Dicen que no te enamores a tal punto de depender de esa persona pues no es amor, o no estás bien emocionalmente; permitan me decir que es imposible, quieras o no esa persona se lleva parte de ti, más si aún le quieres, te deja hecho una mierda por dentro… Lo único coherente la gente dice es que el tiempo lo cura todo.

real madrid playing water polo during summer training at UCLA, july 2011. (x)

back row: jesé rodríguez, kaká
second row: raphaël varane, joselu, nacho fernández, tomás mejías, xabi alonso, jorge casado
third row: sergio ramos, álvaro arbeloa, esteban granero, antonio adán
front row: marcelo, iker 

arbeloa’s side won, and he tweeted this photo along with each of the winning team’s nicknames: “Fly” (arbeloa himself), “Pirata,” (esteban granero), “Trufas,” or “Truffles” in English (xabi alonso), “SR4″ (sergio, obviously), “Unai” (iker), “Tony” (Adán) and “Tommy” (tomás mejías).

…yeah, you read that right. xabi alonso’s nickname at real madrid was TRUFFLES.


  • He is just smiling the whole time his daughter is on stage 
  • Like the biggest goofiest smile 
  • If one of the parents next to him asks witch one is his he just tells them “The one doing perfectly” 
  • He got her a ton of flowers and everything. He is just so proud 


  • “Look! There she is! Thas my girl!”
  • He will stand up and clap. Like loudly 
  • Dose that crazy loud whistle too. 
  • He will not admit he was crying when he totally was 


  • He films the entire thing 
  • “Are you her grandpa?” “No screw you. I’m her papa. Now shut your trap and watch how well my kid dose” 
  • If you ask him she was the only good part about the performance 
  • So many happy tears. He is just so proud 


  • He put off a meeting for this and damn dose he have 0 regrets about it 
  • He loved watching and helping her practice so seeing the final product is amazing 
  • Absolutely adores her passion. Most kids on the overwatch base want to be agents. But he is more then fine with you perusing something that makes you happy 
  • “Sweetie? If you want I could find some classes and whatnot so you can do this more”
  • me in 2005:
  • daaad which team do we support.. white.. oh.. go whites!1!11!!!
  • me in 2015: THAT motherfucker right there is our capi sergio ramos who you can recognize by *points to tattoo* that and *points to ass* that. he is THE BEST defender and if you fuck him up he will do it to you 10 times worse..and probably get a red ca- that's not the point, anYWAAAAYS...

Our boys in NY!

,,Sightseeing in USA🇺🇸 👍🏼✌🏻️“ - Alvaro and Nacho

,,A walk through NY. “Now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new.” 🗽🎶♩🗽” - Sergio

,,New York 😁🏙“- Isco

,,Discovering NY🇺🇸 withel grande Kiko Casilla.” - Ruben

,,New York Empire State Building 😎😎😎” - Jese