Happy 5th Birthday Stickyfrogs! 😊🎉🎈🐸🐸🐸🐸🎁🎊😊
The Stickyfrogs have had a wonderful party today to celebrate their 5th Birthday!
Everyone had an exciting party hat!
They got a special giant frog card from the small frogs!
And Barry gave them a rock on behalf of the Pobblebonks!
The Stickyfrogs had a wonderful time and finished off the day with some Birthday treaties!

so listen up because i think in the midst of all this final stage madness we need to appreciate one rider

jens voigt

this guy is amazing

he’s taken part in seventeen tour de france grand tours, been in countless breakaways, won over 24 stages and is an absolute cutie.

not to mention this man has six kids and finds time to look after them all with his wife while being a professional cyclist.

he’s also won a huge amount of stages, including ones like the tour of california, the usa pro challenge and even wore the yellow jersey in the tour de france twice.

then during one tour de france, he crashed at extremely high speeds on a descent 

the first hospital didn’t accept him due to the seriousness of his injuries, and he couldn’t even remember what had happened.

did this guy quit? 


instead he focused on all the positives, and stated when he fell, he said to himself:

‘No, I do not accept defeat here. I do not accept this. I’m going to change this. I’m a big believer of the theory that you make your destiny. You’ve got your fate in your hands and it’s up to you, it’s your responsibility. It is sometimes a heavy burden, but it’s you who changes, who moves, who shapes your reality for yourself, who shapes your life.””

“‘I don’t want such a freaky accident to decide for me that now I’m done. I came to grips with the problem and didn’t run away from it.”


also i kind of don’t want him to retire. but seeing as he is, i think it’s appropriate to end with one phrase:

“shut up legs” - jens voigt

How to tell the Stickyfrogs apart! An updated post!

Here is Tiny, he is easy to pick out because of his special lip:

Jens usually hides, but when he does come out you can tell him apart by his croak sac (Gumby and Voigt don’t have a croak sac) and he has the most skin falling over his ears because he doesn’t like to exercise.

Here are Voigt and Gumby. Voigt is the biggest, with a big wide smile, and Gumby is always very happy:

Voigt and Gumby are the hardest two to tell apart! Here are some comparison pictures!

Voigt is 20 grams heavier than Gumby:

Voigt has a flatter forehead than Gumby and she has two white freckles next to each other on her left shoulder:

Voigt also has two special yellow toes on her right foot! 🐸🐸

Bonk can be very difficult to distinguish from the others as she blends in very easily, so I am trying different ways to solve this problem:

Barry is the son of Bonk! Barry goes BOK!

Toes is small and green with magnificent toes:

Psycho is spotty!

Basil is a bit smaller and greener than Wayne:

And Wayne always looks like she wants to kill you: