I drew Carol already once, but that’s just for an AU. In canon verse She works in her father’s(Jeffery) hotel. Which is not a fancy or big hotel. She goes around to each room to check up on the people staying there to see if they need anything, like room service. 

Now Jeffery, he’s a good worrisome father who lost his other daughter in a fire, thus he needs to raise his grandson, Jeremy. Carol helps him a lot with both her nephew and helping out at the hotel. 
He sometimes takes pity on others and lets them stay at the hotel for free.

Now Jeremy, he’s just a cute innocent trouble maker of a kid. Pretty friendly, but loves to cause a ruckus. 

[EDIT]: I’ve had some inspiration from Gregory Horror Show, however a anon has made me realize that my first designs were pretty similar to the characters that inspired me to make Jeremy and Jefferson.
[EDIT2]: I fixed the designs, I hope they are more… original now. Again the first designs were very unintentional and I need to pay better attention to that type of thing.


In which our beloved monster ambassador (unknowingly) runs for student council.

Compressed so the post isn’t so long– I hope reading is still smooth.

If you prefer one long strip please let me know.