Sad headcanon about Digimon Tamers

I don’t know why this thing popped out in my head, and I don’t know where this comes from too (as I’m a Jenruki shipper.)
The Tamers haven’t got their Digimon back. Ruki and Takato have got married and in the following years they have two kids (two twins maybe). Both are very obsessed about their digital friends and they obviously want them to come back so much. Therefore, when suddenly in the park area a sort of temporary gate to Digiworld, that shouldn’t be there, appears, they don’t hesitate and immediately approaches to the gate. Although Jenrya, who works in Hypnos and knows what will happen if they go into that gate, tries to stop them, they stubbornly (especially Ruki) decides not to accept his advice. So Ruki runs into that gate and Takato follows her (maybe he doesn’t agree with her so much) and the gate closes because of Hypnos, that is still “afraid” about “The Digimon topic”. They seal the gate (just like in the end of the series) and Takato and Ruki disappears in Digiworld hoping to find their Digimon partners. In conclusion Jenrya is left alone, desperated for his friends, who most likely won’t come back so soon. He tries to open the gate again, but he knows that everything is useless and, shocked, realizes he has lost his two best friends and most of all the two twins have lost their parents.
Even if he isn’t so sure about this, he decides to take care of the two little children, and he realizes that he really has really to give his best in achieving his goal (bringing the Digimon back), as it would mean bringing Ruki and Takato back too.
As the two children grow up, he always tells them stories about how much their parents were heroic and brave, and he lies, saying that their parents are travelling around a magical and wonderful world and they would come back someday and would bring them a lot of presents.
“What if they have died and we don’t know that?” One of the two children, the guy, says one day.
“Well, what is your heart telling you? Have they died or are they still trying to pursue their goal?”
And after that words the second one, the little blonde girl, shouts, “They are always in our heart! They will always warm our heart and they will return soon. Oh, they will give me a doll, obviously, won’t they, Jen-Oji san?
Jenrya smiles weakly, and thinks, looking at the sky, “For the children’s sake, Jen, find a safe way to connect Digiworld and our world. Just for their sake.”