Call Me Maybe - THE ICE 2012

The only video I will ever listen to Call Me Maybe for.

Hey tumblr who is that at 1:26 I wonder….;)

Shibutani’s YouTube Channel #thatPOWER Parody 


YUZU DANCING. Please excuse me while i go weep in a little corner. x3


I think all people in the figure skating fandom needs to see this
tbh this is the most accurate representation of skaters and our food


So this was at the press conference after Yuzuru won the Rostelecom Cup back in 2011. It was with Javier Fernandez and Jeremy Abbott since they were the silver and bronze medalists. So someone asks a question in Russian (I think I’m not sure) and then it is translated into english and then it is translated into Japanese. So someone asks Yuzuru this question and as you can see in the gifs, he either has a hard time answering in general or has a hard time answering in english. So, that’s what he says hahaha! It’s so cute and he’s so embarrassed afterwards! Here is the link! 

Top 15 Men's Programs (2000+)

A list of my favourite programs for merylsdavis (and anyone else who’s interested)

you keep asking for recommendations. so maybe this will be helpful + i enjoy doing the lists of my favourite things when i’m bored =D i know that’s too many but to choose less is a real stuggle! you won’t watch everything at once anyway.

So. Men first. Mostly 2010-14 programs, as I got into fs in 2010.
In chronological order, one favourite program per each of my favourite skaters (those who competed in 2000s).

Alexei Yagudin Winter
Brian Joubert Nothing Else Matters
Nobunari Oda Charlie Chaplin
Stephane Lambiel La Traviata (ignore the mistakes, this program is amazing!)
Johnny Weir Fallen Angel
Richard Dornbush Sherlock Holmes
Michal Brezina Japanese Kodo Drums
Yuzuru Hanyu Romeo and Juliet
Daisuke Takahashi Blues for Klook
Takahiko Kozuka Exodus
Denis Ten The Artist
Javier Fernandez Charlie Chaplin
Kevin Reynolds Back in Black/Thunderstruck (he’s never performed a clean one. so here’s a footage from practice. i hope he keeps it for the next season and finally nails it!)
Tatsuki Machida East of Eden
Jeremy Abbot Exogenesis

(hope i didn’t scare you off!)

I should’ve probably included Chan too. I like his 2013/14 SP.



TOP: Behind the scenes of the ABC’s election night coverage, News 24 presenter Jeremy Fernandez and Michael Rowland.

BOTTOM: Newsradio’s Sandy Aloisi and Marius Benson with Radio National’s Fran Kelly providing ABC radio coverage of the vote count.

Photos by Alkira Reinfrank

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Jeremy Fernandez ft. New Boyz - Miss America [OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO] (by iamjeremyfernandez)

Honestly this song is addicting :) and it’s cute

wowowow~ too many thoughts rite now in my mind!

  1. so lucky they are the chinese and japanese fans of Yuzuru, he’s got assignments on Cup of China and NHK Trophy
  2. in COC it’s not only Yuzu, the other strong-young-competitors are there too like Han Yan and Maxim Kovtun, as well there is Richard Dornbush and Nam Nguyen ^^ (Nam will be competing with Yuzu, wonder he might add a quad based on his instagram he attempted 4S)
  3. Jeremy is still on the list and he will compete in NHK Trophy too, so are other strong men competitiors ;)
  4. i hope there will be no other score inflation, i’m quite hurt when people accuses others and start arguments or fights, but..what can i do? (.___.)
  5. Hope our precious Yuzuru Hanyu will have skates that he’s proud of (# ^ o ^ #)/


Just after World War II, over 90% of the 7.5 million Australians were of Anglo-Celtic stock. Since then, the population has tripled, with close to 45% of the population having at least one parent born in a foreign country. Now over 260 languages are spoken in Australia, and the country is made up of people with 270 different ancestries.

Today’s racist reporting from the BBC.

Although it doesn’t explicitly say it, I think most people reading that would assume that the proportion of Australians who are non-white has increased since the 1940s.  That paragraph very strongly implies it.

In fact, the white majority has increased: as of last year, 92% of Australians are white.  I found that out with 10 secs of internet searching.

Racist. Lies.  Come on, BBC.


(Presenter Jeremy Fernandez, Cameraman Nathan Harding and Sound Recordist Spiros Mavrangelos on location at Winmalee for an extended news bulletin on the bushfires. Photo taken by TV News Editor Tim Ayliffe)

By Jeremy Fernandez.

I’m always amazed how anyone could have the presence of mind to whip out their smart-phone in the middle of an emergency to capture video of events unfolding. It’s all the more extraordinary when that event involves your home and possessions burning to the ground.

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