Jersey Joe


New Jersey-based street and commercial artist Joe Iurato creates awesome pieces site-specific street art in the form of tiny painted wooden cutout figures, no more than 15" tall, positioned so they appear to be interacting with the urban environment. Minaiture greyscale people perform skateboarding tricks over litter or parkour moves over hydrants, bridges and street signs all over New Jersey. They play in puddles, climb trees, peer down into potholes and travel the streets, sidewalks and train tracks together. Many of Iurato’s pieces are based on personal experiences he’s had or photos taken by himself and others. Some are inspired by iconic paintings.

Visit Joe Iurato’s website and Facebook page to check out more of his artwork. If you happen to be new New York, he currently has work on display as part of a group exhibition at Pop International.

[via Colossal]