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@Regrann from @therealremyredd - They killed this people in less time then they fought with him to put his gun down. 🙏🏾Sylville Smith🙏🏾Andrew Kearse🙏🏾Jimmie Sanders🙏🏾Jordan Edwards🙏🏾Sandra Bland🙏🏾Keith Lamont Scott 🙏🏾Korryn Gaines🙏🏾Mike Moore🙏🏾Alva Braziel🙏🏾Delron Dempse 🙏🏾Philando Castile🙏🏾Alton Sterling🙏🏾Delron Dempsey🙏🏾Eleanor Bumpurs 🙏🏾Anthony Baez🙏🏾Akil Denkins🙏🏾Sandra Bland🙏🏾Freddie Gray🙏🏾 Gynnya McMillen 🙏🏾Trayvon Martin 🙏🏾Eric Garner 🙏🏾Michael Brown 🙏🏾Ezell Ford 🙏🏾Orlando Barlow 🙏🏾Renisha McBride 🙏🏾Dante Parker 🙏🏾Jordan Davis 🙏🏾John Crawford 🙏🏾Brandon Tate Brown🙏🏾Laquan MacDonald🙏🏾Sam Dubose🙏🏾Alonzo Ashley 🙏🏾Oscar Grant 🙏🏾Kimani Gray 🙏🏾Steven Eugene Washington 🙏🏾Victor Steen 🙏🏾Aiyana Stanley-Jones 🙏🏾Wendell Allen 🙏🏾Aaron Campbell 🙏🏾Kendrec McDade 🙏🏾Timothy Stansbury Jr. 🙏🏾Timothy Russell 🙏🏾Jonathan Ferrell 🙏🏾Ervin Jefferson 🙏🏾Sean Bell 🙏🏾Patrick Dorismond 🙏🏾Amadou Diallo 🙏🏾Ousmane Zongo 🙏🏾Ronald Madison 🙏🏾 Abdi Mohamed 🙏🏾James Brissette 🙏🏾Ramarley Graham 🙏🏾Travares McGill 🙏🏾Jerean Blake 🙏🏾Jersey Green 🙏🏾Sheron Jackson 🙏🏾Duane Brown 🙏🏾Angelo Clark 🙏🏾Steven Rodriguez 🙏🏾Christopher Kissane 🙏🏾Raymond Allen 🙏🏾Justin Sipp 🙏🏾Dante Price 🙏🏾Melvin Lawhorn 🙏🏾Bo Morrison 🙏🏾Nehemiah Dillard 🙏🏾Michael Lembhard 🙏🏾Marquez Smart 🙏🏾Tendai Nhekairo 🙏🏾Rekia Boyd 🙏🏾Stephon Watts 🙏🏾Manuel Loggins Jr.🙏🏾Johnnie Kamahi Warren 🙏🏾 Miriam Carey🙏🏾Tyrone West🙏🏾Lennon Lacy🙏🏾Ronald Johnson 🙏🏾Shereese Francis 🙏🏾Yvette Smith 🙏🏾Darrien Hunt 🙏🏾Milton Hall🙏🏾Kevin Turner 🙏🏾Tanesha Anderson 🙏🏾Lavean Johnson 🙏🏾 Akai Gurley 🙏🏾 Tamir Rice 🙏🏾 Rumain Brisbon 🙏🏾Kenneth Harding 🙏🏾Emmet Till🙏🏾Jamar Clark🙏🏾Jeremy Lake 🙏🏾Symone Nicole Marshall🙏🏾George Stinney🙏🏾Kajieme Powell🙏🏾Timothy Thomas🙏🏾Antwan Sedgwick🙏🏾Victor Carter🙏🏾 Kendrick Johnson🙏🏾Kevin Turner🙏🏾Cedric Stephens🙏🏾Michael Ajibade🙏🏾Armand Bennet🙏🏾Walter Scott🙏🏾Jessie Lee Williams🙏🏾 Jay Anderson🙏🏾Amadu Diallo🙏🏾AdolphGrimes🙏🏾 ———————————————-#therealremyredd #BlackHistory #blackhistoryiseveryday

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listen, i love jeremy to death. but guys, give me more.

i love jeremy “lil J” dooley. i love the jeremy that’s still kind of the new guy, the rookie, the one that always manages to surprise everyone with his capabilities. the one who can lurk in the shadows without a sound and shoots with deadly accuracy. i love the jeremy that loves being buddies with everyone and will always be there to ruffle your hair and tell you itll be alright, even if he doesnt believe it. i love the jeremy thatll do anything for five dollars and a video camera. 

but i want jeremy “monster truck” dooley. i want jeremy “do you know who i am” dooley. jeremy “built a secret base rigged with TNT with the word KILL in giant red letters under the lake” dooley. jeremy “lies about having a secret base under his house with an arsenal of destruction” dooley. jeremy “no one will ever know” dooley. 

i love “sunshine and rainbows” jeremy, but i love “more mad than the mad king” jeremy even more. the one that, when given the opportunity, will immediately fuck everyone else over. jeremy that loves blood and chaos and destruction and POWER. jeremy that, when given an inch, takes a mile, and runs the fuck away with it. jeremy that im pretty sure would be even worse than ryan in a king’s lets play. sweet, small, deceivingly innocent, devious jeremy

i love jeremy, but give me capital J Jeremy

Monument Valley (Movie Story [by Song]) by Robbie Ierubino

1. Nimrod - by Sir Edward Elgar - Movie Overture

2. Ida’s Theme - by Grigori - Princess Ida Hills of Spem’s* first appearance near her pond.

3. The Rockery - by Stafford Bawler - Jeremy Feathers’ first appearance as he hangs out with his girlfriend, Ida.

4. The Garden - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Jeremy having dinner in Jeremy’s mansion.

5. Haunted - by Stafford Bawler - Ida hears and then, guided by a strange voice in her head leading to where it’s taking her.

6. The Box - by Stafford Bawler - Ida discovers a little box inside Jeremy’s secret room and when she opens it, she and the box disappears.

7. Leave a Trace - by CHVRCHES - Ida inside a void revealing its prophecy. / Title Sequence

8. Untold Stories - by Stafford Bawler - Ida wakes up finds herself on top of Mt. Columbus and found her pointy hat that she was looking for. But then, she unexpectedly opens a hidden door in the mountain.

9. Hidden Temple - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters inside and discovers that there was an attack in the hidden Temple of the Peacekeepers and sees a ghostly peacekeeper near the sacred platform where the sacred geometry stood. This is when we see Markus Columbus the Ghost.

10. The Ghost - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus, the leader of the peacekeepers, explains the attack inside the mountain, which is when he and his peacekeepers died, and tells that she had stolen the sacred geometry with the Crow, Spem’s greatest thief.

11. The Chasm - by Stafford Bawler - Where Ida took off her hat as a salute for forgiveness, a sacred geometry object appears out of her hat and returns to the sacred platform where it must remain forever.

12. The Thief - by Stafford Bawler - Ida arrives at the Garden of Hope and Jeremy was there. He said that she was looking for her and then, she lied about what happened to her after her disappearance. She told Jeremy that she has some important issues that she must work on and Jeremy agrees to let her move on.

13. The Spire - by Stafford Bawler - Columbus trains Ida how to use magic to help her walk on monuments; to move bridges, paths, and places to get to the other side; and to find shortcuts to get to the sacred platform.

14. Water Palace - by Stafford Bawler - After they return the Water Palace’s sacred geometry, Ida asks Columbus why he’s accusing her that she is called thief by assisting the Crow. He answers that if she is working with the Crow, she should know his identity.

15. Halcyon Court - by Stafford Bawler - When they arrive at Halcyon Court, they see the citizens having fun around the pool. Columbus explains that the people of Spem had forgotten about their beginnings if the sacred geometry was harmed and creates a curse. That’s why they should protected by sacred platform. But, fortunately, Ida was lucky that she didn’t forget about her beginnings, but she noticed that she might have forgotten about the attack in the hidden Temple.

16. The Lost Falls - by Stafford Bawler - Ida and Columbus climbs up on a cliff to find a secret entrance behind the Lost Falls of Love. After they found the entrance, Columbus realized that his old friend is here behind the falls.

17. The Labyrinth - by Stafford Bawler - As they enter through, they begin the search for the sacred platform around a maze called, Labyrinth. When they found the platform, they discovered a golden, sleeping totem right behind it.

18. An Old Friend - by Stafford Bawler - After the sacred geometry object was placed, its energy causes the totem to come to life. Columbus introduces the totem to Ida, Escher Wong the Loyal Totem. She described him as a “beautiful, spiritual, kindly friend.” Escher joins the journey with Ida and Columbus to return the sacred geometry back to their monuments.

19. Midnight - by Coldplay - The journey of forgiveness continues, but it was unexpectedly was followed by Jeremy?

20. The Serpent Lake - by Stafford Bawler - Ida enters the Serpent Lake underwater with the help of Escher to find the sacred platform somewhere.

21. The Citadel of Deceit - by Stafford Bawler - After they found it, Ida discovers a clue. It was a ripped piece of a golden fabric with a bloodstain on the back. This gave her a flashback about what happened after Jeremy and Ida entered the hidden Temple.

22. Nocturne - by Stafford Bawler - After one of the sacred geometry was placed, Columbus explains that sacred geometry was their pride, their downfall. Ida gets upset about how he and his peacekeepers are all nothing but corrupted people.

23. The Decent - by Stafford Bawler - Before it is time to move one, Ida found a poppy flower next to her and decided to take it with her. When, Ida and her 2 friends entered a new and special monument for the colonization of Spem and before the explorers and colonists founded the peacekeepers of Spem, Ida sees her reflection in the mirror has wings. Columbus and tells that the peacekeepers were planning to make her the first queen of Spem.

24. The Oubliette - by Stafford Bawler - Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the hidden graveyard of the peacekeepers and in the graveyard was a big golden tomb which represents the leader of the peacekeepers, Columbus. Ida places her poppy near Columbus’ grave for a big thanks and farewell to him.

25. Dreaming - by Stafford Bawler - Ida suddenly fainted because the final sacred geometry is giving her lost memory back. In her memory, Ida was having fun with the peacekeepers, but suddenly interrupted by the Crow who had stolen the Temple’s sacred geometry. Ida and the peacekeepers tried to stop him, but when Ida punched the Crow’s face, the geometry object went flying through the air. Plus, the Crow’s mask went off and and was revealed that the Crow was none other than… Jeremy! The sacred geometry fell hard on the ground near the peacekeepers and BOOM! It exploded and killed the peacekeepers, but its force pushed Ida and her head hits the wall. And then, everything went black.

26. Sounds from Shattered Seashells - by Obfuse - When Ida finally woke up, she tells Columbus and Escher that the Crow is Jeremy Feathers and she was trying to save the geometry. Ida feels angry that Jeremy had betrayed her when she figured out who Jeremy is exactly. Escher convinced Ida that Jeremy didn’t do anything to harm her and he feels need to protect her from him.

27. A Change of Heart - by The 1975 - Ida begins to fall in love with Escher by holding hands, dancing, and hugging.

28. Observatory - by Stafford Bawler - Before Ida, Escher, and Columbus enters the Found Observatory, they are suddenly blocked by Jeremy requesting the final sacred geometry to him.

29. Xen - by Stafford Bawler - But, Ida confronts Jeremy that he pretended to love her, so that he can first rule Spem forever. She refuses to give the geometry to Jeremy and that is when the chase and battle begins.

30. Demons - by Imagine Dragons - Ida enters halls that guide her to the spinning cube in the observatory, but Jeremy goes after her and Escher and Columbus tried to distract him from catching Ida.

31. Ascension - by Stafford Bawler & Todd Backer - Ida makes it to the top of the cube and places the final sacred geometry back in its sacred platform. When it’s already been placed, its power trapped Jeremy, who also made it to the top, but failed his crime to attempt. Ida declares that Jeremy should never be seen again for lying to her, death of the peacekeepers, and how he cursed the subjects of Spem. And, therefore, Jeremy gets disintegrated by the magic of the sacred geometry that he had stolen.

32. At Journey’s End - by Grigori - After the death of the Crow, the magic of the sacred geometry transforms Ida’s hat into a crown and gave Ida her magical, royal wings, like what was shown from her reflection in the mirror. She, then, thanks Escher and Columbus for their help of begin a hero for her land she now rules.

33. Amateur Cartography - by Obfuse - The subjects of Spem wonder what happened at the Found Observatory and then the magic of the sacred geometry gave them back their memories. Then, they see Ida flying in the sky and now noticed that she is now their queen. Ida invites her subjects to join the flight with her for saving Spem and what it must look like.

34. Forgotten Shores - by Stafford Bawler - The next day, Ida and Escher are sitting with each other on a hill and sees Columbus as the tour guide of the events that have occurred throughout Ida’s journey in the monument valley of Spem. Ida said to Escher that she now loves him and Escher said to Ida that he loves her too. And so, they agreed to be together forever as king and queen of Spem.

35. Black Water - by Of Monsters and Men - The moment when Ida and Escher first kiss each other and when we see Spem living happily ever after! / End Credits (Part 1)

36. Ruled by Secrecy - by Muse - End Credits (Part 2)

*spem - Latin for hope

If you want to hear the playlist, click here.

raimijenner  asked:

Okay just summer camp au then

ALRIGHT lets see.

So Slot Spot would have probably a fun times summer camp? But still professional and with a schedule.

Manager: Manager is head of the camp. Mostly you can find them lounging on the roof of the lodge, because fuck you.

Kennedy: Kennedy is one of the camp counselors, and also one of the people forced to stay with a cabin to make sure the kids aren’t up doing who-knows-what at night. He’s with Those Rowdy Boys™ .

Elliot: Elliot is another counselor, and another one of the people forced to stay with a cabin. She’s with Them Girls™ , but she doesn’t really mind it at all.

BundleBuddy: The grounds keeper. People say he’s murdered someone. No one’s quite sure, but he’s never denied it.

Kiera: Life guard. She’s making sure no one drowns in the lake.

Jeremy: Jeremy’s the chef and baker for the camp, and cooks all the meals. Icarus forces him to bake extra goods for him when he goes on hikes.

Icarus: He runs various activities, mainly the hikes through the woods and such. Once upon a time he also ran archery, but after an incident, he has been banned from doing that.

Eugene: They drive the bus to and from the nearby town. No one knows why, because rumors are floating around that if you enter the bus they’ll try to sell you drugs and maybe a bag of chips that the camp doesn’t carry, but they do.

The HA would probably be one of the strict christian camps in the same neck of the woods as Slot Spot and in opposition to their camp.

Oswin: Head of the camp. Probably the person who takes away all the phones and any connection to the outside world.

Magnolia: Nurse on-grounds. Probably the one making sure that the children don’t accidentally kill themselves when trying to escape from the hell camp.

Thaddeus: Camp counselor, basically just shit talks the Slot Spot camp to his campers all day.

Hannah: The only competent counselor there. Tries to bring some sort of happiness into the campers summer experience.

The Candy Canes would just….it would be another extreme. Low budget camp, probably let the children do whatever the hell they want, and eventually they’re the ones to turn it into a hunger games situation between all the camps, much to the dismay of the other camps.

Rue: Rue only requires HER space to be neat, everything else can burn in hell. She probably is sitting back in a lounge chair with a smoothie, watching her campers wreak havoc. She chimes in sometimes with a ‘hey timmy how about you go raid that cabin at the other end of the lake. that sounds like fun. steal all their money. i believe in you timmy’.

Lewis: At one point, Lewis was the camp counselor that was telling Rue ‘Hey uuuuuh the kids should NOT be doing that? Can we Not? No.’. Now he’s basically that one meme with the dog sitting at the table in the middle of a fire. This Is Fine.

Janice: Janice supports her campers. She supports them wholeheartedly, by going and destroying things with them.

Terry&Sarah: They write for the newspaper, and are the ones now reporting on the camps. Terry is delighted that they’re all basically fighting to the death. Sarah is hardly surprised.


anonymous asked:

jeremy takes jean home during the summer because it's not that he doesn't trust him alone on campus it's just that he totally doesn't trust him. so he tells him family in advance not to overwhelm him and that jean isn't usually one for a conversation. he gives jean his room so he's sleeping on the couch and he argues jean on it until he falls asleep. then a couple of weeks in, he's sat with them at the table and jeremy is laughing loud at his sisters who are bickering and his parents who

just look done with their shit but when he looks at jean beside him, he’s wide eyed and in thought. he doesn’t press on at that moment but later he goes to grab clothes and sits on my his bed and watches jean reading at the desk before asking “what were you thinking about at dinner?” and jean pauses and looks up “what do you mean? ” “well you kind of had this look on your face” and jean gives an unamused look at his exaggeration but he still answers “i was just thinking about your family,”

they’re wild right?“ "not that it’s just… that’s how a real family interacts. no judgement” and jeremy just huffs out a laugh bc this fucking kid will be the death of him


But okay like Jeremy’s family, for serious. It’s not clear how Jean’s family situation was before they sold him but I think that act says enough. Jeremy probably has like a HUGE, UNCOMFORTABLY LARGE FAMILY that he bickers with all the time but loves to death but he sees how much discomfort Jean has when with them and instinctively stays with him in secluded places where Jean can relax. Jeremy’s anxiety isn’t great either so he knows all the good places to take a breather and they spend a lot of time in the attic where Jeremy tells Jean about his childhood and take walks out to the park where they can toss an exy ball around.

And the kids around the neighborhood. God they fucking love Jeremy. He’s lived in that neighborhood all his life and Jeremy knows the kids won’t judge him so they always have a great time together. Jean is pretty astounded by how loud the kids are but actually enjoys teaching them how to play exy and the bright smiles they give him when he does something cool. He feels so admired and appreciated and they kids all go “WHOAAAA” when he pulls off a complex move and it just. Fills him with warmth.

“You’re so cool,” one boy tells him, tugging on Jean’s sleeve. “Millie says you and Jeremy won championships. That means you’re a champion. How can I be a champion?”

And Jean doesn’t want to tell him about learning how to dodge the blows. How to work so hard under the hope that maybe he won’t be bleeding by the end of the day. How he can see every movement because he’s trained himself to react to every threat. He swallows it down, not without breaking a sweat, and says, “You have to really want it.” The desire to live. “More than anything.” The desire to win.

And the boy stares at him like the stars have opened up before him. Jeremy watches it unfold and barely notices when a thirteen year old checks him into the grass.

AND JEREMY’S SISTER (Millie) YO she’ll be all up in Jean’s face like “I heard you were French.” And sends out subtle middle-schooler flirting vibes that are mostly jokes like winking at him and telling him he has pretty hands and she and Jeremy end up tussling EVERY TIME IT HAPPENS and by like two months in Jean joins in and starts talking to her in French really seductively but it’s shit like “What’s for dinner tonight” and “Your brother has no fashion sense” and Jeremy is like “STOP FRENCHING MY SISTER” and it’s fun for the whole family.

But yo….. board games…… Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. Somebody breaks out scrabble and Jean uses this horrible Polish word with like 10 z-s and Jeremy’s dad is ready to fucking fight. Family movie nights. Trips to the amusement park and Jean and Millie get lost together and have to navigate their way out of a corn maze. Jean takes Jeremy to a lake and they spend night looking out and contemplating how much has changed. Jeremy puts an arm around Jean’s shoulders once things start getting deep but they end up just falling asleep like that and Jean wakes up the next morning in a field by a lake leaning against a sleeping Jeremy. 

Just….. Jean at Jeremy’s for the summer.