there is LOVE in your body but you can’t get it out
                 it gets ( stuck ) in your head, won’t come out of your MOUTH
                          sticks to your TONGUE && shows on your
                       that the sweetest of words have the BITTEREST taste


Primeval S04E02  -  Connor: Lester, you need to know something. You can sack me but you can’t stop me doing this work. Threaten me. Disown me. Banish me. Whatever. But if I think there’s a creature loose, then I’m going to investigate it. Okay? Lester: Oh. Since you put it like that… you’re back on the team. Connor: Blimey, I should get angry more often. And I want a pay rise! Lester: Don’t push your luck.

Primeval 05.04!!

I was so happy… :’) you still need to die Phillip and April…

  • Jesscker Jesscker FINALLY Jesscker!!!
  • There you are Rex!! I’m still waiting to see Sid and Nancy…
  • Connor, it was about time…!! I thought you were smarter than that and you wake up just now?!
  • Emily, you’re so badass!
  • Jess…that shot! I’m so proud of you… :’) I bet she won’t even remember…
  • I hadn’t noticed about Ciarán’s tiny nose… thanks to whoever wrote it… now that’s all I see.
  • Awww Becker’s eyes all the time like saying “I can’t loose you”… x’) 
  • I died. Cause of death: Becker’s cuteness.