Jerry having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him always smiling to see you enter the room or walk by and doing so so often, you can’t help but laugh at him and wonder what’s going on with him

-Him getting shy whenever you’d talk to him and be so friendly with, yet be quite enthusiastic the more you’d stay by his side

-Him being quite quick to give you whatever he needs, especially when it comes to keeping you safe, whether it be a gun or a piece of his armor

-Him thinking you look great in almost anything you’re in or doing and having quite a habit of staring, even stopping midway as he’d walk and for Ezekiel to scold him

-Him liking to surprise you with some of the food he cooks and doing his best to keep calm whenever you’d compliment but clearly unable to hide his smile

-Him trying to be brave and showing off how close he is to Shiva just to impress you, only to get quite confident as you’d seem rather amazed

-Him always having your back during fights and helping you out of trouble, making it a promise of his to keep you safe

-Him casually inviting you over to the movie theatre just for fun but of course because he’s trying to spend some time with you, and always keeping a seat right next to his

-Him talking about you to King Ezekiel a lot and rambling on for quite a while, making it clear to everyone how much he likes you

-Him getting quite flustered but quick to admit his crush on you as you’d ask him about it, unable to hide his feelings for you

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okay so we see how worried rick is in this scene

and for the first time he feels really guilty and tries to drink it down

like this time he knew he really fucked up

and showing concern for morty when hes on crutches.

and when morty gets injured again and snaps his leg its rick carrying him to the hospital again in his arms. just imagine Rick seeing Morty break his leg in the garage, rush to his aid, pick him up and just hurrying as fast as he can to the hospital. I know this is dimension C-132 but C-137 & C-132 Rick and very very similar. Remember when C-137 Mory broke his legs and Rick couldn’t give two shits? He just casually walked through a portal to get a serum to heal Morty’s legs. But no, this time Rick was so caught up in his guilt from the arm and leg accident from the ship he couldn’t think straight. He just grabbed Morty and brought him to the hospital instead in a worry.

And see here? This time he’s not drowning out his guilt and drinking from his flask. It actually hurts my heart.

Rick feels guilt about the entire situation and this is proof he genuinely cares for Morty.