INKTOBER:Darker Than Ink #24. Jesse Custer (3)
I feel like I should apologising for my curent barrage of Jesse Custer sketches. I don’t know Steve Dillon, I have never met him, but the thing is, I can’t stop thinking about his passing away. I don’t know why it should affect me this way. Maybe it is because hi work brought life to the comics I enjoyed reading, Judge Dredd, Preacher (OBVIOUSLY) and Punisher. I think I can safely say he was my fave Punisher artist. His vision of Frank Castle is the one I remember most and comes to mind when I think of The Punisher.
I will lay off now and keep any further exorcisms of sadness to myself


AMC’s Preacher + DC/Vertigo’s Preacher: The (un)Holy Trinity comes to life.

“ One look at their faces, and I could tell the Good Lord was using my prayers to wipe his ass.” - Jesse Custer, The Time of the Preacher