf
Mor ve ötesi - ayıp olmaz mı
Mor ve ötesi - cambaz
Mor ve ötesi - deli
Mor ve ötesi - oyunbozan
Mor ve ötesi - yaz yaz yaz
Mor ve ötesi - benim küçük sevgilim
Mor ve ötesi - sevda çiçeği

Multitap - battaniyem
Multitap - bu kadarız
Multitap - çıbık
Multitap - mutluyum

N sync - bye bye bye
N sync - its gonna be be
Natalie imbruglia - torn
Nate ruess - nothing without lıve
Neil diamond - sweet caroline
Nick jonas - introducing me
Nickelback - photograph
Nico - am i wrong
Nightcore - hide and seek
Nihils - help our souls
Nil karaibrahimgil - kek
Nina simone - feeling good
No wyld - let me know
Nilipek - sağanak yağmurlu şarkı
Nilipek - senden uzakta

Oğuzhan koç - gitsem diyorum
Oğuzhan koç - gül ki sevgilim
Ok go - the writings on the wall
Ola - im in love
Olly murs - army of two
Olly murs - heart skips a beat
Olly murs - dance with me tonight
Onerepublic - counting stars
Onerepublic - if i lose myself
Onerepublic - love runs out
Onerepuclic - whenever i go
Opus - life is life
Oasis - wonderwall
Ogün şanlısoy - saydı
Özlem tekin - dağları deldim
Özlem tekin - sen anla
Özdemir erdoğan - aç kapıyı gir içeri

Pink - family portrait
Pink - fucking perfect
Pink - so what
Pink ft. Lily allen - true love
Panic at the disco - this is gospel
Patience and prudence - tonight you belong to me (AHS'deki psikopat şarkı keojdjsıdjsj 💕)
Paramore - decode
Pharrell williams - happy
Phil collins - another day in paradise
Phil collins - father to son

Pinhani - ben nasıl büyük adam olucam
Pinhani - dön bak dünyaya
Pinhani - beni al
Pinhani - hele bi gel
Pinhani - ne güzel güldün
Pinhani - sevmekten usanmam

Pink floyd - another brick in the wall
Pitbull - feel this moment
Pitbull - fireball
Pitbull - timber
Pixie lott - nasty
Plain white ts - hey there delilah

Queen - çokkkk seviyorum ve -yine- hepsini öneriyorum; alfabetik ilk 10:
All dead, all dead
Bohemian phapsody 💕💕
Crazy little things called love
Dont stop me now
One vision
Sail away sweet sister
Somebody to love
The show must go on 💝

Rachel platten - fight song
Radiohead - no suprises
Ramdy newman - youve got a friend in me
Ragn bone man - human
Raury - crystal express
Regina spector - the call
Reo speedwagon - cant fight this feeling
Ricky martin - livin the liva loca
Rihanna - umbrella
Robbiw williams ft. Nicole kidman - something stupid
Rock mafia - the big bang
Rod stewart - sailing
Red hot chilli peppers - aeroplane
Red hot chilli peppers - californication

Sagopa kajmer - düşersem yanarım
Sagopa kajmer - bir kulaç daha atsam karadayım
Sam smith - im not the only one
Sam smith - lay me down
Sam smith - the writings on the wall
Seal - crazy
Seina sey - pretend
Seksendört - ölürüm hasretinle
Selena gomez - who says
Sezen aksu - manifesto
Sezen aksu - vay
Sezen aksu - olmaz olsun
Sezen aksu - küçüğüm
Sezen aksu - kaybolan yıllar
Sezen aksu - unuttun mu beni
Sema morti - fikrimin ince gülü
Shakira - whenever, whenever
Smash mouth - im a believer
Smash mouth - walking on the sun
Smash mouth - all star
Snow - informer
Soundgarden - black hole sun

Sia 😍 - california dreaming
Sia - cellophane
Sia - big girls cry
Sia - burn the pages
Sia - dressed in black
Sia - cheap thrills
Sia - fire meet gasoline
Sia - elastic heart

Skylar grey - final warning (💘✨💞🌸💕)
Slaptop - walls
Sting - shape of my heart
Sting - english man in new york
Starset - my demons

Son feci bisiklet 💘 - “ ” ilk 10:
Rahatsız vals
Bu kız
Bikinisine astronomi
Sıkıntı var
Teslim tesellüm

Stromae - papaoutai
Stromae - carmen
Stromae - formidable
Stromae - quand cest 💞
Stronae - ta fete
Stromae - tous les memes

Şebnem ferah 🌞💜 - eski
Bu aşk fazla sana
Çakıl taşları
Dilek taşı
Mayın tarlası
Sil baştan
Sözlerimi geri alamam
Vazgeçtim dünyadan
Ben şarkımı söylerken
İyi gün dostlarım
Deli kızım uyan
Birileri var

Tatu - 30 minutes
Tatu - all the things she said
Tatu - clown
Tatu - how soon is now
Tatu - malchik gay
Tatu - show me love
Tatu - stars
Tanju okan - öyle sarhoş olsam ki
Teoman - sevdim seni bir kere
Teoman - aşk kırıntıları
Teoman - napim tabiatım böyle
Teoman - bana öyle bakma
Teoman - çoban yıldızı
Teoman - istanbulda sonbahar
Teoman - serseri
The beatles - help
The beatles - elenor rigby
The beatles - hey jude (feelings 💝)
The pretenders - ill stand by you
The pretty reckles - heaven knows
The rapture - echoes (misfits <3)
The royal concept - smile
The yardbirds - turn into earth
Thefatrat - unity
Tinie tempah ft. John martin - children of the sun
Tnk - yine yazı bekleriz
Tnk - hey pardon
Tnk - aşkı harcamanın 80 yolu
Tom odell - another love
Tom odell - wrong crowd
Tori kelly - shouldve been us
Tove lo - stay high
Tove lo - talking body
Tove lo - timebomb
Toygar ışıklı - gönlüm göçebe
Toygar ışıklı - sen eşittir ben
Train - hey soul sister
The eden project - fumes
Travie mccoy ft. Bruno mars - billionaire
The nerve - bitter sweet symohony
The do - dust it off

Twemty one pilots 💖 - heathens
House of gold
Stressed out
Lane boy

U2 - ordinary love
Usa for africa - we are the world
Umut kaya - mor yazma

Vance joy - riptide
Vanillia ice - ice ice baby
Wham - last christmas
Wi khalifa ft. Carlie puth - see you again

Yalın - keşke
Yalın - Ki sen
Yalın - zalim
Yalın - her şey sensin
Yalın - küçücüğüm her şeyim
Yalın - ah be kardeşim
Yalın - anlat güzel mi oralar
Yalın - bir bakmışsın
Yolanda be cool - we no speak americano
Yüzyüzeyken konuşuruz - ateş edecek misin

Yüksel sadakat 💘 - ihtimaller denizi
Haydi gel içelim
Belki üstümüzden bir kuş geçer
Onlar bizi dinlerler
Ben seni arayamam
Aşka durdukça

Zayn - its you
Zedd - stay the night

The Cure

You could say that I had a rough life.

My mom died. My dad was alcoholic and whacked me around. The boyfriend I had in highschool promised me the moon until he got me pregnant. Then those promises were quickly forgotten. I had to drop out. Became a waitress. Waited tables all day to come home at night to a cold one bedroom apartment. It was just me and Jessie. Life was dull and gray. Any dates mysteriously became busy once they realized I had a kid. Bills piled up. Nothing felt good anymore.  

Then Paul came into my life.

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Supergirl Season 1 stuntwoman Jessie Graff broke a ton of records in her American Ninja Warrior run this week.  That alone is worth sharing but look at the sign one of her family/friends made:

HOW LEGIT IS THAT??? I love that it’s a Season 2 quote (she’s not a stuntwoman this season but clearly they’re still watching), that there’s a chance whoever made this is a Supercorp shipper (dunno about you but I can’t help but think of them when I hear this quote) that they hand-drew Jessie in a Supergirl outfit doing a freaking flying side kick- I mean, c’mon, how great is this?!

Ok, geek-out done.

anonymous asked:

You are so stupid if you think the west memphis 3 are innocent. Fibre belonging to Jason and Damien was found at the crime scene. Jessies confession was spot on. He got the time they were killed right and the cause of death and he even knew about the castration when it wasnt even made public. Damien had a necklace that contained his blood and one of the victims. What about the knife found in a lake behind Jason's home and what about Vickie Hutcheson statements? All of that is solid evidence!

Don’t call me stupid just because I have come to a different conclusion of a trial than you. People have different opinions. It does not mean they are stupid…

First of all, that fibre evidence was re-tested and proven to not be the same material found in the home of Damien and Jason. It was deemed “demonstrably unreliable and incorrect.” (x) You know what was found at the crime scene, though? A hair found in a knot on one of the shoe strings used to bind one of the boys, which matched Terry Hobbs. (x) No DNA belonging to the WM3 was found at the crime scene.

There were so many inconsistencies in that “confession” that it shouldn’t have been used in trial and wouldn’t be used in trial in this day and age following studies on the phenomenon of false confessions. The police literally fed him what to say and he just repeated it, often making him repeat it until he got it correct. He began by saying he met Jason and Damien at 9am and killed the boys and left at 12 noon, but we know that’s incorrect because they were all in school until 2:45, Jason included.

RIDGE: Alright, when did you go with them?
JESSIE: That morning
RIDGE: At 9 o’clock in the morning?

(later on in the interrogation)

JESSIE: They called me about —
RIDGE: I’m not saying when they called you. I’m saying what time was it that you were actually there in the park?
JESSIE: I would say about 12
RIDGE: About noon?
JESSIE: Umm-hmm
RIDGE: Okay, was it after school had let out?
JESSIE: I didn’t go to school
RIDGE: These little boys
JESSIE: No …no … they – they skipped school
RIDGE: Alright, you went home and about what time was it that all of this was taking place?


There was then a break in the interview and then another was conducted “to clear up some discrepancies concerning time and events in the first interview.” For some reason Jessie offers a dramatically different account of the time.

Gitchell: Jessie, uh, when when you got with the boys and with Jason Baldwin when you three were in the woods and then little boys come up, about what time was it? When the boys come up to the woods?
Jessie: I would say it was about 5 or so 5 or 6.
Gitchell: Know, did you have your watch on at the time?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: You didn’t have your watch on?
Jessie: Huh uh (no)
Gitchell: Uh, alright you told me earlier around 7 or 8, which time is it?
Jessie: It was 7 or 8.


How did it go from 9am to 12pm to 5pm to 7pm or 8pm?

That isn’t the only inconsistencies within his confession. Jessie said the boys were tied up with rope. They weren’t. The boys were peculiarly bound, yet Jessie said one of the boys was “kicking his feet” and also stated “they could run, which if you have seen the crime scene photos, they clearly could not. They were tied from wrist to ankle.

JESSIE: He was holding him down like, and Jason had his legs up in the air and that little boy was kicking, saying, ‘don’t, no’ like that.
RIDGE: Okay, he had his legs up in the air, alright, what was to keep the little boys from running off, but just their hands are tied, what’s to keep them from running off?
JESSIE: They beat them up so bad so they can’t hardly move, they had their hands tied down and he sit on them
RIDGE: You said that they had their hands tied up, tied down, were they hands tied in a fashion that they couldn’t have run, you tell me.
JESSIE: They could run, they just had them tied, when they knocked them down and stuff, they could move their arms and stuff, and hold them down like, wake up and raise up and the other one just put his legs up.


Jessie even stated one of the boys was strangled to death.

RIDGE: How was he actually killed?
JESSIE: He choked him real bad and all
RIDGE: Choking him? Okay, what was he choking him with?
JESSIE: His hands, like a stick, he had a bit old stick, kinda holding it over his neck.
RIDGE: okay, so he was choking him to the point where he actually went unconscious, so at that point, you felt like he was dead?


And the castration he mentioned was not something only the police knew. Mark Byers stated that Todd Moore mentioned the castration on the night the boys were found. (x)

And also the commercial appeal which is a local newspaper picked up information on their police scanner and heard about the castration and printed it in the next day’s newspaper.

As for the necklace that you claim contained Damien and Stevie’s DNA, that’s not entirely true. One DNA source was consistent with Damien Echols, the other consistent with BOTH Stevie Branch and Jason Baldwin, meaning they had simile DNA which could have come from either. However, Jason Baldwin had also worn the necklace meaning that it most likely came from him.  (x)

The knife found in the lake behind Jason’s house could not be linked to the crime. A group of forensic pathologist, Drs. Werner Spitz, Michael Baden, Vincent Di Maio, Richard Souviron, Terry Haddix and Robert Wood believe the wounds on the boys were consistent with animal predation as opposed to knife wounds:  “The consensus reached by all of those experts was again, that most of the injuries to the skin of the victims, including the severe genital injury to Christopher Byers, were not caused by the use of a knife but by animal predation that occurred after death.” (x)

Vickie Hutcheson completely recanted her statements, saying she was forced into testifying by the police. (x)

Creepypasta #1083: The Fairy Door

Length: Long

It was a little door set into the tree. It was disguised as part of the tree, covered with bark and with a little acorn cap for a knob. It was just the smallest little door, something only a child would think to look for.

My niece Jessie tugged my hand. “Look, a little door! Let’s go see who lives there!”

I let her pull me over. The door had been placed over a little hollow in the tree, so cleverly that I couldn’t even see the hinges. Jessie opened it and made a disappointed noise when there were no fairies, just broken acorn shells.

“Nevermind that,” I told her, “why don’t you leave something for the fairies?”

I took a gum wrapper from my pocket and my eyebrow pencil and told her to write a secret message. She did, with her back turned to me, giggling the whole time. When she was finished she rolled it up real tight like a scroll and we stuck it in the knothole.

Jessie went to one of those new-age schools where they were all about the wonder of nature in this hippy-dippy druid kind of way, so we walked at this park near the river a lot. I figured one of the teachers or maybe a parent had made the door, and maybe they’d talk about it in school.

I was going to tell my sister-in-law Tara about it when we got to her house, but she started off the minute she opened the door.

“Jessi-ca,” she said. The way she said my niece’s name, emphasizing the last syllable, always made me want to flap my arms and go ‘caw caw caw.’ “Mr. Gold hasn’t been fed yet. Do you think he’s been lonely waiting for you to get home?”

My sister-in-law never yelled at my niece, but the way she talked to her, I almost think yelling would be an improvement.

Jessie waved bye as she went inside. I said an awkward goodbye to Tara, who closed the door before I even finished speaking.

I forgot all about the door until the next day. I walked to pick up Jessie and saw her giggling with her friends in a pack.

“Can we go see the fairy door?” she asked when I drew closer.

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Jessie´s Girl

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Gonna Get Over You Part 2

Requested: Kind of.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After finally move to another direction, everything seems to go great for Y/N. Peters’ remorse couldn’t be more strong and he thinks as a result his abilities are being affected. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Warnings: No one.

Word Count: 1961

A/N:  Hello everybody! As you asked it, here’s part two of Gonna Get Over You, thank you so much for all the love ❤️ Also I think there’s going to be another part of this, my god. As it usual, this was inspired by Rick Springfield’s song  Jessie’s Girl (the song that made me put him Jessie btw 😂😂) So I hope you like it and well, i leave you to it. 

Jessie is a friend,
Yeah, I know he’s been a good friend of mine

Peter was looking at you two, exhausted. It was official.

You and Jessie were a couple.

It happened so fast, since the date two weeks ago, you discovered Jessie was the correct one. And after seeing he doesn’t seemed to change his attitude of a true man, you accepted being his girlfriend.

But lately something’s changed
It ain’t hard to define

The same night, Peter arrived home, broken. He didn’t have to cry or hit every wall to realize that this time he really messed it up. That weird feeling he felt in the stomach didn’t seem to stop, and he knew it will never stop.

And although he knew Jessie was perfect to you, he wasn’t so sure he really wanted to see you two in this way everyday.

As he felt this redhead had something hidden.

Jessie’s got himself a girl, and I want to make her mine    

With the eye on you, the spider boy couldn’t help but wondering how would it be to touch your hair the way Jessie did it, holding your hand   at the hallways for everybody to watch how happy both of you were, having that… gorgeous smile so close to him to take you for the neck and pulling you every inch that was necessary to make your lips rest gently on his.

And she’s watching him with those eyes

But after all, he was late. And he had to understand that it was his fault.

You were laughing, Jessie with the hand on your waist.

And she’s lovin’ him with that body, I just know it!

In consolation, you still were his best friend. And that wasn’t going to change, even though you didn’t assured him orally, that was a promise you would take to the grave.

From your part you couldn’t say you were totally happy, Jessie was charming in every way you ever imagined but seeing how Peter distanced himself more and more from you, even if he did it unconsciously, it affected him in a certain way.

And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night

Peter closed his locker, giving  another glance to look how Jessie had you in his arms, and how comfortable you seemed.

You know I wish that I had Jessie’s girl

I play along with the charade

Peter was in chem class, he decided while during the class it was the perfect time to renew the fromula of his web.

As if the Universe was against him, he was paired with Jessie. Or Mr. Pumpkin Head, as he liked calling him.

“Why so suspicious?” he inquired urgentely, leaning forward his chair to see what Peter was hiding in the drawer.

He quickly closed it.

“Nothing” he implied jittery.  Jessie peered at him. Peter held his gaze, wanting to make him understand that he was not going to let himself be intimated.

His arachnid senses were kicking him off, there was something about this guy which Peter did not like.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason to change

“What about Wednesday night?” you asked Peter.

In the table, Ned and Peter were with you. The three of you discussing which day of the week you should hang out, as the old times.

“Decathlon day” Ned said, quitting that option of the list.

“Monday afternoon?”

“No, I have a Spanish project” this time was Peter.

“Saturday evening?”

“Sorry, Jessie and I have entrances to the cinema” you said.

From one moment to other, Peter was acting more strange than usual.

You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute

You were about to ask what happened when you felt how a very recognizable lips caught yours.

“How ya doing love?” Jessie questioned taking the seat of your side. You smiled.

“Great” you answered. ‘Before you were here’ Peter thought “And you?”

“Well I passed my math exam with an A” he said “And that’s because I have the best tutor of all”

You did a expression of tenderness as your cheeks went red. He took your hand and gave you another kiss.

Peter rolled his eyes so many times that Ned was worried about his eyeballs.

I wanna tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot

“So what were you talking about guys?”

“We try to found a day when we all can meet” Ned responded.

“And everyday happens to be not free” Peter affirmed.

“What about Flash’s party this Sunday?” the redhead proposed, with a little intention “Everybody’s invited”

Ned seemed to like that idea.

Peter quickly denied, it was not about being afraid of Flash, it was because he usually did the round at the neighborhood on Sunday.

“Wait, why not Peter? It’s an amazing idea!” you exclaimed at Peter.

He began to stammer again.

“T-The S-Stark Internship” he lied, glancing at Ned and he seemed to understand.

“Don’t you thing Mr Stark would give you a chance, Pete?” you asked “You are always with him!”

“This is important Y/N, you don’t understand!” he raised the voice. Almost yelling you.

You felt weak, even Jessie got up from his seat and if it had not been for you fast acting Peter would already be on the floor. The whole cafeteria was staring.

“I knew this was crucial for you,” you bittery started “but I actually never thought it was more important than your friends. Anyway, I hope you can be there.”

You left the cafeteria, Jessie next to you as he added one more evil eye on Peter.

Where can I find a woman like that?

Peter was putting on the most appropriate outfit he found in his closet. After spending the whole afternoon lying in bed wondering if he should go or not, he finally decided to take that risk.

He knew there was going to receive millions of insults from Flash and his stupid friends, but he also was aware his friendship with you hung on a thread and and he was willing to do anything to bring back the days in which nothing mattered but to be stuck on the sofa watching some marathon of science fiction films.

And I’m looking in the mirror all the time
Wondering what she don’t see in me

“Are you okay?” May asked while driving, she put her hand on Peter’s forehead “Are you feeling sick? You look…awful” she commented.

Peter laughed “I swear you are the best aunt ever” he complained sarcastically, May gave him a smile.

“It is what is is” she said, laughing too. She stopped at the house and before Peter leaving, she laid her hand on her nephew’s knee “I’m pretty sure that everything’s going to be fine”

Peter didn’t know how aunt May was aware of the situation but he nodded insecure and thanked her.

He entered to the party, he sighted Ned at the candy table wearing that hat again.

“Did you really have to wear that thing!?” Peter spelled out, he had to talk a little bit higher cause of the loud music, Ned shrugged “Where’s Y/N?”

Ned pointed to the dance floor where you were with your boyfriend, shaking hips and dancing according to the rythm.

You stopped your dance in thre moment you catch his stare, you apologized to Jessie and started going towards him.

When you finished your way, your gazes connected. Your mouth was ready to say something like 'I always knew you have your priorities sorted out’ or 'Thank god you finally got into reason’, but as much as you wanted, you did not have that cold mentality to resonate in a cruel form and much less you hadn’t the sarcasm in your blood as many others. So you broke the connection and you slowly came up to hug him. Obviously Peter was concerned, but it did not take him a second to return the gesture.

From the source of drinks, Jessie watched.

I’ve been funny; I’ve been cool with the lines

“Do I have to say I’m a total jerk?” he began, whispering in your ear “Or you are going to still be that amazing person and prevent my male pride from hurting?”

You laughed, separating from him.

“I was actually considerating the second option but…” you joked, both of you smiled playfully.

Ned came to you, happy for his best friends to have a normal conversation.

Peter was about to say something when Jessie arrived with two glasses of punch in his hands.

“Glad you came, Parker” he spat at the same time he passed yo the drink, the atmosphere was tense, the sudden glares Jessie and Peter threw to each other seemed to never end, you took a sip of your drink looking away and thanks to heaven, Jessie’s phone began to ring.

“Just a moment” he said, walking to the other side of the room to attend.

“What the hell was that!?” you questioned, a little exalted.

“Don’t blame me! Is your cowboy and his overprotective attitudes” he replied, smirking.

You hit him lightly on his shoulder in response to his silly reference to Toy Story, in which he also thought about where Jessie was coming from, Texas.

You started to get a little dizzy, causing your feet to fail the attempt to walk, equally provoking you to falter.

Before Peter could do anything, the lights went off in their entirety. And by the time Peter lit up with the flashlight on his cell phone, you were not there, just your glass torn to pieces on the floor.

He crouched and ran his fingers over some of the spilled liquid and smelled it. That definitely did not smell like a normal punch usually does.

And he knew what he had to do.

Ain’t that the way love’s supposed to be?

You woke up in what you assumed was a vacant lot, you were tied to a chair and who had been the person who kidnapped you, had an unimaginable strength.

The strings were so tight that your muscles began to ache, just as the marks had already been present in places like your wrists, your forearm or your legs.

You tried to scream, but something was stopping you. Your throat burned like hell itself, something that caused you even more pain than you were already suffering.

Even knowing that, you didn’t quit trying.

“You are only making it worse” he said. His voice was heard near you, caming out of nowhere.

“ J-Jessie?” you inquired, with your voice more hoarse than ever.

He gave you the most malicious look you’ve ever seen, you realized that the words that your grandmother constantly told you were true. A pretty face could be transformed into the ugliest monster you’d ever witnessed.

You decided to save yourself the silly questions and ask the obvious one.

“Am I going to die?” you spelled out. Jessie laugh.

“Not in that way”

You frowned, and at that precise moment, you saw a swirling silhouette in a red and blue suit that was landing on the floor.

“You know that kidnapping people is considered a crime, right? ” the Spider Man began.

That voice.

“I’d heard that just a foolish child, but it is not until now that I believe it” the redhead scoffed “How small is the world, isn’t it Parker?”

You opened your mouth.

It can’t be truth.

The boy in the suit left out a sigh and he started to take off his mask. And that was when you could see him.

Peter was standing there, with an exceptic face expression giving up to his identity.

“Let her go” he demanded.

“It is not an option” he said, taking out his phone to make a picture “Not until I have what I want”

Peter put his mask again.

“Then I think I’ll have to kick your ass” he claimed, worrying about your safety “But let’s make it clear that you asked for it”

And so the fight began.

10 YA Books That Are So Worth Your Tears

YA books are the life of me. I don’t think I will ever be too old or too cool for YAs because I always need something I can relate to or even some place I can escape to when life is sucking and I need distractions for a bit.

I also love YA books because it makes me feel. My favorite thing about life are feelings. I’m a very emotional person and I want my deepest emotions to always be triggered. I get that from reading YAs. A lot of trivial things can make me cry, things I see or read on the TV, movies, and books. Sometimes I weep for two days straight after reading a really hard-hitting YA book because I’m a freaking marshmallow, and I like subjecting myself to anything that will make me feel human.

Anyhow, here are the ten Young Adult books that made huge, and I mean HUGE, impact to my principles, beliefs and behavior. These books may be sad but they all promise hope. Just when you think the world is just a big blob of desolation, you’ll find comfort in reading these make-believes and relating to fictional heroines.

1. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

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Homegrown (Jamie Benn)

Prompt: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re married and have 3 children and he comes home from a tiring practice to see his wife and kids in the kitchen learning how to make pizza and dancing to the music playing in the background. He looks at them in awe and then you have dinner as a family and you bring your kids up to bed and once you guys go to your bedroom he tells you how blessed he is.

Jamie Benn x Reader

Requested: yeah

Includes: kid fic

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Second Chances//Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4      

Words: 2557
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader; Reader x Grounder OC
Warnings: Character death/suicide, violence 
Episode: 1x04 Murphy’s Law

       “Bellamy! Clarke!” You called, racing into the camp, Finn close behind you.

        As soon as you and Finn found Bellamy and Clarke, you looked towards the ground, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. Finn glanced at you with a sad look before facing Clarke.

        “They got Wells just outside the wall,” Finn informed.

        “What?” Clarke asked, a look of disbelief on her face. “Who found him?”

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Unusual Normandy friendships headcanons

(Sam & Legion) (Steve & Wrex)

Tali & Zaeed:
-So during ME2 Shepard takes those two on a mission where mechs inside a facility try to kill them.
They get separated: Tali and Zaeed find themselves stuck in a room while Shepard runs around trying to hack the facility’s control system. Tali and Zaeed are told to stay put and wait, so they do since 1. they have no choice, 2. the danger is minimal and they know Shepard is going to be alright.
The first 10 minutes are silent until Tali says something about hearing a lot of Zaeed Massani stories from anyone but the man himself.
Zaeed is a bit taken aback like “you want to hear my stories?” But Tali nods so he starts to explain how he killed four guys with his bare hands (Jessie having been taking away from him, hence why he was using his hands and killing four guys) when the door opens.
“Let’s go,” Shepard says.
After Tali is reassured that Shepard is indeed fine (“thanks for asking,” Shepard says with a grin), she asks Zaeed to finish the story.
And that’s basically how Tali becomes the main audience of Story Time with Zaeed.
-She never gets tired of hearing his stories and he is so pleased that someone really listens to him. And the thing is, he just talks all the time but if one of them has to leave (because duty calls) he just picks up where he left off afterwards. It’s the most natural thing in the world for them. If Zaeed forgets where he was in the story, Tali reminds him.
-Jack comments on it at some point (“Aren’t you tired of hearing the old man prattle on?”) but Tali giggles and says she likes his stories. Zaeed preens a little after that. “That’s right,” he says. “She recognizes epic when she sees it!”
-After his loyalty mission where Vido gets away, Zaeed comes back enraged. Shepard warns Tali it would probably be better to stay away but she doesn’t listen. She goes to see Zaeed. He immediately tells her he isn’t in the mood to tell stories. He makes a gesture as if to say “go away” but she ignores him, sits next to him (on the floor because Zaeed can be quite dramatic sometimes) and says “That’s alright. It’s my turn. You’re going to listen to me now.”
She tells him tales about Rannoch. She talks about famous quarians and what happened to them on their Pilgrimage. She talks about her family, her people. She talks about the flotilla and how much she misses it sometimes.
She talks about the Normandy; how hard it is to find a home and how grateful she is to have found two.
She talks about everything and nothing until Zaeed’s heart stops beating so fast and he feels a bit better, something he never thought would be possible. 
When she’s done and all quiet, he turns to look at her and asks: “Why do you care?”
About me, he means. Why do you bother? Nobody else does.
Tali shrugs.
“Epic recognizes epic.”
Zaeed snorts at that. “Damn right girl. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not.”
-When Tali comes back from her loyalty mission, she’s quiet and sad ; grief about to overtake her.
Zaeed brings two bottles to Engineering. Good idea or not, they’re completely drunk and laughing at something ridiculous Kenneth has just said (who is now genuinely scared of them both) when Shepard finds them.
When he sees Shepard, Zaeed smiles. “You gotta take care of that one, Shepard. She’s worth more than all the goddamn credits in the galaxy.”
“I know,” Shepard replies. “Believe me, I know.”

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Cassidy approached Jessie, "Jessie, we must make out hardcore. Right now. At this exact moment." "I agree Cassidy" Said Jessie, "However something is wrong." Cassidy was worried, "Whatever could be the issue my love?" At that exact moment Jessie fell to the ground. She had been nachos all along. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" yelled Cassidy as she shoveled a handful of Jessie into her mouth. "NHHHMFMFHNNFFFF!!!"

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Second Chances // Part 16

Second Chances Masterlist

Words: 1330
Pairings: Bellamy x Reader, OC Grounder x Reader, Kane x Reader
Warnings: Violence, injury, etc.
Episode: Blood Must Have Blood Part 2

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this is a really short part for me having not posted at all for the last like month. But here it is and I will be writing more Thursday after my last final so hang in there cuz shit about to go down and you won’t want to miss it!

        “They’re surrendering?” Clarke asked in complete disbelief. 

        “What about the prisoners from the ark?” Lincoln asked, stealing a glance at Jessie who had a worried expression.

        Clarke’s face hardened. “They’ll all be killed,” She answered. “But you don’t care about that, do you?” Clarke accused.

        Lexa’s jaw clenched and her fist tightened. “The duty to protect my people comes first,” She stated. “Sound the retreat!” She ordered in her native tongue. 

        “Let me help them,” Lincoln said, but Lexa refused.

        Meanwhile, Jessie snuck into the tunnels to go help the sky people, to help you.

        “Jessie, what are you doing here?” Octavia asked.

        “Lexa won’t let Lincoln come, so I snuck over here. I need to see Y/N, I need to see that she is ok,” He answered.

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SanversWeek - Day 3 - “You’re Drunk.”

Summary: Kara is sad when Maggie finds her in the alien bar so Maggie tries to make her night better with hilarious consequences for Sanvers.
Word Count: 2238
Tags: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites@secretgaygentdanvers @queercapwriting @whatif-animagineblog @auduna-druitt @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @stormsnevercometostay @southernbellestatues
Author’s note:    This one was really fun to write, too.  Cap, I borrowed Jessy for this one, I hope you don’t mind! <3  Enjoy!

             Maggie frowned as someone shoved past her as she was entering the alien bar, banging her shoulder, pushing her back into the door frame.

              “Watch it,” she called out, irritated, raising an eyebrow as the person turned and she saw it was Mon El.

              “Sorry Maggie,” he muttered distractedly, before continuing off into the night without pause, clearly in a terrible mood.  Rolling her eyes, Maggie entered the bar and looked around for anyone she knew, immediately spotting a distraught-looking Kara in a booth near the back.  Guessing that Mon El’s storming out and Kara’s morose expression had a common origin, Maggie made a beeline for Kara’s booth, smiling as Kara looked up when she heard Maggie coming.

              “Hey Kara, are you okay?” Maggie asked, her voice concerned as Kara attempted to smile back at her.

              “Yeah,” Kara said, and Maggie got the feeling it was an automatic response.  She crooked an eyebrow at Kara, who sighed and gave her a weak smile.  “Okay, no, but whatever, it’s okay.”

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