The Music Box - Part One

A/n: Hey everybody! I’ve gotten a request from @whatcha-gonna-do-about-it-huh to write something I’ve always wanted to write but never got a request for. So here it goes! I’ve been wanting to write this for forever but I’ve never stopped to do it. This will more than likely end up being a series, so if you like it, please comment, reblog, and let me know! Enjoy💚

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“Paris. That’s when it must of happened.
The two of them alone, in another world.
Putting their lives in each others hands everyday.
Not to mention the long nights.
It was inevitable.
Nothing is inevitable.” 

Imagine: An NCIS/Mama Mia storyline. Where your mother Jenny is shocked to find out you’ve invited all three of your possible fathers to you and   Tony’s wedding.

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Tony: “ She’s going to kill you!”

Carley: “ I had to meet them sooner or later.” 

Let’s just take a minute to talk about how gorgeous Jenny looks in this moment.

I ADORE her hair. This is my favorite look on her- and I love her outfit. And just her in general.

Just look at her face: she’s watching Gibbs with Zach, and there’s that regretful half-smile that matches the sadness in her eyes, but is also partly happy because she’s seeing that soft side of Gibbs that she loves.

This makes me ship Jibbs that much harder because it shows me that she does regret leaving, and she does love Gibbs, and she knows she missed out on something that could have been great.