Chic & Easy Pieces for Spring

Fashion in 2017 is nothing if not rich in biodiversity. From prairie-inspired florals to newly defined waists, from hoodies to 1980s shoulder pads, it’s all going on. How to pick a coherent, sophisticated path through the fields of plenty? By exercising personal style, obviously. Gucci shirt and pants, and Jennifer Fisher jewelry. 

The Bang List

Tag your friends and they have to Reblog with their top five celebrities on their Bang List

1. Emma Stone
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. Isla Fisher
5. Lizzy Caplan

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saltparis  asked:

Can you please give a list of Phoebe's clothing and jewelry spends? I know she shops from Rouje religiously, and also buys from Réalisation Par and Reformation, but do you have anymore in mind? And as for her jewelry, I'm completely clueless on that one! Thank you! xx 💞

besides the ones you mentioned above, clothing wise, here are the brands i know she buys from/brands that sends her clothing: swildens, kitx, christopher esber, barrie, paris georgia basics, bassike, ellery, dion lee, chanel, frame, bonds, isabel marant, zara, josh goot, topshop, alexander wang, h&m, yeojin bae, the row, phillip lim, masini & chern and of course matteau swim

jewellery that i know of are: chanel, by charlotte, sarah & sebastian, jennifer fisher jewelry, jacquie aiche, erth jewelry, lokai, tiffany & co, amber sceats, ryan storer, mpnt

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