There are two absolute truths I believe when it comes to Teen Wolf
  • 1: Derek Hale is a sexual abuse/rape survivor from Kate and Jennifer and deserved a better storyline
  • 2: Stiles Stilinski is bisexual af
This Might Hurt (Stiles Romance) ~Final~

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           I pressed my hand to the tub as I attempted to get comfortable, my head leaning against it, as I kept my eyes closed and continuing my slumber. We had been waiting all night and day for them to come back, but nothing. We were trying to keep hope, but it was starting to look as if maybe… they weren’t going to come back. In my sleep, I felt a single tear slide down my cheek. They couldn’t be dead… they had to come back…

           My eyes fluttered open as I heard bubbling coming from the tubs before splashing was heard. I quickly got up and watched as Allison, Stiles, and Scott all sat up gasping for air.

           “I saw it! I know where it is!” Scott cried out, stepping out of the tub.

           “We passed it,” Stiles continued, getting out as well. I quickly helped him. “There was this stump, this huge tree—well it’s not huge anymore it was cut down, but it’s still big though, very big.”

           “It was that night we were looking for the body,” Scott continued.

           “Yeah, the same night you got bit by Peter,” Stiles added.

           “I was there too,” Allison breathed out. “In the car with my mother, we almost hit someone.”

           “It was me,” Scott said, turning to her. “You almost hit me.” Allison sighed out in surprise before Scott turned back to all of us. “We can find it.”

           Deaton turned over to my mom who crossed her arms and took in a deep breath.

           “What?” Allison asked.

           “You guys were out a long time,” Isaac muttered.

           “How long is a long time?” Stiles asked.

           “Sixteen hours,” Deaton breathed out.

           “We’ve been in the water for sixteen hours?” Scott asked.

           “And the full moon rises in less than four,” my mother added.

           We handed them towels and let them dry off before Scott turned to me.

           “Are you ready?” he asked. I bit my lower lip as I lowered my gaze, simply nodding.

           “What? Ready for what?” Stiles asked.

           “To go back,” he simply replied.

           “No,” Stiles argued back, his brows pulling together in anger. “You guys can’t go back!”

           “I made a deal with Deucalion,” Scott said.

           “We made a deal,” I added for him.

           “Does anyone else think that sounds a lot like making a deal with the devil?” Stiles asked, turning to face everybody.

           “Why does it matter anyway?” Isaac asked.

           “Because, I still don’t think we can beat Jennifer without their help,” Scott replied.

           “He trusts you more than anything, tell him he’s wrong,” Allison pleaded, facing Deaton. “Tell them both!”

           “Adelyn, we already discussed this—”

           “I’m doing it, mom. I have to.”

           “Angela, I’m not so sure your daughter and Scott are in the wrong,” Deaton stated. Everyone’s eyes widened. “Circumstances like this sometimes require that you align yourself with people you’d normally consider enemies.”

           “So, we’re going to trust him?” Isaac asked. “The guy that calls himself death destroyer of worlds? We’re going to trust that guy?”

           “No, but you can use him to your advantage,” he continued. “Deucalion may be the enemy, but he could also be the bait.”

We all suddenly jumped as the door to clinic opened.

“I’m looking for Lydia,” one of the twin’s voice called out. She immediately made her way out at the sound of her name.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I need your help,” he simply stated, recognizing it was Ethan. I attempted to make my way to the door, but Stiles beat me to it.

“With what?” he asked protectively.

“Stopping my brother and Kali,” Ethan continued. “From killing Derek.”


Everybody headed out their own ways. Lydia went off with Ethan to try and stop Kali and Aiden, while Isaac, Allison, and Scott, all headed to Allison’s house to look for something the werewolves could try to use to catch a scent on their parents. Stiles and I made our way to his house, where I quickly managed to change in his bathroom, while he looked around his house. I slipped into my black skinny jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt, before heading back out into Stiles’ living room, where he waited while on the phone with Scott.

“Well what do you want me to get?” he asked.

“Just grab anything,” I heard Scott through the speaker of his phone.

“What about boxers?”

“Stiles, I’m not smelling your dad’s boxers!”

“What about his socks?” he asked, running into his Dad’s room and running back out with a pair of socks.

“Socks? Okay… I’ll smell his socks,” Scott sighed. With that they hung up and Stiles looked over to finally notice me.

“Hey,” he began, putting his phone away.

“I have to go,” I muttered, staring up at him.

“Do you have to?” he asked. I grimaced as I walked a bit closer to him and grabbing my grey hoodie off the couch.

“You’ve asked me this about a million times, now,” I said with a slight smile. “The answer is not going to change.”

“It could,” he muttered with a grimace. “I just—I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“We have to stop her, one way or another,” I continued, “Either way, I have to go. Deucalion has been waiting on me for a while now—”

“He can wait a little longer,” he shrugged, putting his hands inside his jean pockets. I chuckled and shook my head.

“I don’t think so.”

“Fine, will you at least let me drive you there?” he asked. “Where—where is it again?”

“The middle of the forest?” I smiled innocently.

“Alright, c’mon. I gotta head that way anyways,” he said, grabbing a hold of his keys.


Stiles sped his way through the vacant road. I looked up at the skies as I noticed the thunder and lightning that began to flash across the cloudy night sky.

“This can’t be good,” I muttered.

He made a sharp turn into the dirt pathway and continued his speeding. I grabbed onto my seatbelt a little tighter, slightly panicking as I noticed the strong winds and fog suddenly appear before us.

“Stiles,” I called out, gulping slightly. “Slow down.”

“I’m trying to,” he muttered, leaning forward and squinting, attempting to step on his breaks. My breathing became uneven as I could no longer make out anything that was in front of us.

“Stiles, look out!” I cried out as I noticed a tree suddenly come into view. We both cried out before he lost complete control and rammed into the tree.

Opening my eyes, I groaned slightly as I felt the whiplash from the crash suddenly hit me. I unbuckled myself and turned to Stiles, who was leaning against the door, passed out, and the side of his head bleeding. Before I could reach out to him, I felt a hand suddenly grip at my neck. Choking back, my eyes flickered onto Jennifer who only smirked.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she shook her head. “You’re coming with me.”

“STILES!” I cried out as I felt the air suddenly lighten from around us. Before I knew it, I was yanked out of the jeep and far from him…

Jennifer had managed to come to a stop as we had reached an end, where she still held onto my neck tightly.

“What are you doing with her?!” Derek cried out, stepping out from behind a tree.

“Doesn’t hurt to have a third option,” she shrugged. “She can play the role of a single guardian and lend me her power.”

“Let her go,” Derek growled.

“No, Derek, this has to be done,” she continued angrily. “They must be stopped.” Jennifer paused as she looked over to me. “Besides, I know she was Deucalion’s secret weapon… Well, we’ll see how he feels if I borrow her.”

“She’s not human!” Derek argued.

“She’s half and that’s good enough with me,” Jennifer stated. “Don’t fight this Derek. I told you, if you refuse to help me, then they will all die. Besides, I’m not borrowing her because of what you think. Adelyn is far more important to Beacon Hills than you think.”

“You won’t get away with this,” I managed to grumble through her grip.

“We’ll see about that,” she smirked toward me, before turning to Derek. “Let’s go.”

He hesitated before he followed after her.


We had made it to a shed in the middle of nowhere, her grip on my throat not faltering as she finally caught sight of Deucalion and Scott.

“Let her go!” Scott cried out, attempting to step forward, but was stopped as he noticed Derek just behind her.

“What are you doing?” he asked, his brows merging.

“Trying to help you,” Derek simply answered.

“Hmmm, like brother against brother,” Deucalion said rather amused. “How very… American this is.” He paused as he stepped forward slightly. “I take it you decided to take matters into your own hands and attempt to steal my secret weapon.” Jennifer’s grip began to loosen as she stepped slightly back.

“Are you ready, Jennifer?” Deucalion asked, putting up his cane. “Did you gather your herbs? Pray to your ancient gods and your oak trees? Slit a baby’s throat perhaps?” He paused as he took off his leather jacket. “Should we show them why you needed to sacrifice nine innocent people just to face me?” My body began to shake as I noticed him start to transform before my own eyes, taking in his demonic form, the same demonic form I had seen in my visions countless of times before. “I can’t say I’m surprised you attempted to steal Adelyn away from my pack,” he continued, “however… I hate to disappoint, but she’s with me, aren’t you, Adelyn?” I kept my silence as my body continued to shake, taking in his bloodshot glowing red eyes. He growled loudly and I suddenly felt my own eyes glow, almost as if his growl had activated my own powers.

Jennifer’s grip instantly loosened completely as she crouched over in pain, her hand seeming burnt. I dropped to the floor and Scott immediately rushed to my side, helping me up, as the fight between Deucalion and Derek broke out. Jennifer immediately looked up before making her way toward Deucalion and attempting to use her powers against him, but they failed. Deucalion seemed to chuckle in satisfaction before he grabbed a hold of both Derek and Jennifer by the throat, lifting them up for a second, enjoying his strength, before letting them drop. Derek attempted to take a swing, but was tossed away like a rag doll, hitting a pile of old, used up tires and rolling onto the floor. Jennifer took her chance and began charging at him, but he merely swung at her and caused her to fall back. Scott and I stared in horror, watching as Derek struggled to get back on his feet. I backed away slightly, Scott placing a protective arm before me as Deucalion grabbed a hold of Jennifer and knelt her before us.

“Kill her,” he simply stated in his deep, demonic voice, staring at us both. “Do it.” He growled again as we both only stared at him. My eyes began their glow again and Scott fell to the ground, his own werewolf form taking over.

“Now, kill her, both of you,” he continued. I looked down as I noticed the electricity coursing through my hands. “Your mother is dying, Scott. That storm you hear? She’s burying them alive, it’s her connection to the telluric currents. Kill her and it ends!”

“It won’t end,” Jennifer interceded. “Not with me. He’ll have you kill everyone you love. It’s what he does!”

“They’re dying,” he continued, his eyes flickering onto me and onto Scott. “Your mother, Scott. And the parents of your best friends. Kill her now and it’s over. Become the alpha you’re meant to be…” He turned to me. “Become the killer you’re meant to be.”

Scott stood himself up, keeping his gaze on Deucalion.

“They’re not dead, yet,” he began.

“Who’s going to save them? Your friends?”

“My pack,” he simply stated. I immediately reached out of my cylinder and it immediately turned to a rod, twirling it in my hand as I finally stepped at Scott’s side, suddenly feeling his confidence build up my own. Deucalion growled before charging his way toward us, grabbing both our arms roughly, exposing Scott’s claws and the electricity that coursed around my hands.

“Maybe you two just need a little guidance,” he began, walking us toward Jennifer, who laid on the floor. I shut my eyes for a second as I fought back my powers before looking up once again. Scott turned to look at me as he nodded, I pressed my lips together somehow understanding that he had a plan.

“I forgot to tell you something,” he panted. “Something that Gerard told me. Deucalion isn’t always blind…” My eyes flickered onto his other hand, which had managed to grab a hold of something from his pock and immediately tossed it down to the ground. Deucalion lost his grip as the blinding light shot out and caused all of us to back away and shield ourselves from it. Deucalion began swinging aimlessly as he couldn’t see a thing. Once the light wore off, I turned to Scott, who had fallen to his knees, no longer wolfed up. I gasped and looked up as I noticed the total lunar eclipse had finally started.

“The eclipse,” Deucalion said in slight panic, no longer his demon wolf self. “It’s started.”

“And you’re all powerless,” I muttered, staring at all three werewolves in their human form. Scott looked down, searching for Jennifer, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Oh, no,” he gasped back.

“Where is she?” I asked as Scott stepped forward, keeping his eyes at the entrance. I pulled my rod before me, eyes glowing as I searched for her through the dust storm that was taking place outside. I gasped as the horrendous creature from before made its way toward us, she screeched and tossed Scott away from her. I stood my ground and attempted to swing at her, but she merely dodged and grabbed me by the neck. My brows pulled together as I felt my own power begin to grow. I grabbed her arm and the electricity soon began to turn to fire, consuming her arm. She cried out in pain and let go, giving me the opportunity to kick her away. I twirled the rod in hand and immediately began taking swings at her, hitting her sides and finally aiming for her feet and knocking her down.

“Let them go,” I grumbled, putting my foot over her stomach and my rod just above her chest. “All of them.” She glared up at me before she screeched and managed to kick me off, causing me to fly back into Scott. He grabbed a hold of me, making sure I was alright. I nodded as I raised a hand to my head. There was another angry screech before she appeared before Deucalion, grabbing him and tossing him around before pinning him to the ground and bashing his head against the concrete floor, a pool of blood forming just beneath him.

“Jennifer!” Derek cried out, attempting to stop her. She turned to him, panting in anger.


“He doesn’t know,” he began.

“Know what?!” She growled.

“What you really look like,” he continued. Scott kept his hands over my arms as we finally managed to get back up. “He knows the cost of bringing Kali into his pack, but he’s never seen the price you paid.”

“No,” she muttered, looking down at Deucalion, “no he hasn’t.” She knelt over him and placed a hand over his eyes. She closed her own and before we knew it, Deucalion began screaming in pain. My brows merged as I watched carefully, somehow finding it interesting how she was healing him.

“Turn to me,” she finally said, taking her hand away from his eyes. “Turn around!” She demanded when he wouldn’t. Deucalion gasped in fear, grunting as he tried to keep his eyes on her, his vision completely healed. I blinked and suddenly the creature had turned back to her normal self. She attempted to swing at him, but immediately fell back, suddenly seeming weak. Derek ran to her and held onto her failing body.

“What is this?” she asked, grunting in pain.

“Healing him made you weak,” Derek explained, “just like healing Cora did to me. You won’t have your strength for at least a few minutes.”

“Then you do it,” she said, smiling weakly up at him. “Kill him.”

“No,” he simply replied. Her smile faded and she began picking herself up again.


“Like my mother used to say,” he began, grabbing a hold of her face. “I’m a predator. I don’t have to be a killer.” His hand finally gripped at her throat and she gasped. “Let them go!” he demanded. Her face twisted into anger before she pushed him back into some crates, causing him to let go. She made her way up to him and began slapping him before stopping and kneeling in front of him, seeming as if she could cry.

“Derek,” she whimpered, shaking her head as she searched for something in his eyes, but he only looked away from her. I kept my eyes on her as she finally turned her back to him and began walking away. She came to a stop as he stood himself up, turning to him the moment he decided to run at her. He grabbed a hold of her neck, but she grabbed a hold of his shirt and began pushing him repeatedly against the wall. I looked up at the night sky as it began to clear up, the eclipse finally receding.

“Your fifteen minutes are up,” Derek grumbled as his eyes began their glow, managing to push her off. Jennifer fell to the floor for a second before quickly picking herself up. Scott pushed me slightly to the side as he began running after her, but before he could get close, she encircled herself in mountain ash.

“Like I told you, Derek,” she began angrily. “Either you, the parents, or Adelyn. But since those plans failed, I guess I’ll have to take the parents instead. In a few minutes, they’ll be dead and I won’t need a lunar eclipse even to kill a demon wolf.”

Scott stepped forward and placed his hands just before him, almost as if attempting to walk through the barrier. Jennifer looked at him amused.

“You’ve tried this before, Scott. I don’t remember you having much success,” she mocked. The blue aura began to push back Scott, but he continued to force his way through. I watched in amazement as his eyes began to glow, turning from a bright yellow to a deep red. He stepped forward once and Jennifer’s eyes became scared for a moment, stepping away from Scott. Another step and he managed to break through the mountain ash, causing Jennifer to fall back with the impact. I sighed out a sharp breath in amazement as I watched Jennifer scramble up in fear, staring up at Scott.

“How did you do that?” she asked shakily.

“I’m an alpha now,” he simply stated in monotone. Deucalion stood himself up and I stepped forward, closer to Scott. “Whatever you’re doing to cause the storm, make it stop. Or I’ll kill you myself… I don’t care what it does to the color of my eyes—”

“It won’t change the color of mine, so allow me,” Deucalion stated, stepping forward and clawing at Jennifer’s throat. I gasped as her slashed up appearance returned and the same Darach that had been after my friends, killing innocent people, now laid their dying right before our eyes. We all sighed in relief as she finally fell back, having given up. The storm outside finally died down.

I turned to Scott, who pulled out his phone and began making a call.

“Scott?” I heard Stiles’ voice.

“Hey, are you okay?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, we’re okay. We’re all okay,” Stiles said, his voice hinting that he was smiling. I sighed in relief, taking in the good news. “What about you? Are you okay? Where’s Adelyn? Is she okay?”

“Yeah, she’s right here,” Scott replied, turning to me with a smile. I chuckled.

“Great… uh—well—do you think you can come get us?” Stiles asked.

“Of course,” Scott said.

“Great—uh—” he paused, “bring a ladder.” There was laughter in the background and I patted Scott on the shoulder.

“I’ll get right on it,” I chuckled, making my way out to help them.


The days had passed by, everything was resolved, and everything finally seemed at peace. I packed my books into my backpack before heading out toward the kitchen.

“I’ll see you later, mom!” I called out.

“Be careful out there, daughter of mine,” she called out. “Tell the others I say hi!”

“I will!”

Making my way into the school, I felt myself stop at the foot of the entrance, looking out into the hallway as I watched my friends going on with their normal teenage lives. For once, I could enjoy the same. I flinched as I felt Scott poke my side before I pulled him in for a hug.

“What’s new with you and Stiles?” he asked, winking at me. I blushed and pushed him off, attempting to hide my smile.

“None of your business,” I muttered.

“Are you two finally an item?” Allison smirked, appearing next to me. I looked up as I saw Stiles making his way toward us, waving.

“Uh, no—no… we’re just really good friends,” I smiled. “And I’d like to keep it that way.”

“I hope for now!” Lydia interceded. “Don’t rob me of my ship!”

“Maybe for now,” I whispered, biting my lower lip, keeping my eyes on the handsome boy.

We all laughed and soon began to make plans for lunch. I grinned as all my friends surrounded me, talking away about everything else. My friends. My family. I finally had a normal teenage life… well for the most part. I smirked as I felt my eyes glow their silver for a split second before Stiles placed an arm over my shoulders this time and I turned to him.

“So, I was thinking a Star Wars weekend,” he began. “Movie night for the whole gang!” Scott laughed as Allison and Lydia groaned.

“No! Stiles, can’t we watch something else?!” Lydia cried out.

“As if you’re going to watch,” I said, rolling my eyes with a teasing smile. “You’ll be too busy making out with Aiden anyways!” We all laughed.

“Star Wars weekend, it is!” Scott declared. Both Stiles and I cheered and laughed. I finally felt happy. Everything felt right… Finally!

Chapter 12

(A/N: Well there you guys have it! Hope you guys enjoyed my own twist to the series. I have decided that despite that I did lose readers, I’m gonna continue to post the rest of my seasons! So to those who have remained loyal, this one’s for you. You know who you are! And stay tuned for season 3B. Coming soon <3)


Teen Wolf meme ⇝ [½] villains
Julia Baccari/Jennifer Blake
We were the overlooked… the emissaries. It was a mistake Deucalion and the alphas should never have made, because I made an oath of my own. From virgins and warriors, from healers, philosophers, and guardians, to loan me their power so that I could teach these monsters that their monstrous actions would never be overlooked.


Requested by samanthaofanarchy.  Thank you so much for all of the requests that you send to me.  Also, since the werewolf myths in Twilight and Teen Wolf differ we’re just going to pretend that in both you have to get bitten by a werewolf to be turned into one for this imagine.

Breaking up with Derek had been the hardest decision you’d ever had to make.  It was heart wrenching, but you weren’t going to be one of those girls who stuck around with a cheating boyfriend.  Your brother, Stiles, had been nervous to tell you about the interactions he saw Derek having with Jennifer Blake.  He knew how happy you were in your relationship, but he couldn’t stand by and watch you be duped.

Following his confession you quickly fled town to clear your head. One of your close out of state friends, Jacob Black, offered for you to come and spend some time with him and his dad up in Forks.  You two had become pen pals back in elementary school and just continued to keep in touch.  When both of your lives became ensnared in the supernatural, it was nice to have others to talk to.

You’d been in Forks for about a week when it happened.  You had been out on a jog while Jacob was at a pack meeting.  Earlier he had shown you a path in the woods that you could use as a running path. Your ear buds were blasting in your ears as you jogged, blocking out the noise of your oncoming assailant.  It happened in a rush, and you still weren’t entirely sure what had occurred.  One minute you were jogging, and the next a sharp, searing pain was radiating from your side as you were knocked to the ground.

Next thing you remember you were waking up in the guest bedroom at Jacobs house with an ashen-faced Stiles leaning over your bedside.  “Jesus Christ, you’re awake.”  He sighed, slightly startled by your sudden consciousness. With a groan you shifted your position, trying to sit up.  “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.  You’re still healing.”  Stiles muttered, trying to gently push your shoulders back down onto the bed.

“Healing?”  You repeated, twisting to lift up the side of your running shirt and examining the skin beneath it.  Where there should have been a large bite wound, you found healed skin.  Blood was smeared around what would have been the edges of your injury, but other than that and rips in your shirt there was no indication of the injury you had had.

“The bite turned you into a werewolf.”  A voice commented from the doorway.  Your head swiveled quickly in surprise at Derek Hale standing in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?”  You demanded, the venom in your voice surprising even yourself.  Derek’s shoulders sagged with a sigh as he shuffled into the small bedroom and took a seat at one of the kitchen chairs by your bed.

“You were hurt.”  He said by way of explanation.  Stiles let out an awkward cough before standing up, earning a dirty glare from Derek.

“I’ll go tell Jacob that you woke up.”  He offered, scuttling out of the room to leave you on your own with Derek.

“Who told you I got bit?”  You asked, not wanting to fall into awkward silence now that your brother was gone.

“Stiles.  Jacob called him and then he called me.”  You scoffed, the movement pulling at the new skin on your side and making you wince in phantom pain.  “Easy, Y/N. It’s going to be tender for a few days. Your body isn’t used to healing so quickly.”

“What about Jennifer?”  You asked quietly; looking anywhere but at him in case you saw that he had feelings for her still.  Derek groaned and dropped his head into his hands before looking back up at you.

“I dropped everything, drove thousands of miles, and broke almost every speeding limit that I know of to get here because you were hurt and you want to ask me about her?” He asked, exasperated.  “When Stiles told me that you got bit, it was like everything stopped.  The only thing I cared about was getting here.  What if you had rejected the bite?  I don’t know what I would have done.  Having the last things we said to each other be during a fight would have killed me. It’s you, Y/N.  You’re the one that I want to be with.”  He ranted, growing slightly angrier with each finished sentence.  You tried to find something to say, your mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.  At a loss of what else to do, you used whatever strength you had to propel yourself out of the bed and towards Derek.  Wrapping your arms tightly around his neck you crashed your lips onto his, taking him by surprise as he moved to catch you before you fell onto the ground. You poured every ounce of emotion you had into that kiss, trying to convey to Derek just how much he meant to you. He pulled away first, resting his forehead against yours before moving to lay you back on the bed.

“Rest now.  Tomorrow you’ll feel better and we can start trying to train you then.”  He stated, smoothing your hair back from your head.

“I love you.”  You murmured, relaxing against the mattress and closing your eyes, smiling at the feel of his hand against your forehead.

“I love you too.  Now sleep.” He demanded, even though you could tell he was smiling as well.  With that you let sleep overtake you once more.

Okay you guys. Teen wolf has some pretty hot guys and gals. But in all honestly, the hottest people on that show have been villains.




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“Everybody around me gets hurt.”
“I’ve been hurt before.”
“Not like this.”


Six degrees of why (almost) everything is Gerard Argent’s fault.

Hear me out… if you follow almost every major villain Teen Wolf villain back to the source of when it all went wrong, you’ll find Gerard Argent, lurking in the shadows like a moldy evil mushroom.


Kate Argent

It could be argued that many of the bad things that have happened on Teen Wolf are in fact Kate Argent’s fault, so we should address her first. Would she have ended up the way she did without her father’s influence? Maybe, maybe not, but we clearly see his fingerprints all over her worldview. While she and everyone else in this list are still ultimately responsible for their own actions, they were all influenced by Gerard Argent to some extent, and this is true of Kate most of all.


Peter Hale

As with Kate, he’s also been the instigator behind many a misfortune. Yes, Peter was obviously always of questionable ethics and morality and probably would have ended up in some kind of trouble anyway, but he wouldn’t have ended up on the path he took in the show without the Hale fire, which was set by Kate, because of the fanatical speciesism instilled in her by Gerard.


Deucalion & the Alpha Pack

Deucalion is another clear example of someone who was set on their dark, melodramatic path to murder and mayhem by Gerard Argent’s unscrupulous behavior and betrayal, and then of course through him we get the rest of the Alpha Pack.


Jennifer Blake / The Darach

Her fall to the dark side came after she was almost killed by Kali, which happened because of Deucalion, who was doing the whole Alpha Pack thing because of Gerard.


The Kanima

While Gerard didn’t have anything to do with why Jackson became what he did, or how Matt started using him, he happily took over using the kanima for his own nefarious purposes.


Meredith Walker / The Benefactor / the bounty hunters

Meredith and everything that was set in motion because of what she did (including the actions of a host of minor bounty-hunter type villains) were a result of her absorbing Peter’s crazy rage when he was in a burn induced coma … which he was in, because of the Hale fire, because of Kate, because of Gerard.  


The Berserkers

The ones we saw were all under Kate’s influence, after she was turned by Peter trying to kill her, which ties them back to Gerard through both Kate and Peter.  


The Exceptions (aka, there’s a reason for the almost!)
Every rule has a few, right? 

Matt Daehler

Went down a bad path without Gerard’s influence, although, Gerard did manage to get his hand into the mix, since he killed Matt.  


The Nogitsune / the Oni

Thus far the only confirmed instance of a major villain that really had nothing to do with Gerard Argent. Although, Gerard did (unwittingly?) send his 18 year old son to a clandestine arms deal with a bunch of Yakuza, one of whom was apparently possessed and being hunted by Oni, which nearly got said son killed, so there’s that.


The Dread Doctors

Too early yet to say, since we know very little about them at this point. Right now it seems like they are most likely their own thing, but who knows what future reveals may bring?


Of course, this only covers the major villains. There have been various minor villains not directly influenced by Gerard, but even so, most of them were touched in some manner by the circumstances surrounding the major villains, and could be said to have some connectivity in that way.

One final cheery thought: Gerard is still out there somewhere, alive and presumably with no one keeping active tabs on him now that Allison is gone and Chris is off chasing Kate.