I haven’t watched the videos yet, but apparently:

1. Mishalecki happens
2. A wild, jealous Jensen appears
3. “He sounds like that in the morning - How do you know?”
4. Jensen slaps Misha’s ass as they leave their panel

I’m telling you man man, if it’s not Jensen marking his territory then I don’t know what the hell it is


@god: thank you for cockles. we are truly blessed.

anonymous asked:

Favorite cockles moment?

These things are impossible to answer with just one.. Has anyone ever done it? Because I don’t think it can be done.. So I’m cheating.

Top 5 of Jensen’s cockles Moments

1. Jensen telling MTV that he loves Misha…

2. Jensen “I’ll take Misha”

3. Jensen blushing when talking about Misha..

4. Jensen’s heart eyes..

5. Jensen’s (360) Unicorn Laugh

Top 5 of Misha’s cockles Moments

1. Misha tweeting this “I’m not normally one to talk about coworkers, but Jensen just let me take this picture of him shirtless”

2. The GISHWHES competition/mansion

3. Misha saying this (see below) after Jensen blowing him a kiss for the first time..

4. Fan: (to Jensen) you’re attractive! Misha’s response? Pure gold.

5. The shipping incident.

Top 5 Mutual cockles Moments:

1. The resume off (one and two)

2. “It was like being in the water without a lifejacket scary”

3. The face touching/collar fixing thing they do

4. Them dancing at jibcon 4 together

5. Jensen getting defensive over Jared booing Misha. (I think this could be considered a Jensen one, but it’s too cute to not be on here)