Rachel Getting Married (2008) - dir. Jonathan Demme

Tour. De. Force. That’s the only way to describe Anne Hathaway’s performance as Kym, a recovering addict. The cinematography (mostly hand-held) is jarring, and nothing if not bothersome… but Demme is such a terrific director that even though Rachel Getting Married is semi-painful to sit through… there’s a huge reward in store for the audience members that stay.

I heard about this film only because Tunde Adebimpe (lead singer of TV on the Radio) was one of the top-billed actors. I did some preliminary research and discovered that he was playing Sid, the man to whom Rachel was getting married. I figured he’d have a big part, it’d be interesting to check out. I left the theater touting Hathaway as the most underrated actress of our time.


Jenny Lumet Age, Bra Size, Height, Weight, Measurements

Jenny Lumet Age, Bra Size, Height, Weight, Measurements

Jenny Lumet Age, Bra Size, Height, Weight, Measurements

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Jenny Lumet Age, Bra Size, Height, Weight, Body Measurements

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Talking to Jenny Lumet - Out of the Binders

Jenny Lumet captured our hearts with her first screenplay, Rachel Getting Married, which won the 2008 New York Film Critics Circle award. She’s been writing ever since, while also trying to level the playing field for other writers who happen to be women and minorities. We caught up with Lumet as she and five other …

“Rachel Getting Married” scribe & Binder Con panelist Jenny Lumet spoke with us about her work and diversity in film and TV.

Get a preview of what Lumet has to say on our Panel on Film & TV!

Jenny Lumet Knows a Thing or Two

My favorite “Lumet-isms” from Cathy Horyn’s @NYTimes profile of the screenwriter, who happens to come from some serious creative stock — Lumet is the daughter of prolific film director Sidney Lumet and writer Gail Lumet Buckley, and the granddaughter of Lena Horne.

(1.) “Are we not all free to be wildly idiosyncratic, flawed and human?” — Lumet musing on

(2.) “The thing that was impressed upon me was the idea of truth in the moment. All these people made movies or plays or they sang songs, and in telling a story or a joke they were committed to telling the truth in that second.” — Lumet on what ideas about art and storytelling she absorbed from listening to her parents’ dinner party conversations.

(3.) Determined to win over film director Jonathan Demme, she wrote his poodle, Olive, a haiku and sent it to the Demme household — packaged in a box with 75 tennis balls:

Like fallen petals
Breathing on the wooden slats.
Smelly. Olive naps.

(It worked. Demme ended up directing the critically-lauded "Rachel Getting Married.”)

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Watch Rachel Getting Married 2008 On ZMovie Online

Watch Rachel Getting Married 2008 On ZMovie Online

Releasing Date: 31 / October / 2008 [Spain]

The Director is: Jonathan Demme

Writer and Produced By: Jenny Lumet

Movie Genres: Drama / Romance

Acted By: Sebastian Stan / Roslyn Ruff / Anne Hathaway / Bill Irwin / Anna Deavere Smith / Annaleigh Ashford

Runtime: 113 min

Releasing Country: USA

Movie Brief: Watch Rachel Getting Married 2008 On ZMovie Online:Kym Buchman has been in drug rehab for 9 months, throughout which era she has been clean. She is discharged quickly from the ability to affix her sister married woman Buchman’s wedding. throughout her issue, Kym is residing at the family lodging, wherever the marriage is taking location. As such, it’s like Grand targeted position for the length of Kym’s keep, which can not be the foremost contributing position for her in definitely being exposed to the perceptive eyes of these World Health Organization perceive and do not however perceive her, however perceive of her position. The reunion together with her family constituents starts off to an adequate degree, however problems spherical Kym’s issue from rehab quickly surface. Kym and Rachel’s pappa, Paul Buchman, likes to create bound that Kym is o.k. in any respect times, that to Kym feels instead of like he does not believe her. married woman slowly starts to resent Kym’s position taking up what’s imagined to be the happiest day of her life, a number of that is directed by Kym, a number of that is not. One individual gift however largely not encompassed .

Imdb Rating: 6.7/10

Rachel Getting Married (2008)

Anne Hathaway has come a long way since Princess Diaries. She’s played a cool, comedic spy in Get Smart, an outspoken, 18th century writer in Becoming Jane, and a fantasy queen in Alice in Wonderland. In Rachel Getting Married, the first performance for which she received an academy nod, Hathaway returns a state of awkwardness and rebellion not seen since her debut. 

Kym (Hathaway) has been floating in and out of rehab for years. She returns home to attend the wedding of her sister, Rachel (a wonderful Rosemarie DeWitt). Her return stirs previously stilled waters within her nuclear family, starting up tension, fights, and endlessly wonderful dialogue. 

Rachel Getting Married is another movie about aging. This time, though, the protagonist faces not necessarily the physical realities of moving on in life, but rather the emotional and social responsibilities that come with age. Interestingly enough, although Kym wears her lack of emotional responsibility on her sleeve, the film’s other characters, too, struggle with the same problem. Rachel seems to need just as much attention as her sister does. The girls’ father stalks off to cry after he loses a contest against Rachel’s fiancee of who can load a dishwasher faster. And the girls’ mother comes late to the rehearsal dinner, leaves the wedding early, and slaps Kym across the face when the two have an argument.

The film's dialogue is intricate. It digs deep into relationships through the discussion of every day family matters. It is clear without being too obvious. The actors play their parts with seeming ease, most likely a tribute to Mr. Demme’s directing skill. Although some of the party scenes lasted too long, most of the film’s dialogue driven nature led me to fully understand characters. The camera’s shakiness made me feel guilty of peering into this family’s personal life. Such realism makes the point that perhaps emotional maturity does not necessarily attend physical aging, but rather is a constant process. 



Título original: Remember Me

Año: 2010

Duración: 113 min.

País: Estados Unidos

Director: Allen Coulter

Guión: Will Fetters, Jenny Lumet

Música: Marcelo Zarvos

Fotografía: Jonathan Freeman

Reparto: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Pierce Brosnan, Martha Plimpton, Amy Rosoff, Peyton List, Meghan Markle, Ruby Jerins, Gregory Jbara, Tate Ellington, Wilmer Calderon, John Farrer

Productora: Summit Entertainment / Underground Films and Management / Independent Films / Eagle Pictures / Long Shong Entertainment Multimedia Company

Género: Drama. Romance | Drama romántico

Sinopsis: Tyler Roth (Robert Pattinson) es un joven afectado por el suicidio de su hermano, situación que desencadenará el divorcio de sus padres (Pierce Brosnan y Lena Olin), incapaces de superar la traumática pérdida. Totalmente solo, y con una familia rota, conoce a una chica (Emile De Ravin) que hará que su vida vuelva a tener sentido. (FILMAFFINITY)