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“We delight in the promise of falling for love.
We crumble in the dread of falling from love.
Everyone falls. Everything falls.”

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Songs For Cinema - Origami Airplanes
A Steady Glow (2009)

A beautiful instrumental song used in the short film Shell (2011) of Wong Fu Productions.

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“When Five Fell” by Wesley Chan, Wong Fu Productions

“She’d found her own to fall with, her own to fall for. Today, she was a raindrop.”

As I sat by my window earlier today reviewing notes for my exam tomorrow, I noticed it started to rain outside. The weather in Toronto has been going through some drastic changes lately; just yesterday I mentioned to a friend that I missed the warm sunny days we had experienced before.

But today, I drifted away from studying and admired the scene instead. The emotions that came as I watched the rain fall reminded me of a YouTube short called “When Five Fell,” by Wesley Chan from Wong Fu Productions. To this day, it is still one of my favourite shorts. As I sat and watched the raindrops, I felt the emotional connection and remembered the attachment I grew for the objects in the story.

If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, I highly recommend watching it. Below is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote on a former blog when the short first came out. Even after two years, the feelings I described then are the same I would describe now.


[ Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 ]

“She wants to be a raindrop. She doesn’t mind falling, as long as she’s not alone…and raindrops are never alone." 

WFP recently released their latest short, written and directed by Wesley Chan, called "When Five Fell." It portrays the emotions of falling in and out of love from five inanimate objects towards their owner when she started neglecting them for someone else.

The first time I watched it, my eyes kept focus on my laptop screen, my ears listened to every note of the music played, and my heart felt for the objects and their stories. After watching it, I couldn’t help but press the replay button to watch again…and again and again. It came to the point where I could sit on my chair, close my eyes, and listen to the voices…I didn’t need to watch the video anymore, because I grew a connection, an attachment, to the characters.

WFF is very emotional, and maybe you’re wondering why I watched it over and over again. To be honest, I’m not even sure. This feeling…is so emotional, so connecting. When I hear each object tell it’s story, it almost makes me wish these very objects were sitting right next to me. I cannot seem to put this feeling into words because when I try, it doesn’t seem to be enough to do it justice.

Along with the wonderfully composed music by Jesse Chui that gives this video the right atmosphere, as well as the beautiful cinematography by Wes, I also fell deeply in love with all five objects, mainly because I was able to connect with all of them in my own personal way. You’ll notice that in my definitions, all five symbols are interconnected. Together, they equate to become the ideal, the happily ever after. Once one becomes questionable or missing, it doesn’t take long before the others follow behind, and eventually…everything falls apart.


(Pictures from Wes’ director notes)


Glasses (Sight). "If I’m meant for anything, it’s to show her the world…”

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Sight is of major importance to me personally. One of my biggest fears is to one day wake up, and not be able to see anything. In terms of love, sight is like a way of creating a new world together by combining what was once two separate worlds. In this new world, it’s always important to see things eye to eye, level to level. Once the vision becomes blurry, things become unclear as to how things will look in the future. It becomes difficult to really tell the difference between fantasy and reality.


Telephone (Communication). “Stories aren’t always enough, and words can only go so far…”

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There are so many ways of communicating in today’s society: calling, texting, emails, MSN, Facebook, etc. They help us stay connected, especially when there is a distance barrier or busy schedules. But the one method of communication I feel is highly important is actual face-to-face conversation. I’ve learned to cherish these opportunities greatly. Lacking this means you lack being in a person’s life. Rather, you are hearing about their life as oppose to actually living in them.


Umbrella (Touch). “If you hold my hand, I’ll be yours forever…”

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Physical contact. The touch between two people can be so special…whether it be a hug, a shoulder to lean on, or the locking of fingers. Knowing that the other is comfortable about your closeness is…comforting. To me, touch can be seen as two ways: it can act as an indicator; you are allowed into a person’s world. It can also act as an initiator; you are allowing a person into your world. You are no stranger to them, and they are no stranger to you. It truly is a comforting feeling.


Scarf (Smell). “To know our scent means something else. It means we’ve been close…”

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Scent is hard to come by at times. I myself actually have a really poor sense of smell. But when I can identify a smell, it means something. What makes a scent special is the feeling of familiarity. Knowing one’s scent, it means we’ve been close…and close for a long time. To be able to smell a scent and smell it often, means they are often there for you. Lose such connection, and you lose the memory of the scent. Again, it’s the need to feel closeness and comfort, as oppose to feeling like a stranger.

Cup (Kiss). “I’m afraid the truth will break me…but her kiss is convincing…”

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The symbol of love and affection. The symbol of two coming together as one, something that is shared between the two alone. But what happens when the meaning of the kiss changes…when one side has changed courses while the other side stayed on the same page? On the outside, it can seem like any other kiss, but in reality…it is not the joining of one anymore. That can be very misleading, which can lead to a lot of heartache once it is over.

  We delight in the promise of falling for love.
We crumble in the dread of falling from love.
Everyone falls. Everything falls.


Written and Directed by
   Wesley Chan
Music by
   Jesse Chui

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Breathe. Press ‘play’ button. Close your eyes. Release. Imagine.

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I’m pretty sure all of us have convinced ourselves to believe in a fictitious reality once or twice. This song explores that connection between you, reality, and imagination. 

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Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

This is from the amazing Wong Fu Production short The Places We Should Have Gone. Composed by the talented Jesse Chui. Vocals on “Fairwell” by Nathalie Ming. I recommend that you take a listen to it and watch the short if you haven’t yet.