They’re searching for their inner idiot, Karen. What’s the idea of a society that gets richer and richer, when it doesn't make anyone happier? In the Stone Age –right?– all the idiots died. It doesn’t have to be like that nowadays. Being an idiot is a luxury, but it also a step forward. Idiots are the people of the future. If one can find the one idiot that happens to be one’s own idiot… Miguel, right? He is a happy idiot, because he is a happy man.

Stoffer, The Idiots (1998).


Nymphomaniac part one and two (2013) dir. Lars Von Trier


Jens Albinus, actor. Classic scandinavian good looks plus general charm. Stars in Danish crime show ‘Ornen’ (The Eagle). Also a Capricorn (yesyes) - born 3rd Jan. Downside: married and older (47). Wife, Marina Bouras, equally stunning and almost equally scandinavian (born in Greece; moved to Denmark when 6 yrs old).