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Be Your Own Best Publicist

On November 8, 2011,the Center of Communication presented a seminar at The New School.  The seminar featured the co-authors of «Be Your Own Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Rewarded at Work.»  The co-authors: Jessica Kleinman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper, reveal the secrets to developing a plan for sucess by integrating the skills and techniques that helped them get to where they are today.  Jessica Kleinman is currently the Vice-President of Public Relations at Hearst Magazines, and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper is the co-founder and principal of Allen/Cooper Enterprises, a marketing, exhbitions and events company with focus on art and lifestyle brands.  In their book, Jessica and Meryl teach their readers why it is important to develop a distinct brand to help us land a job, to succeed as freelancers, and to also supercharge our skills to highlight our individuality and uniqueness.  During their presentation, Jessica and Meryl first introduced their book by defining public relations.

Public Relations is all about reputation; It is about what you do, say and what people say about you.  «Advertising you pay for, Public Relations you pray for» is a saying that the co-authors told their audience.  PR is unpredicatble; One can try to be in control of the process as much as they can by updating clients with more precise information on events for example.  But the responsibilities of PR do not just rely within the workplace; What one does outside of work is just as important in defining who someone is.  They advised us that it is very important to differentiate ourselves from others.  Just like a regular product being advertised, one needs to sell themselves and make them appear as a unique and desirable ‘brand.’  PR is all about presenation and reputation; Jessica and Meryl discussed five ways in which we could begin to accomplish becoming our own best publicists.

One, «Message is key.»  When starting a new project, one must determine what the key to the project is:  what message are you trying to communicate to the rest of the world?  Why are you unique?  How are you different?  Why should you be the one the company hires?  Your message is your pitch, and to win that job, or sell your brand, you have to identify the key. 

Two, «It is all about who you know.»  Your network is your net worth.  It has been reported that 80% of senior positions are filled by those who have personal connections within the business.  This is why it is very important to stay in touch with people, whether it be through facebook, email or twitter.  You must acknowledge them and be friendly- that way, if an opportunity is to arise where a position is open in their business, they may recommend you. 

Three, «Toot your own horn, but not too loudly.»  The best publicist is one who understands what it means to promote themselves, and finds a balance between underselling or overselling themselves to potential future employers.  Kleinman and Weinsaft advised in their book that a way to indirectly make a good impression of yourself is to help others and acknowledge co-workers successes. This is like a third party endorsement: you will get people on your side and people who will like you because you acknowledge others for their hard work, or help others if they are in need.  You are not being selfish by trying to chase all the glory- and this is a quality that employers do in fact admire. 

Four, «Anything you say/post can be used against you.»  Your digital profile is your lasting legacy.  These digital profiles; including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; are all ways in which people can view you and achieve an understanding of your personality.  They can also, however, use your profiles against you or against other candidates if you are portrayed in a negative light on these profile pages.  Even if your facebook friends are the ones posting inappropriate material, you could be guilty by association.  Google is your first resume. One may think that the best solution is to delete his or her profile; however, this is not a wise decision. In today’s society, everyone needs a digital footprint- everyone needs a social profile.  It is about keeping up with today’s trends along with being able to establish a respected reputation.

Five, «Every crisis is an opportunity.»  Kleinman and Weinsaft implicated that this statement applies to every and any situation that comes across your way.  If something goes wrong, you have to stay calm and not panic.  You will find a solution and turn it around.  One of the best ways to do so is to own up to your mistake and apologize.  No one is perfect.  A perfect example of this is when a Housekeeping magazine wrote an article stating that Conan O'Brien supposedly had a special St. Patrick’s Day stew. The magazine provided the recipe and all other necessary details.  However, Conan O'Brien  had absolutely no idea about this stew, and he was never interviewed about it at all.  The article was a lie.  However, a solution to the problem was discovered. In the end, the writer or publisher of the HouseKeeping magazine appeared on the Conan O'Brien show, addressed the issue, and the mistake was taken light-heartedly.  In fact, the magazine actually received a lot of press because of the mistake.  Many other magazines envied the press that HouseKeeping magazine was receiving, and probably wished that they had been the ones to make the mistake.  What a way to make lemonade out of lemons.

Jessica Kleinman and Meryl Weinsaft Cooper presented an excellent book that can be useful to people in all kinds of ways- whether you are trying to obtain a job position, sell a product, or promote your company.  These tips are the perfect guidelines to help one establish themselves and develop public relations skills and techniques that could only benefit them in the future.  «Be Your Own Publicist: How to Use PR Techniques to Get Noticed, Get Hired, and Get Rewarded at Work» is an excellent text that all should read if they want to succeed.