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► Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Storyline
“ Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before. ”

► Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-03-23
Casts : Tj Norris, Tao Okamoto, Amy Adams, Callan Mulvey, Ben Affleck, Laurence Fishburne, Scoot McNairy, Jason Momoa, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Michael Shannon, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Lauren Cohan, Diane Lane, Jesse Eisenberg, Ray Fisher

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Promo Clip - Fly to Metropolis (2016) Jesse Eisenberg [x]

Fly To Metropolis or Gotham City in Turkish Airlines Spots!

Fly To Metropolis or Gotham City in Turkish Airlines Spots!

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The Corporate Titans Promote Their Cities! As the official airlines partner of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Turkish Airlines has spared no expense in its cross promotional spots for the Super Bowl. In fact, none other than Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) lend support to their respective hometowns of Metropolis and Gotham City respectively. You…

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BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Promo Clip - Fly to Metropolis (2016) Jesse Eisenberg


Fly to Metropolis with Turkish Airlines!


TURKISH AIRLINES - Metropolis - TV Spot - Starring Lex Luthor - BATMAN V SUPERMAN : DAWN OF JUSTICE.


American Ultra Movie Online (2015) HD


Action, Comedy
A stoner - who is in fact a government agent - is marked as a liability and targeted for extermination. But he’s too well-trained and too high for them to handle.

Director: Nima Nourizadeh
Writer: Max Landis
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Connie Britton


American Ultra full movie 2015 online streaming  (original title)

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A stoner and his girlfriend’s sleepy, small-town existence is disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operation set to wipe him out.

Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-08-21
Casts : Tyler Forrest, Lavell Crawford, Vic Chao, Philip Fornah, Jim Klock, Monique Ganderton, Isaac Hughes, Teri Wyble, John Leguizamo, Freddie Poole, Stuart Greer, Nick Stanner, Garrett Hollingsworth, Lyle Brocato, Walton Goggins, Rachel Wulff, Wayne Pére, Trace Cheramie, Johnny McPhail, Michael Papajohn, Jack Yang, Jesse Eisenberg, Ilram Choi, James Bendishaw, Sam Malone, Gabe Begneaud, Bill Pullman, Tony Hale, Nash Edgerton, Topher Grace, John Bernecker, Eyad Elbitar, Alexander Eldimiati, Kyle Crosby, Nicolas Bosc, Don Yesso, Connie Britton, Joseph Fischer, James Moses Black, Sope Aluko, Kristen Stewart, Michelle DeVito, Douglas Wilcox II, Paul Andrew O'Connor, Mary Elizabeth Runyon
Duration : 96 minutes