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First Lines

I was tagged by @justcourbeau!

Rules: Paste the 1st line of your last 20 stories. Then tag ten of your favourite writers to complete the challenge, too.  I’m going to make it 10, because 20 seems excessive.  Here we go!


Smells Like School Spirit

“Within her first week in college, Betty learned three very important lessons. “

Come To My Window

“Betty stood in front of her bathroom mirror, methodically scrubbing her makeup off her face with a cleansing wipe.”

Fake It Till You Make It

“Ever since she was a little girl, Betty wanted to be a journalist.”

Bringing Up Baby 

“Jughead rested his forearms on the kitchen table and leaned forward, locking eyes with his companion who held his gaze momentarily before flinging a fistful of peas toward his face.”

Take Me Out Tonight

“Betty never thought of herself as the type of girl who would end up at a frat party, but then she met her roommate Veronica Lodge and she suddenly found herself in a lot of situations she would not have previously thought likely. “

When Jughead Met Betty…

“It was an unseasonably hot Chicago summer, Betty’s yellow sundress sticking uncomfortably to her sweat drenched skin.”

Once Upon A Coffee Shop

“Betty walked swiftly down the street, white Keds slapping anxiously against the pavement as she checked her watch.”


You Really Got A Hold On Me

“It wasn’t the first time she used True American to avoid an engagement.”



“Rory sat on the gazebo, counting the seconds in the silence that stretched after she told Lorelai that she was pregnant.”


Come All Ye Faithful

“Josh sat on the front steps of Donna’s apartment, thinking to himself that concrete steps in the middle of a DC winter were a decidedly uncomfortable spot on which to sit.”

I feel like there’s a trend in how I start my stories, lol.  Anyhoo, this was a lot of fun!  I tag:  @jugandbettsdetectiveagency; @jandjsalmon; @raptorlily; @bugheadotp; @lusterrdust; @wordsonpages1; @sarcasticfina; @birdlovesafish; @one_starry_night; @burgerheadjones; @peacelovebughead


You know what the worst part about this is? It’s the party they’re having in the West Wing right now at my expense. They like to win, and then they like to gloat.
I’m sure you’re wrong. There are very serious men and women at the White House. There’s no cause to gloat.


Ginger Snaps fans!!! I have in my possession a copy of Fangoria from 2000/2001 with a pretty great article on Ginger Snaps, with some rare photos and interesting tidbits about the making of the film. They make a few mistakes, like crediting Chris Redman as playing Ginger’s boyfriend, instead of Jesse Moss. Still a really cool article!


“I’m really psyched for people to see the relationships between the women on this show, because they’re… complicated. They’re really rich. They’re not just perfect best friends or perfect adversaries. There’s a lot of different emotional dynamics for us to play with in the relationships on the show, so I think people are really going to dig it.” -Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker)