2016 FearlessRiOT Hot 100/Crush List: #80-71:

#71. Charli XCX
There will always be a place in music for pop musicians with a rockstar edge, and Charli XCX definitely fits that mold. And the sexy singer will extend her talents to the screen in the Angry Birds movie. Seriously, that’s happening.

#72. Adrienne Bailon (32)
My favorite of the Cheetah Girls and 3LW; neither group is together anymore and it seems that Bailon is done with the world of music. She occasionally still acts, but she’s mostly busy as a co-host on daytime talk show The Real.

#73. Mandy Leon (24)
Three wrestlers from Ring of Honor’s Women of Honor roster appear on the list this year, and this is the first one; “Exotic Goddess” is not a lie. She’s a gorgeous stunner and at 24, could be in the sport for many years to come.

#74. Bayley
I say this with the utmost respect for other people’s opinions: if Bayley doesn’t speak to you on some kind of level, you may not human. She’s one of WWE’s most loveable characters and definitely one of the biggest role models.

#75. Eva Marie
Previously, Eva Marie was one of the few women who I put on the list based on her looks alone. Over the past year, though, I’ve come to appreciate her willingness to improve and how thick her skin has become against her haters.

#76. Eliza Taylor
Is it strange that of the three women on the list from CW’s The 100, the lead actress is the lowest? Supporting cast too strong! But every episode features Eliza Taylor giving a strong, fearless performance as Clarke “Wanheda” Griffin.

#77. Hikaru Shida (27)
I love the use of kendo sticks in wrestling; and apparently, so does Joshi competitor Hikaru Shida. When not facing the likes of Hamada and Asuka, she’s also an actress. See if you can find any of her movies online.

#78. Jessica Meuse (25)
While most people are saying good riddance to American Idol after a shaky last few years, let me point out that not everyone from the later seasons was bad. For example, this Texas singer-songwriter is really worth your time.

#79. Evie (27)
I like wrestlers who regularly inject kicking into their moveset, lucky for me, this wrestler from New Zealand dubs herself the leader of Team F’N Kick. The SHIMMER regular has already notched one appearance in WWE NXT to date.

#80. Ronda Rousey
What a 2015 for Ronda Rousey? After making headlines on WrestleMania 31 and her fight scene in the movie Furious 7, her mystique was seemingly shattered by Holly Holm. Still, you may wanna stay on her good side.