Jessica Meuse’s performance of Shinedown’s The Crow and The Butterfly just means so much. Most people only know them for Second Chance, and while it’s a great song, they have so many other amazing songs. I’m happy people got to hear something other than pop on American Idol :) Also, Caleb Johnson is another fellow rocker on American Idol, and he is just amazing too! I’m so happy that rock is starting to slowly make a comeback! Can’t wait to continue hearing rock on the show! :D


Jessica Meuse shares how the crow chasing the butterfly is a metaphor to her chasing her dreams! She also tells us how she felt about the This Is Me theme this week. Jessica also reacts to the judges liking her darker side and tells us why it’s important to embrace it. Plus she opens up about what brings her back when she’s lost her way. Lastly, she tells us the other sides of her she wants to show us and how she feels about her fans. 

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