Daily reminder of how much shit Sam Winchester has gone through. How many people he’s lost. He’s been broken. Possessed. Killed. Resurrected. Tortured by the Devil. Tortured by himself. Manipulated in every possible way. But he carries on. He always carries on. He’s a goddamn Hero.

I can’t stop thinking about well-known Supernatural ‘facts’

  • Jessica Moore is dead for 13 years now.
  • John Winchester is dead for 11-12 years now.
  • Azazel died 11 years ago.
  • The archangel Gabriel was the first angel seen on Supernatural. That was over 10 years ago.
  • Bella Talbot is dead for 10 years now, means she spent around 1200 years in hell.
  • Castiel was introduced to the show over 9 years ago. 
  • Jesse Turner, the so called Antichrist, should be a teenager/young adult by now. He also might have regained his powers in S11 since Lucifer was out of his cage again, but also lost it in S13. 
  • Anna Milton is dead for around 8 years now.
  • The first time we saw Crowley he made a deal with a man. That was 8 years ago and Crowley won’t be the one to ‘collect’ his soul in two years/S15.
  • Balthazar died around 7 years ago. 
  • Meg, Samandriel, Benny Lafitte died around 5 years ago.
  • Since a month equals 10 years in Hell, Sam Winchester’s soul spent over 120 years there, being tortured by Lucifer (and Michael). Dean spent only 40 years in hell. 
  • Lucifer spent over 720 years in the cage since S5. 
  • Michael spent over 960 years in the cage since S5. He is mentally unstable now.  
  • Jack Kline is only 6 month’s old (mentioned in S13E14).
  • Alan Ackles, Jensen’s father, potrayed Deetective Pike in S8E03 Heartache. Donna Ackles, Jensen’s mother, appeared as an extra in the episode (in the background). Jensen’s sister Mackenzie also appeared in two episodes, 2.03 Bloodlust and 7.06 Slash Fiction.

I can’t stop thinking about this.