I’ve heard it said that this here, this here’s a man’s world. And some girls, they believe it. Primping and fussing and holding out, hoping a boy will look her way. They don’t know they got the power. As for me, I’m not that kinda girl. I’m on top. Which begs the question.. If the girl’s on top, well who’s the one getting screwed? If it’s a man’s world, God wouldn’t have made me.


Marauders Sitcom AU Part One 

Four uni students rent out a flat in London. Besides getting up to their usual shenanigans and receiving noise complaints from their neighbors (four girls: a redhead known as none other than lily evans, marlene mckinnon, dorcas meadowes, and mary macdonald), they dabble in the art of marauding 


Karen Gillan as Lily
Aaron Tyler-Johnson as James
Ben Barnes as Sirius
Andrew Garfield as Remus
Jeremy Dozier as Peter Pettigrew
Louis Garrel as Severus

anonymous asked:

same anon as before, who else would you cast in a marauder era tv show? how many seasons? what would it be about? i'm just super curious and your marauder fics are always A+ so i just want to hear your opinion on this :)

Thanks lovely! <3 (this got really long)

Ok in terms of fancasting (it’s been so long since I’ve fancasted Marauders omg) we have the following:

Bob as James because this is what I need in my life. I personally like Avan Jogia as Sirius (poc James and Sirius ftw) because his face has the right amount of cold indifference and elegance while still maintaining puppy dog capabilities (…pun intended) I know a lot of people like Andrew Garfield as Remus which is really nice but like. Luke Newberry. Look him up. (was he supposed to be Teddy I can’t remember) As for Peter idk. Jamie Bell or Jeremy Dozier? (dozier is kind of older I think) Sophie Turner for Lily? Or Holland Roden? I am so out of this fancasting thing wow

OKAY PLOT. Let’s ignore the terrible attempt at fancasting for now.

I’m 100% certain back in the golden olden days someone in the jily fandom did do something like this but I cannot for the life of me find it so here I go, I’m jumping in head first prepare for… idk feels, flailing and caps lock?

Ideally it would be between 5-6 seasons starting in fifth year and ending the night they die (CRIES).

Fifth year aka season one: James is still a pigheaded prat and I love him. The Marauders finally succeeded in becoming animagi, the map is almost complete. Lily and Snape are still friends but it’s getting harder and harder to maintain it as time goes on. The war is just on the periphery, a stirring or darkness with murmurs through the magical community. This season is where a lot of the worldbuilding comes in to play, setting the groundwork for what’s to come. It kind of has a philospher’s stone/ chamber of secrets vibe because it’s not dark YET but it’s there. We see James and Lily’s relationship, the raw grittiness between them where they clash fairly often (please for the love of god do not have him asking her out a million times because that’s not true let’s not play the harassment card as cute.) We see the broship between the Marauders, see how Peter wasn’t always a rotten rat bastard, see just how loyal James was to his friends, see how much Sirius and Snape loathed each other, see the immature pranks James plays because he’s still just a child, see Lily roll her yes while secretly finding it funny when he transfigures the goblets at dinner into mice, they’re all still just children.

We see just how damaged things are between Sirius and Regulus/ his entire family, see how he deals with being an outcast, see how one wrong word from Snape has him sending him down into the shrieking shack. James saves him, but at the cost of finding out Remus’ secret. The Marauders are fractured with Peter and James left in the middle of the fall out (midseason finale maybe?) The second half of the season focuses on trying to re-establish that bond, but it takes time and even though they’re speaking now by the time the end of the year rolls around, it’s still heavy and weighted with tensions thick as who knows what.

Then there’s the OWLs incident (2 part season finale?) Everything goes down according to the book and it’s the first time James makes his feelings of Lily known. The first season ends with broken hearts and friendships in tatters between Snape and Lily and the Marauders themselves because I want parallels to the next season finale.

Season 2 starts in the summer with Sirius being disowned and coming to live with the Potters. James’ head begins to shrink at this point because it only hits him then just how lucky he is to have Fleamont and Euphemia (there was no reason for me to include their names; I just like it lmao) as his parents. Sixth year Lily wanders on to Kings Cross by herself without her parents or Snape. She sits with Remus and Peter for the time being and when James and Sirius enter the tension is suffocating.

This season is all about healing in the Marauders, making the friendships stronger than before, and forgiveness. Lily learns who her true friends are and Snape digs in further with his Slytherin buddies. Incidents of muggleborns being hurt/ injured are starting to be more frequent and the first time it happens to Lily, Sirius is there and he helps her fend of the five who attacked her while she was making rounds (I need Sirius/ Lily friendship okay. It’s important to me.)

James’ head continues to deflate and it’s the first time he gets the inkling of wanting to fight after Hogwarts especially when he sees muggleborns being singled out by pureblood extremists. (Start of jily friendship which is filled with James trying- and failing- not to be awkward around her and oh be still my heart.)

This season ends with the Marauders plus Lily and some of the other Gryffindor girls in a compartment together, all happy with A++ friendships. James and Lily are sitting together. No one says a word when she falls asleep with her head on his shoulder.

Season 3- seventh year: James gets his headboy badge and is FREAKED OUT because um. What. How. And Lily is the one who helps him calm down because don’t you see silly boy? People listen to you. You’re determined and charismatic. You’ll be fine.

Seventh year is when the war officially begins, and James has already declared that he’s going to fight after Hogwarts and Lily is scared, because this war is because of her, but she does so too, hiding her shaking hands in her pockets. At first she’s opposed to having one of the Marauders shadow her at all times, but then she realises just how much it means to have their support, especially Sirius’ who’s entire family is on the other side of the war.

This season is darker and grittier, Snape fully gives himself over to dark magic and Defence Against the Dark Arts becomes more focused on teaching defensive magic than actual learning about it. People are scared and it begins to show. Almost everywhere she goes, James is by her side, jaw clenched and holding her hand tight. (they slide into a relationship as natural as breathing, and neither of them realise when it happened, it just happens, in between forehead kisses and promises of safety in the dark.)

It ends after they all graduate, the five of them standing in Dumbledore’s office as he tells them about the order.

Season four and the war is brutal. Lives are lost, including some characters we got to know during the last three seasons. There’s blood and death and very little hope. Lily hasn’t seen her family since Petunia screamed at her after her wedding, and she all but lives with James and Sirius. They’re all on the frontlines, treating every mission as their last when things take a turn for the worst.

Lily and James escape the clutches of Voldemort twice before and after the third, it ends in a proposal, just a glimmer of hope. The wedding is two months later, as far away from the dream wedding she wished, slipshod though perfect. For the first time in months, there’s laughter and tears of mirth, Sirius persuades McGonagall to dance a jig with him and Remus laughs so hard that Butterbeer comes through his nose.

All good things must come to an end though, because it’s Christmas and they realise that they’re pregnant and now they’re sitting in headquarters, hands gone numb from how hard they’re holding on to the other as Dumbledore tells them about the prophecy.

The last season is the shortest one, more focused on how tetchy they get as they’re forced to go in to hiding. Harry is born the night of July 31st, five minutes to midnight and Lily cries because they were so so close to proving the prophecy wrong. James tries not to let his annoyance show as he’s forced indoors for who knows how long while others are fighting the war for them. Order members still visit at least once a week, bringing toys and stories and trying to make things bearable. Still though, they’re being picked off one by one and sometimes Sirius sneaks in after Harry and Lily are asleep to get smashed with James because how did things turn into this, how are they supposed to believe that they could win.

Things hit rock bottom midway through October. They haven’t seen Remus in weeks, Peter jumps at the slightest of sounds and Sirius has his jaw clenched so hard that Lily is a afraid he’ll hurt something. Dumbledore tells them that they should go under the protection of a Fidelius charm, volunteering to be secret keeper himself. But James, good pure James with unwavering trust in his friends asks Sirius who turns him down because he knows that the Death Eaters would turn to him first, knows that just about everyone knows how close he and James are. He asks Peter and then, within three days, the Potters are dead and Sirius is left standing in the rubble holding baby Harry, tears streaming down his face because how did this happen. (He knows how it happened and he’s filled with rage.)

The season finale: the showdown between Sirius and Peter, which ends with Sirius laughing manically surrounded by rubble. He’s carted off to Azkaban on his birthday. Remus is alone in a run down flat, bottle of Firewhiskey half empty, throat gone numb hours ago but his heart is still wrenching in pain. A statue of the Potters go up in Godric’s Hollow, and there are parties being thrown for the Dark Lord is gone. Meanwhile Harry sleeps in a cheap bassinet in the Dursley’s closet, scar still angry red on his forehead.

The Marauders dreamcast

Remus Lupin (Andrew Garfield) - I’m still not sure whether I want Andrew as Remus or Teddy

Peter Pettigrew (Jamie Bell) - I don’t know if I want Jamie or Jeremy Dozier more as Peter

Sirius Black (Aidan Turner) - Ian Somerhalder is my second choice!

James Potter (Aaron Taylor-Johnson)


Marauders AU – Sorted into separate Houses

Based on this post

Dirty Girl - Clarke and Danielle
  • Danielle: So they let you out for good behavior or somethin'?
  • Clarke: My mama came and got me. 'Said she was compelled.... What did you do to your hair?
  • Danielle: You don't like it?
  • Clarke: Hell no!
  • (Danielle takes off her headband and shakes her hair out)
  • Danielle: (smiling) Better?
  • (Clarke nods)
  • Danielle: I'm glad you're back.
  • Clarke: (smiling) I dunno, I kinda miss that place.
  • Danielle: Shut up.
  • Clarke: At a school with no girls, I was VERY popular.
  • Danielle: (smiling) You fuckin' whore!
  • Clarke: (smiling) Thank you.
  • Danielle: Remember Clarke; nobody likes a dirty girl.
  • Clarke: (laughing) Right.