I was reading up on Zodiac Signs for sheer amusement, but what I found for a Pisces(ie Jensen) and a Cancer (Jared)...just had me pleasantly surprised, like wow!

“A friendship between a Cancer and a Pisces is a healthy combination of two people with similar character and spirit. Cancer like to initiate things, and Pisces are inspired by Cancer’s ideas” (*AKF*)

The most remarkable thing about a friendship between a Cancer and a Pisces is the similarity in their character, and the intensity of their emotions. Cancer and Pisces complement each other very well, and could teach and learn from each other. Their sympathetic nature and loyalty to friendship ensure a long, lasting bond between the two star signs.

“The Crab and the Fish will surely swim in the same direction! The relationship between Cancer and Pisces are well grounded by common traits and values, the core of which is deeply emotional.  These two do not open up easily to others but the moment they meet, a sense of trust will prevail.  Soon after, they will realize that they can count on each other. Their relationship will actually be their sanctuary of peace and comfort when life gets a little too difficult to deal with.  These two will be highly attuned to each other’s emotional needs…….no guessing games”

.”Cancer and Pisces fit each other to a tee……a match made in heaven!”

Stars literally aligned for them you guys. It is freaking beautiful. So glad they met each other. *heart eyes*