Primeval 05.04!!

I was so happy… :’) you still need to die Phillip and April…

  • Jesscker Jesscker FINALLY Jesscker!!!
  • There you are Rex!! I’m still waiting to see Sid and Nancy…
  • Connor, it was about time…!! I thought you were smarter than that and you wake up just now?!
  • Emily, you’re so badass!
  • Jess…that shot! I’m so proud of you… :’) I bet she won’t even remember…
  • I hadn’t noticed about Ciarán’s tiny nose… thanks to whoever wrote it… now that’s all I see.
  • Awww Becker’s eyes all the time like saying “I can’t loose you”… x’) 
  • I died. Cause of death: Becker’s cuteness.
daily blog 8/18

I’ve just finished up an awesome day. Went to The Bristol Renaissance fair with some good friends. Spent the day walking around taking in the sights and marveling at everything. Got a souvenir or two. Came home, found out Spencer didnt have to help his parents so he skipped game to relax with me because we were exhausted anyway, and he’s out like a light by 10:30. well how about that, XD

now to do one of my favorite things to finish off the day before i have to wake up at 5 am for work, SNUGGLE WITH MY BOOGA…even tho he’s a rock right now.

Primeval 30 day challenge: 8. Favorite Pairing/Ship

Ok, before anything, I just want to say I’ve loved EVERY pairing/ship in Primeval, from Nick and Claudia to Matt and Emily even those pairings that only existed on my mind… like danny and sarah… but right now the two main (and most obvious) pairings in Primeval are those with my favorite male characters, thought my first favorite couple does not exist anymore… :’( [nick and claudia/jenny]

I’m giving you my two favorite couples::

Nick & Jenny:

Nick and Claudia were awesome…but we saw more of Nick and Jenny and I loved those two, they were so different and their personalities collided all the time which I thought was hilarious and very cute at the same time… I cried when Cutter died… and most when Jenny said there was something she wanted to tell him… =’( but I will always love them as a couple :] 

Jess & Becker:

At first, when I had only read about them, I was not convinced about it…but then I saw it and I loved them together from the first moment Jess made Becker smile…it was really cute and they make a perfect contrast because she’s very soft and girly and he’s the typical tough guy that shows his sensitive side only with her, I like how she seems to know exactly what to say with him and it looks like he finds cute everything about her, I think I like those type of opposite relationships… ^^

Ok, let’s be fair…

Without a doubt, Abby and Connor are the most iconic Primeval couple and they deserve to be named (I’m sure they are a lot of people’s favorites let’s just blame “Jescker” for showing up xD) they have gone through so much and I’m so happy they are finally together Phillip Burton if you spoil that I swear I’ll take the first plane to the UK and I’ll murder you. Connor taught us all that if you don’t risk you don’t win and that the nerdy guy does get the girl… and Abby showed us that girl power rocks, they are just perfect =)
You Are The Risk I'll Always Take

A quick little thing that was bouncing around my head. It’s the set up I want for episode 5.04 of Pimeval. It’s just the first part…but I wanted to know what you all thought about it and if I should continue??

Thanks in advance! :)

ps- If I DO continue there will probably spoilers based on what I heard on episode 4.