Grand Finale (Pic and Gif Heavy)

I remember looking at this interview and Anthony Mackie crowing in delight about his BFF Ryan Gosling.

His “Vanilla Petit four”.

He appeared alongside him Gangster Squad.

 Now in this other interview ( this how he describes RG,

“Mackie says that working on Gangster Squad was good because of the Almighty Goz, whom he refers to as “delicious.” He also says that Goz has “turned into a hot fudge sundae since [he] worked with him the last time. He is just a delectable treat that every woman should enjoy to the fullest.” Mackie continues to gush further, saying, “He was like Baskin Robbins before, and how he’s Häagen-Dazs. You know what I mean? He’s like savory, crafted ice cream now. If you like supremely intelligent, well-rounded, well-sculpted, god of a Greek god, handsomely beautiful guys who are really talented and able to do anything they want in the world, I think you should like Ryan Gosling.”

In yet another interview (

He also says,

“He is the most delicious little petit four I could ever experience in my life.” Any more dessert comparisons to throw in? “I love him, little vanilla mocha fudge blossom he is.” Despite those passionate avowals, Mackie denies that he’s caught up in a bromance: “No, no, no — we’re grown-men status. He’s just so cute I want to hug him all the time.”

I love some Stackie, but there’s nothing I’ve heard that comes close to that, that he’s ever said to Seb or Chris.

Once he sets his sight on his unlucky victim, there is no escape.

Look at these unlucky souls

Don Cheadle may be no 1 for now, but his days are numbered.

Above you can see Anthony Mackie’s Dance of Chaos.

He has no remorse.

Now if ya’ll excuse me I’ll reminisce on the former greatness of stackie while listening to this song.  Please Join me.

Jack Kirby, born Jacob Kurtzberg, and Joe Simon were two Jewish men in a dangerous time who did something extraordinary. They created a true American hero who stood up for the little guy, like them. They created a political statement by putting Captain America on the cover of their comic knocking Hitler out with one good punch. Because the US was not even in the war yet, this led to the two men receiving death threats. Both men served in World War II, fighting against the Nazi regime.

It is so incredibly disrespectful to these two men to write this new story line of Captain America. The writers have already said it isn’t a Skrull, or a LMD, or brainwashing… this is the new direction they are choosing to take the character in. In light of this new development I encourage everyone to remember the men behind the incredible Cap we have had for all these years and to take a stand against the new series. Don’t buy it, don’t reblog it, do not show anything but opposition to it.

And always, Remember Jack Kirby and Joe Simon

There’s men who only look good with short hair. There’s men who only look good with long hair.

Then there’s Sebastian Stan who looks good with ANY DAMN KIND OF HAIR.

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