Why Did Derek Look

Ok, so I’ve officially seen the Jennifer clip and it is absolutely as gross as everyone’s saying. I loathe that the show brought Derek back just to put him through that, one more disgusting torment by an abuser.

I’m also seriously unsure what the creature was supposed to be representing, because there was so much talk about fears but apparently most of the characters faced people they cared about instead (Peter with Malia, Jackson with Ethan). Scott faced the Nogitsune, though, which has the face of someone he cared about but was a dark, twisted version of him. And Derek faced his former abuser. So this was less about ultimate fears, and more about using something that could get under your skin and torment you..?

Now, I’ve been through a whole gamut of emotions since I saw this clip –– upset, disgust, and absolute heartbreak. And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Last night, I compared TW to a toxic relationship –– it’s really bad most of the time and you know you’re better off without it, but some small, stupid part of you will still miss it when it’s over. Because not all of it was bad, and your stupid, nostalgic brain will still cling to those moments and make you miss it for those parts despite knowing better.

Jennifer was more than toxic to Derek, she was abusive, but the same principles apply. Derek was happy when he was with her –– because she manipulated him, used her magic to enthrall him, forced him to be… but that didn’t make it feel any less real to him at the time. And he remembers that happiness, feeling good and carefree with someone for a short while, even if it all turned out to be a lie.

That’s the worst part of betrayal, I think –– that you’ll still miss what you thought you had.

And there’s probably some part of him, small, irrational, wounded, that does long for that feeling of happiness he had when he was with her. He knows better, and god, he hates her and would never actually want to go back to her. But because of her spell on him, because she’d used magic to get under the defenses he’d spent years building up, being with her was probably the only time Derek’s felt any kind of carefree happiness since before Kate. It’s not about Jennifer. It’s absolutely not about Derek caring for Jennifer. It’s about Derek remembering how good it felt to have all his walls down around someone, even if the truth came out and shattered him afterward.

Because, let’s repeat this: Derek has never had his guard totally down with anyone since then (or for years, even, before then). Not with Cora, who he’s still finding his footing with. Not with Braeden, who was a convenient distraction but still a near-stranger he’d have been an idiot to totally trust (remember that scene where he got out of bed, restless and clearly uncomfortable?) Not with Stiles, who Derek absolutely trusts, but he’s still had to hold back on his feelings for. He’s never been totally carefree with him. The image of Jennifer represents how good it felt to be able to absolutely let go with someone.

And all that creature needed was a second of weakness, a second of Derek giving in to the memory of that feeling, and it had him.

This wasn’t about Derek caring for Jennifer.

The Hellhound THEOry

And if the Hellhound was there for Theo?

At first, I thought that he was here for Stiles “You free him, you opened a door to another world”. But then he followed Liam heartbeats. Surnatural heartbeats, not human…

And which supernatural creature was released from “another world”, aka “hell”?

Yep him !!!

That’s why this bitch is back !!! She escaped hell when the door was opened.

And she’s surely not the only one …

I really hope I’m wrong…..

Poor Theo ….

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The Jennifer scene was my least favorite part of the episode. It basically implied that he missed her and would give her a second chance

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the jennifer scene was dumb bc everyone else was tempted like by the person they “loved” in some way (peter by malia; jackson by ethan) so it really made no sense for derek to be tempted to open his eyes to “see” this random ass woman – it was a long scene too. one of the low pts.

*curls in slowly and dies*

Damn, ok, that’s…… upsetting.

I honestly really feel like I need to see it now so I can make sense of it, headcanon it into a way where it makes sense. People were seeing people they loved, not what they feared..? (Or… what they loved twisted into what they feared..?)

I guess Derek felt at one point like he loved her, since he was spelled and compelled to. And I guess since his love and trust in Stiles is so strong, he wouldn’t have been a possible vision for the creatures to exploit –– Derek simply didn’t fear Stiles or believe that Stiles would ever hurt him. The person Derek loved was just literally unavailable for the creatures to use against him, because Derek would never believe it.

So if the creatures could only take on the form of a person to taunt them, and they needed someone who was able to get under Derek’s skin, Jennifer could make sense as a possible choice because she represents something he cared about (despite being forced to care) and was betrayed by?

Especially if, as I believe, Jennifer actually used Derek’s feelings for Stiles as a conduit to slip under his defenses. So Derek loves Stiles, but his faith in him is too strong for the creatures to exploit, so they manifested as the warped, corroded version of Derek’s love for Stiles –– the false thread of love that she used to manipulate him back then.

Jennifer Blake : *tries to murder Lydia*

Sheriff Stilinski : …

Nolan : *stabs Corey in the hand with a pen*

Sheriff Stilinski : …

Tamora Monroe: *electrocutes Jackson and Ethan*

Sheriff Stilinski : …

Melissa : *tells the truth on her police statement*

Sheriff Stilinski : Whoa hold tf up

Just a thought...

Like fr Gerard is evil af .. peter was dick yes but never a killer not till the fire he was angry that he couldn’t see Kate was using Derek he was angry that he couldn’t save his family angry he didn’t protect Derek he wanted justice for his family but the wolf in him took over and made him into a monster .. Theo wasn’t a killer he was made into one manipulated by the dread doctors to their bidding always getting told he was never enough and never will be .. he wanted control he didn’t want to
To be toyed with anymore .. Jackson was being controlled by Matt who wanted justice for how he’s been treated by the swim team an near death experience changes people …Jennifer was same she was betrayed by her pack she wanted justice for it but the power took over her.. nogitsune was the same Kira’s mom was angry she wanted justice for the wrong The soliders had done for innocently slaughtering her friends and family and lover she lost control and was angry and evil was born out of the anger but Kate and Gerard they were raised and made to kill anything that wasn’t like them to show no mercy even if they hadn’t shed blood and all the blood they had shed and all they innocent they may have taken and they don’t even care bc they’re freaks and don’t have a say if they live or die also with the alpha pack and Deucalion they showed no mercy in the blood they shed they found pleasure in pain of others

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would it be interesting if Paige is derek's fear? like paige blaming him her death. then saying 'look at me so I could forgive you' or something like that, idk i'm still bitter with this jennifer blake

I’m still bitter that Jennifer Blake WASN’T Paige, to be honest. I don’t know, was I the only one who hardcore thought they were the same person after “Visionary”, and then after Jennifer started talking about how she and Derek were “connected” and their histories tied together, etc? I was pretty disappointed that didn’t pan out.

But that’s another conversation.

Paige would make a lot of sense to represent Derek’s fear. I don’t think he’d fear her exactly, but the idea of her, of getting his loved ones killed, of failing them, of basically being a curse on whatever he touches… yeah, that would be a serious contender for his greatest fear. That could be represented by Boyd or Erica too, or any of his family, (oh god, and now I’m picturing the creature just cycling through the people Derek lost one after another, condemning him and speaking sweetly to him and asking him why, why he did this to them, and god that would have been heartbreaking. One lost loved one after another, Derek fighting the urge to look, knowing it’s not real but god he could just see their faces one last time….

This hurts me, anon. Is it wrong that I want to write it?

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people are just mad because jennifer blake got in the way of sterek

And that she isn’t a white ass male or male in general, lbr. I don’t even ship Sterek, I can see the appeal yeah and why people like it but I’ve always thought it to be….let’s just say it’s not my taste.

People let their love of a certain ship get in the way of common sense. Not everything is about relationships, hetero or homo idc. Hell, my friend just told me they saw a post about Jackson and Ethan “getting in the way of Sterek.”

NEWFLASH PEOPLE: Not. Everything. Is. Sterek. Related. 

Jackson and Ethan aren’t going to kill ya, nor is Jennifer or Stydia or whatever else. This is not me speaking as an Anti Sterek shipper, I couldn’t care less about the ship but your arguments as to why said character/ship is “wrong” don’t make a lick of sense.

Also I did not mean to rant but there ye have it.