Jeremy lake

listen, i love jeremy to death. but guys, give me more.

i love jeremy “lil J” dooley. i love the jeremy that’s still kind of the new guy, the rookie, the one that always manages to surprise everyone with his capabilities. the one who can lurk in the shadows without a sound and shoots with deadly accuracy. i love the jeremy that loves being buddies with everyone and will always be there to ruffle your hair and tell you itll be alright, even if he doesnt believe it. i love the jeremy thatll do anything for five dollars and a video camera. 

but i want jeremy “monster truck” dooley. i want jeremy “do you know who i am” dooley. jeremy “built a secret base rigged with TNT with the word KILL in giant red letters under the lake” dooley. jeremy “lies about having a secret base under his house with an arsenal of destruction” dooley. jeremy “no one will ever know” dooley. 

i love “sunshine and rainbows” jeremy, but i love “more mad than the mad king” jeremy even more. the one that, when given the opportunity, will immediately fuck everyone else over. jeremy that loves blood and chaos and destruction and POWER. jeremy that, when given an inch, takes a mile, and runs the fuck away with it. jeremy that im pretty sure would be even worse than ryan in a king’s lets play. sweet, small, deceivingly innocent, devious jeremy

i love jeremy, but give me capital J Jeremy
Jeremy Lake Shooting: Police Officer Shannon Kepler Fatally Shoots Daughter’s Teenage Boyfriend

The deadly shooting occurred on Tuesday night while Jeremy Lake was with his girlfriend.

See… Thanks to the internet we’re seeing shit like this is happening all the time. Black men are being gunned down on a weekly basis. If you read shit like this on a regular basis and think we live in the greatest country on Earth, You’re in a state of denial that is almost epic and unmatched. Black men don’t have futures in America. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all picked off.


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