The Power Of Love - Part 5

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Request Anon = Can you do a read x Jensen story where you’re Jared’s little sister and have a job on Supernatural? Thanks!

A.N – Ok this was hard as I love Danneel and JJ so much and they are a perfect family!! So I went down the route of thinking of Jensen as a character. Or as if it’s all set in an AU environment, so the timing may be a bit off here and there, but hey it’s a story :P 

Anyway, hope you like Anon! 


You decide on the Matrix, you put the movie on as Jensen grabs you a beer. You sit on the sofa and wait for him to come back. He hands you your beer as he sits on the opposite end of the sofa making your heart drop slightly. It was your own fault after all, so you shook the feeling away. As you reached for the remote and hit the play button, you reach across flicking off the lamp leaving you both in darkness other than the TV.

You see J grab the blanket off the back if the sofa and open it out in front of him, laying it over his legs. Suddenly you feel a pair of arms snake around your waist; he pulls you over to him, wrapping your both in the blanket. You end up with your head on his chest, his left arm still wrapped around your waist his finger intertwined with yours resting on your stomach. You smile up at him, reaching up and placing a sweet kiss on what turns out to be under his jaw. He almost purred at the action which made you smile as you snuggled in further. 

The pair of you had drifted off at some point during the movie. 

You were awoken by a noise in the kitchen, you jump at the crash. You feel Jensen’s arms tighten around you.

“Shh, it’s only Gen” you hear his gruff sleep heavy voice in your ear. You smile  remembering where you were. You glance up at him

“ ‘at time is it?” you whisper sleepily 

“About 5 I think” he says grabbing his phone. Sure enough it was 5.15am, you knew the likelihood of getting anymore sleep was slim. Jared was always up stupidly early and Gen was clearly already up probably getting Thomas’ breakfast ready. But you weren’t ready to move just yet. Enjoying the feeling of J’s arms wrapped around you, his chest under your head. 

You both close your eyes again but neither of you actually sleep. You hear Jared bound down the stairs, shushed by his wife. You hear him walk over and the sound of a camera going off.  You tensed under the blanket ready to pounce and grab the damn phone from him. But Jensen pats your stomach telling you to let it go.

“They’re so cute!” Gen whispered, “I take it everything went well last night then?” she asked her husband

“Well from what I could see not much happened, except for a hug and a few words…very disappointing” Jared grumbled quietly

“Nosey bastard” You hear Jensen mumble beneath you, just loud enough for you to hear. You laugh silently, looking up to see him watching you. He winks and stretches, showing them he’s awake. 

“Oh looks like the love birds are awake” Jared sniggers 

“Gen is Thomas awake?” J asked she replies that he wasn’t 

“Oh good, fuck off Moose” you giggle as you see Jared glare at his best friend. You sit up stretching yourself. J kisses your head as he excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Gen brings you coffee over as J moved from the couch. She winks at you

“Told you it would all be ok” you smile shyly as you slip your hot drink

Jensen returns, grabbing a coffee himself before talking to your brother at the counter. You hear your nephew awake and volunteer to go and get him. You run to the bathroom, before going to pick up the young boy from his nursery.

“Morning little man” he smiles up at you reaching for you, you scoop him up kissing his head. You spin to see Jensen watching you from the door. 

“Jared’s gone for his run and Gen’s busy so I thought I’d come spy on you” he smiles as he sees Thomas reach for him. 

“This is getting silly, my own nephew loves you more than me” you pout. 

“Aww poor baby” J kisses your cheek; it wasn’t a quick kiss either. His lips lingered there a lot longer than needed, it sent goosebumps flying down your spine.

He takes Thomas from your arms, winking as he walks from the room. You smile thinking you could get used to this as you follow him from the room.

After playing with you nephew for a while, you glance at your phone deciding you really should pack for the convention. 

“Ok someone needs to take me home” they all frown at you “I actually have to pack this time” you smile tightly, remembering the events of last night. Jensen stands up, fishing his keys from his pocket

“I’ll take you” you nod, hugging Gen.  You refuse to hug your brother as he’s still gross from his run. 

Promising to meet him at the airport tonight, you bid your farewells, giving Thomas a quick kiss before leaving. J grabs his jacket, deciding to go home as well.

You get in the car and buckle up. You feel Jensen grab your hand and give it a squeeze which you return. He lets it go starting the car. You drive in silence, but it’s not uncomfortable. He pulls up to your house, flicking off the engine. 

“You coming in? Or are you as unorganised as I am?” you joke, to which he laughs

“No I’m done. So I can help if you like?” you smiled and nodded. 

It was going to be a long weekend, conventions were always busy but know you were going to feel his absence even more, and although you were sure that most of the cast had seen that photo Jared took this morning by now, you weren’t sure if you were both ready to go public so quickly.

You walk into your house throwing your keys in the dish you had set aside. You walk to the stairs, gesturing for J to follow as he was standing leaning against the wall. He follows you into your room, watching you flick on the radio. Rolling his eyes at the Christmas songs that poured out. 

“J its December….there’s going to be Christmas songs…from what I hear Rob and Rich are putting on a Christmas show” you laugh, eyeing him cheekily 

“Oh no! Don’t even think about it! Im not singing” you pout batting your eyelashes, he covers his eyes to save looking at you shaking his head, sitting on your bed facing away from you.

You laugh as you climb onto your bed wrapping your arms around him, kissing his cheek sweetly. Much like he had done to you first thing this morning. 

You release him returning to your packing, you pick a few outfits as you sing along with ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ you turn folding the items to see Jensen now lying across you bed, head propped on his first smiling at you. It was easily the sexiest sight you’d ever seen.

“What?” you ask smiling back

“I’ll sing if you do” you laugh, Rob had been trying to get you to perform with them but you were too nervous. You loved singing, but not in front of people.

“Well that not gonna happen then is it” you playfully glare. 

Your packing seemed to take forever; Jensen had to help you close your case.

“Damn woman, it’s only a weekend!” he laughs as he finally does up the zip, you stick your tongue out at him as you sway to ‘please come home for Christmas’ 

You turn away, still swaying, to check the desk in case you’d forgotten anything. You feel arms snake around you. Hips moving in sync with yours. You lean back against his chest, moving together slowly. 

You spin in his arms as the song comes to an end. His licks his lips as he studies yours, but he makes no move towards them. You frown wondering what he’s waiting for, then you remember his words last night. ‘go slow’ 

You deflate a little; he looks back at your eyes before dropping his head to kiss you. His lips barely ghost over yours when the sound of his phone fills the air.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To be continued...

Just three words?

Did you see Jensen and Jared trying to answer that question about describing each other in 3 words? LOL that was hilarious because after 10 years of seeing them talking about each other, giving heartfelt speeches about each other’s amazing talents and qualities and their kindness, their work ethics and commitment to friends and family, seeing them literally wax poetics about how dear they are to each other and how they love each other and how protective they are of what they have with each other, after seeing Jared admiring Jensen for literally his fucking everything, no matter how big or small, after seeing Jensen talk about Jared’s big heart and giving nature, after ten years of them finding new ways, new words and expressions to explain the awesomeness of each other.

You ask them to describe each other in three words? I applaud them for even trying.
Man was that awkward and hilarious.You would have gotten a better answer without the limitation.
Even then they were just being half-sarcastic and just looking here and there, so lost and wondering why they cant just spit three words to describe each other.
Jared ended up with his bullet points for why Jensen is awesome anyway.You would have gotten more if Jensen hadn’t interrupted.

But in the end all you got was ‘Shorter.Than.Me’ and 'A.Good.Friend’.

This is actually kind of ironically funny.

Because seriously?Three words?

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Jensen Ackles singing “Simple Man” at #VanCon 2015

Close up and available in HD. *_*