You know, it’s kind weird since the comic series initially made me hate Jerry because he seemed even more selfish than in the cartoon at 1st. But then I read a couple of more issues of the Rick and Morty comics and I think I actually appreciate and sympathize Jerry as a character a bit more, even though I still have mixed feelings about him as a person.

I mean, he actually wants go to help Rick save his son from drug-lords despite Rick saying he’ll probably get in the way and get killed. Like it’s still stupid, but it’s also pretty noble of him.


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Poor Gaster….He just did not notice…. ..

Switch up the format a little bit. Hopefully this makes it easier for you guys to read. 

Some of you have inform me that the baby blasters look like the googly eyes blaster from this comic, Sorry did not know about that :P, But please check it out, it is really funny. Here is the link. Click here

Bonus (..I like to think that Gaster picks on nobody but Sans ):