There are certain code words that allow you to never have to say “race”, but everybody knows that’s what you mean and “crime” is one of those…So when we talk about locking up more and more people, what we’re really talking about is locking up more and more black men.
—  Jerome Miller

Music Producer Jerome Miller reveals next big project… Sort of.

It’s no secret that Jerome Miller is one of the hottest music producers and business men of the world today. His label Arkaik Records recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with an exclusive party you’d have to be the biggest of the biggest to attend. The guests on that list included none other than Kanye West,  Lei Bridges, Diego Casillas, as well as his protege Cassadee Clayton. But it seems that Miller isn’t just throwing extravagant parties but he may have already found his next big star. 

There has been talk that Miller has been hard at work in the studio with a new artist he recently signed but everything has been kept quiet… Until now. Two days ago Mr. Miller was extremely chatty on his social media posting two throw back Thursdays on his Instagram and Twitter featuring Nicki Minaj and Cassadee Clayton. It wasn’t long before thousands of likes and comments were received from his fans and also some really nice questions everyone wanted the answers to like what was he up to that Thursday night to which Mr. Miller responded “Making magic happen.” It seemed like his fans weren’t really satisfied with that short answer so they continued to ask for more. Known for giving the people what they want but not without a little teasing, Miller took to Twitter to ask “You guys really wanna know?”. Within seconds the hashtag “Wewannaknow” was the number one trend in the world which certainly answered his question. 

The answer apparently came in two parts and they both included pictures and captions. The first picture was posted on his Twitter of him and another producer in the studio titled “Looking ahead to the future.” It wasn’t that big of a shock to any of us who figured that was what he had been referring to in his earlier tweet. But the second answer was certainly a big surprise to all. The picture which was posted on his Instagram included the back of a young petite woman with long golden brown hair sitting down in what looked like to be a recording booth. The picture was captioned “Gave you some throwbacks, now we lookin ahead at the future. #yaaintready.” But of course this only created even more questions which Miller only replied with a wink and “Patience.” tweet. Guess we and everyone else in the world is going to have to sit and wait until Jerome Miller decides that we’re ready.


I like Sarah Maycocks paintings. This was shot as part of The Graduates series.

Big Shot Producer Snags Another Up And Commer

Jerome Miller has been stirring up quite a buzz this year after signing about five new artist to his label. It’s no surprise that Miller is on the hunt to continue adding quality artist to his empire but some are beginning to question what is his real motivation behind these back to back signings. Looking back at last year Arkaik’s feud with Vice Records was brutal. After Vice lured about 25% of Arkaik’s artists into their label, one being rap artist King Orozo, Miller took to twitter and made a statement .

When you sign an artist you do it with the intent of allow the world hear what all that artist has to offer. Being apart of a label creates that bond of loyalty, or so you think. Along the way people lose that then you realise they are better off elsewhere.

Since the year has started we’ve caught wind of Miller snagging a few artists from other labels and signing up and comers like Kirty Boneta, Reese Poehler and now Ace The Kid formerly known as Ace Daley. The rapper had been signed to Modcian,  a smaller yet lucrative label that really influenced underground rap. The rapper had been with the label for about two years and really grew his name and image there. Sources tell us that when Miller caught wind of Ace’s contract being up with the label the musical genius swooped in before Modcian had a chance to renew with the rapper. Can you smell a budding rivalry? Arkaik has been known as the label that pushes the limits but has the label also become the label that creates beef? Making them no better than Vice. With Arkaik’s upcoming 20th anniversary we’re curious to see what else Arkaik will continue to bring to the table even if Miller plans on dragging a few labels down to prove that Arkaik is still what’s hot in the streets.


Another interview from The Graduates series, this time Jerome. He was cool; his work, also cool.


Jerome Miller’s Newest Project is Revealed at the Billboard Awards.

People just couldn’t take their eyes off of their screen this past Sunday night as the 2015 Billboard awards took place in Vegas. There were many unpleasant surprises like the winner for Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Song which clearly belonged to everyone else that was nominated except the actual winner. But it wasn’t all sad and disappointing than we expected. 

Everyone from Mariah Carey to Kendall Jenner made their appearance that night but everyone was really surprised when music producer and mogul Jerome Miller showed up with a very unknown guest. It turns out Mr. Miller isn’t having a mid life crisis and picking up high schoolers as dates but was actually being accompanied by his newest signed artist. Nobody expected this young lady to look well… really young. In an interview at the red carpet, Miller introduced her as Kirty Boneta, a very shy and awkward petite girl who seemed up way past her bedtime. It seemed Ms. Boneta decided to ditch her prom and attend the Billboard awards at the last minute. Lucky her. Miller asked everyone watching not to judge a book by it’s cover clearly knowing what we were all thinking just by looking at his new artist. “She has a voice you wouldn’t believe.” Miller said in the interview. He also made an extremely big statement that a few couldn’t believe. “I’m gonna get slammed for this but Mariah Carey you got competition.” 

When asked about her future plans, Ms.Boneta stumbled on her words and in a low squeaky voice said she was “busy in the studio.” People certainly commented on how Miller could go from the wild child Cassadee Clayton to a boring and simple looking artist like Kirty Boneta. Only time will tell if Mr. Miller did right by signing her to his label or if this will be time wasted and money not well spent.

Soooo mein Baby. Heute sind wir ja 19 MONATE zusammen. Zwar ist immer wieder was zwischen gekommen, aber wir haben es doch noch geschafft, dass wir heute immer noch hier zusammen stehen, mit unseren 11/12 Kindern .. :D Es geht mir immer noch am Arsch vorbei, was die anderen von uns denken. Sollen sie uns doch hassen. Sollen die doch weiterhin versuchen uns auseinander zu bringen: SIE SCHAFFEN ES NICHT! Nicht mal ein Tyler Ryan schafft das. Oder eine Kayla. Oder sonst wer, weißt du? 19 Monate kann man nicht so einfach kaputt machen. Und die, die über uns reden: Scheiß einfach drauf. Sie schaffen es nicht mal 1 Monat lang zusammen zu Bleiben und danach ersetzen sie sowieso einen wieder, was bei uns noch nie war. Ich habe dich nie ersetzt und werde es auch nie machen. Ich denke nicht einmal dran, mein Mädchen zu ersetzen. Auch wenn wir uns mal kurz streiten wegen so ein paar Kleinigkeiten, es wäre nie mit uns wirklich vorbei. Und ich kann mir ein leben ohne meine dumme Hannah auch gar nicht mehr vorstellen. Japs, Baby. Du bist ein bisschen dumm. :b Ich frage mich wie du Gefühle für Jannik haben kannst .. Ich bin doch viel, viel besser als Jannik. -.-’ :D True Story, Bro. Und hach man. Ich bin so glücklich, dass ich dich habe. Durch dich habe ich erfahren, was es heißt jemanden zu Lieben. Du hast mir gezeigt, was Liebe eigentlich wirklich ist und mit dir hatte ich die schönste zeit in meinem leben. Und ich will, dass diese zeit NIE endet, ja? Versprich mir bitte, dass du mich nie verlässt für so einen Typen. :c Sonst muss ich ihn leider umbringen. Ich weiß nicht, was ich noch schreiben soll. :x Ich liebe dich so sehr, Hannah. Ich kann das alles gar nicht mehr beschreiben. Du bist das beste was mir je passiert ist. Ohne dich hat das alles hier keinen Sinn mehr. Ohne dich würde ich ehrlich STERBEN. Ich meine das ernst. Ich kann ohne dich nicht mehr. Und ich hoffe das du gleich bei mir bist, weil ich will dich abknutschen und bla.. :c Ich liebe dich, Baby. 19 Monate. ❤
—  Jerome Miller
Jerome Miller. 
26.04.2012 um 22:54 Uhr Re: [kein Betreff]
Klappe. ICH habe eher Angst, irgendwas falsch zu machen. Ich hasse mich immer noch dafür, dass ich manchmal gar nicht darauf achte, was ich mache und ob ich dich dabei verletze. Und dafür entschuldige ich mich nochmal, ja? Du wirst mich niemals verlieren. 
- nickt einmal kurz, um seine Worte zu unterstreichen und lächelt sie sanft an. - 
Und achja, ich liebe dich immer noch. (: