Meet Bo Peterson. She’s twenty-one years old and a veterinary medicine major. (FC: Bailey De Young)

Growing up in Rhode Island, Bo was always the epitome of East Coast Prep. Coming from old money, she attended an all-girls school in Providence alongside Molly Davis. It didn’t hurt that Molly’s older brother, Andy, always had his friends over when Bo was around, and through the Davis siblings, she met Wade, Burke, Jessie, Billy, and their gang. They became good friends, and Bo often convinced Molly to hang out with them when she was at the Davis house. 
After she graduated, Bo first went to Brown for her undergrad in veterinary medicine. However, after her sophomore year, she decided to transfer, feeing a sense of being unrooted and dissatisfied. After a long search, she settled on this college, not knowing that so many people from her past were there.

Personality: sassy, kind, nurturing, trusting, clumsy, impulsive