On January 1st 2011, House of Anubis premiered on Nickelodeon.

I want to take this time to thank everyone who has ever been involved. For bringing me to so many great friends, and so many great memories.

I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you


Olson Kundig Architects (Seattle-based firm) is Jim Olson, Tom Kundig, Dan Wilson - Welcome to the 5th Façade Project with a science fiction narrative won 1st Place in 2016 Fairy Tales Competition.

There are certain code words that allow you to never have to say “race”, but everybody knows that’s what you mean and “crime” is one of those…So when we talk about locking up more and more people, what we’re really talking about is locking up more and more black men.
—  Jerome Miller

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Is there some photographers that you admire?

brydie mack, henrik purienne, jorden keith, jenavieve belair, olivia bee, jason lee parry, ryan kenny, alex mcdonell, amber asaly, alexa miller, aris jerome, shayna colvin, willow greene