Life with Jensen Ackles would be anything but dull. 

It would be stolen kisses at every turn because he wanted to keep you all to himself.

It would be sarcasm, laced with secret glances and inside jokes. 

It would mean Jensen bragging about you being his wife every moment he could, making sure everyone knew he thought you were way out of his league and that he just cleverly tricked you into falling for him. 

It would mean sexual tension when you were in public because his glance would tell you just how badly he wanted you.

It would mean heated gazes that would drive you mad with desire, his touch leaving trails of fire each time they grazed you. 

It would mean shock and awe at the capacity he has in his heart to love with everything he has. 

It would mean having to watch your back because you are never quite sure when the next prank was coming your way. 

It would mean you gain a new brother in Jared who loves and accepts you whole-heartedly because you are Jensen’s. 

It would mean whispered I love you’s in a crowded room, his breath hot on your skin.

It would mean gorgeous melodies as he serenades you to express the love that he has for you. 

It would mean starting a family because he is just the kind of man you would want your kids to call daddy. 

It would mean joyous laughter would become an expected part of every day. 

It would mean passionate fights that would always be solved before either of you went to sleep. 

It would be passionate kisses whether because you were separated for weeks or mere minutes. Jensen would pour the same emotion into each kiss.

It would mean hot, sweaty nights of love making, neither of you able to get enough of the other.

It would mean your life changed in the best, most perfect way possible. 

Jensen Whores Below, Bitches (Not doing my forevers with this, you’ll see it if you really want to besides this isn’t exactly a fic.)

If I didn’t have my own Jensen, I’d be super jealous of Danneel. Let’s face it, I am a little bit, and Jayce is fully aware. ;)

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